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Academic Article Identifying early treatment failure on category I therapy for pulmonary tuberculosis in Lima Ciudad, Peru.
Academic Article Informatics tools to monitor progress and outcomes of patients with drug resistant tuberculosis in Peru.
Academic Article Comprehensive treatment of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Randomized trials to optimize treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Treatment outcomes among patients with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Risk factors and mortality associated with default from multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment.
Academic Article Bacteriologic monitoring of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients in five DOTS-Plus pilot projects.
Academic Article Tuberculosis in children exposed at home to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article WHO guidelines for the programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis: 2011 update.
Academic Article Predictors of sputum culture conversion among patients treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Bayesian methods for fitting mixture models that characterize branching tree processes: An application to development of resistant TB strains.
Academic Article Frequency and type of microbiological monitoring of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment.
Academic Article Concordance of programmatic and laboratory-based multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment outcomes in Peru.
Academic Article Aggressive regimens for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis reduce recurrence.
Academic Article Long-term follow-up for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Tuberculosis pharmacotherapy: strategies to optimize patient care.
Academic Article Tuberculosis burden in households of patients with multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article A systematic review of reported cost for smear and culture tests during multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment.
Academic Article Rational use of moxifloxacin for tuberculosis treatment.
Concept Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Academic Article World Health Organization group 5 drugs for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis: unclear efficacy or untapped potential?
Academic Article Treatment outcome of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in the United Kingdom: retrospective-prospective cohort study from 2004 to 2007.
Academic Article Principles for designing future regimens for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Concordance of resistance profiles in households of patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Improving outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: aggressive regimens prevent treatment failure and death.
Academic Article Salvage therapy for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Concordance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis fluoroquinolone resistance testing: implications for treatment.
Academic Article Counting pyrazinamide in regimens for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Academic Article Sputum culture conversion as a prognostic marker for end-of-treatment outcome in patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: a secondary analysis of data from two observational cohort studies.
Academic Article Gyrase Mutations Are Associated with Variable Levels of Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Academic Article Drug-resistant tuberculosis clinical trials: proposed core research definitions in adults.
Academic Article Presumptive treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in household contacts.
Academic Article Pyrazinamide Resistance Assays and Two-Month Sputum Culture Status in Patients with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis.
Academic Article Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment failure detection depends on monitoring interval and microbiological method.
Academic Article Second line drug susceptibility testing to inform the treatment of rifampin-resistant tuberculosis: a quantitative perspective.
Academic Article Pharmacokinetic Evidence from the HIRIF Trial To Support Increased Doses of Rifampin for Tuberculosis.
Academic Article Reply: Benefit of the Shorter Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Regimen in California and Modified Eligibility Criteria.
Academic Article Fluoroquinolone Resistance Mutation Detection Is Equivalent to Culture-Based Drug Sensitivity Testing for Predicting Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article An optimized background regimen design to evaluate the contribution of levofloxacin to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment regimens: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Shortened multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment in settings with a high prevalence of ofloxacin resistance.
Academic Article Efficacy and Safety of High-Dose Rifampin in Pulmonary Tuberculosis. A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Increased Doses Lead to Higher Drug Exposures of Levofloxacin for Treatment of Tuberculosis.
Academic Article Transmissibility and potential for disease progression of drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis: prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Culture Conversion at 6 Months in Patients Receiving Delamanid-containing Regimens for the Treatment of Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis.
Academic Article Improving Quality of Patient Data for Treatment of Multidrug- or Rifampin-Resistant Tuberculosis.
Academic Article The fourth national anti-tuberculosis drug resistance survey in Peru.
Academic Article Sputum culture conversion definitions and analytic practices for multidrug-resistant TB.
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