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overview Dr. Sommers is a health economist and physician whose primary research interests are the uninsured, Medicaid policy, and socioeconomic disparities in health care. He has received numerous awards for his research, including the Outstanding Dissertation Award, Alice Hersh New Investigator Award, and the 2015 Article-of-the-Year Award from AcademyHealth, a preeminent national association of health policy researchers; and the Outstanding Junior Investigator Award from the Society of General Internal Medicine. He was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2019. His research has been published in leading journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Journal of Health Economics, and Health Affairs. His research has been profiled in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and National Public Radio. He is frequently interviewed in the media regarding the health care safety net, health disparities, and how public programs like Medicaid affect public health and the economy, including in the context of the 2019-2020 coronavirus epidemic. Dr. Sommers is a practicing primary care internist. From 2011-2012, he served as a Senior Advisor in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and he continued to serve part-time in an advisory role from 2013-2015. His current research projects focus on barriers to health care access among low-income adults, insurance markets, and the health and economic effects of state Medicaid policies. He received a PhD in Health Policy from Harvard and an MD from Harvard Medical School.
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Academic Article Medicaid expansion--the soft underbelly of health care reform?
Academic Article Children's health insurance and access to care during and after the CHIP expansion period.
Academic Article Loss of health insurance among non-elderly adults in Medicaid.
Academic Article From Medicaid to uninsured: drop-out among children in public insurance programs.
Academic Article Protecting low-income children's access to care: are physician visits associated with reduced patient dropout from Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program?
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act and insurance coverage for young adults.
Academic Article Creation of state basic health programs would lead to 4 percent fewer people churning between Medicaid and exchanges.
Academic Article Enrolling eligible children in Medicaid and CHIP: a research update.
Academic Article Reasons for the wide variation in Medicaid participation rates among states hold lessons for coverage expansion in 2014.
Academic Article Provision of health care: how much, if any, are we entitled to?
Academic Article Mortality and access to care among adults after state Medicaid expansions.
Academic Article Insuring children or insuring families: do parental and sibling coverage lead to improved retention of children in Medicaid and CHIP?
Academic Article Who really pays for health insurance? The incidence of employer-provided health insurance with sticky nominal wages.
Academic Article Issues in health reform: how changes in eligibility may move millions back and forth between medicaid and insurance exchanges.
Academic Article New physicians, the Affordable Care Act, and the changing practice of medicine.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act has led to significant gains in health insurance and access to care for young adults.
Concept Insurance Coverage
Concept Insurance
Concept Insurance Carriers
Concept Insurance Claim Review
Concept Insurance, Health, Reimbursement
Concept Insurance Selection Bias
Concept Insurance, Health
Concept Insurance, Pharmaceutical Services
Academic Article Recession led to a decline in out-of-pocket spending for children with special health care needs.
Academic Article Insurance coverage of emergency care for young adults under health reform.
Academic Article Prevalence and predictors of underinsurance among low-income adults.
Academic Article Using Medicaid to buy private health insurance--the great new experiment?
Academic Article Moving for medicaid? Recent eligibility expansions did not induce migration from other states.
Academic Article New evidence on the Affordable Care Act: coverage impacts of early medicaid expansions.
Academic Article Medicaid and marketplace eligibility changes will occur often in all states; policy options can ease impact.
Academic Article Changes in mortality after Massachusetts health care reform: a quasi-experimental study.
Academic Article Insurance cancellations in context: stability of coverage in the nongroup market prior to health reform.
Academic Article Changes in health and medical spending among young adults under health reform.
Academic Article Health reform and changes in health insurance coverage in 2014.
Academic Article Medicaid on the eve of expansion: a survey of state Medicaid officials on the Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Hypertension and Healthy People 2020: the role of health insurance expansion.
Academic Article Dependent coverage provision led to uneven insurance gains and unchanged mortality rates in young adult trauma patients.
Academic Article Health care for immigrants--implications of Obama's executive action.
Academic Article Medicaid at 50--from welfare program to nation's largest health insurer.
Academic Article Effect of dependent coverage expansion of the Affordable Care Act on health and access to care for young adults.
Academic Article Changes in mortality after Massachusetts health care reform.
Academic Article The Impact Of State Policies On ACA Applications And Enrollment Among Low-Income Adults In Arkansas, Kentucky, And Texas.
Academic Article Using drugs to discriminate--adverse selection in the insurance marketplace.
Academic Article Changes in Emergency Department Use Among Young Adults After the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's Dependent Coverage Provision.
Academic Article Racial and Regional Disparities in the Effect of the Affordable Care Act's Dependent Coverage Provision on Young Adult Trauma Patients.
Academic Article Universal health coverage for US veterans: a goal within reach.
Academic Article Changes in Self-reported Insurance Coverage, Access to Care, and Health Under the Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article On the Outskirts of National Health Reform: A Comparative Assessment of Health Insurance and Access to Care in Puerto Rico and the United States.
Academic Article Racial Differences in Awareness of the Affordable Care Act and Application Assistance Among Low-Income Adults in Three Southern States.
Academic Article The ACA's 65th Birthday Challenge: Moving from Medicaid to Medicare.
Academic Article Health Care Reform's Unfinished Work--Remaining Barriers to Coverage and Access.
Academic Article Medicaid Expansion Did Not Result In Significant Employment Changes Or Job Reductions In 2014.
Academic Article The Role of Public Health Insurance in Reducing Child Poverty.
Academic Article Health Insurance Effects on Preventive Care and Health: A Methodologic Review.
Academic Article Medicaid Expansion in Texas: What's at Stake?
Academic Article California's Early Coverage Expansion under the Affordable Care Act: A County-Level Analysis.
Academic Article Health Reform and Coverage Changes Among Native Americans.
Academic Article Access and Quality of Care by Insurance Type for Low-Income Adults Before the Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Obamacare's Skyrocketing Premiums? Why the Sky Isn't Falling.
Academic Article Impact of ACA Insurance Coverage Expansion on Perforated Appendix Rates Among Young Adults.
Grant Policy and Demographic Predictors of Medicaid Take-Up Among Non-Elderly Adults
Academic Article Changes in Utilization and Health Among Low-Income Adults After Medicaid Expansion or Expanded Private Insurance.
Academic Article Insurance Churning Rates For Low-Income Adults Under Health Reform: Lower Than Expected But Still Harmful For Many.
Academic Article Disentangling the ACA's Coverage Effects - Lessons for Policymakers.
Academic Article Medicaid Block Grants and Federalism: Lessons From Canada.
Academic Article Beyond Health Insurance: Remaining Disparities in US Health Care in the Post-ACA Era.
Academic Article Evidence from the Private Option: The Arkansas Experience.
Academic Article Premium subsidies, the mandate, and Medicaid expansion: Coverage effects of the Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Women In The United States Experience High Rates Of Coverage 'Churn' In Months Before And After Childbirth.
Academic Article Low-Value Medical Services in the Safety-Net Population.
Academic Article Three-Year Impacts Of The Affordable Care Act: Improved Medical Care And Health Among Low-Income Adults.
Academic Article Health Insurance Coverage and Health - What the Recent Evidence Tells Us.
Academic Article Intra-Ethnic Coverage Disparities among Latinos and the Effects of Health Reform.
Academic Article Insurance Coverage and Health Outcomes in Young Adults With Mental Illness Following the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Expansion.
Academic Article Why Health Insurance Matters-and Why Research Evidence Should Too.
Academic Article What Is Medicaid? More Than Meets the Eye.
Academic Article Health Care In The Suburbs: An Analysis Of Suburban Poverty And Health Care Access.
Academic Article Changes in Insurance Coverage Among Cancer Patients Under the Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Immigration, Pregnancy, and Heath Insurance: New Evidence and Ongoing Debate.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act Appears to Have Narrowed Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Among Young Adults.
Academic Article Health Insurance Coverage and Health.
Academic Article Massachusetts' Proposed Medicaid Reforms - Cheaper Drugs and Better Coverage?
Academic Article Health Insurance Coverage and Health.
Academic Article Medicaid Versus Marketplace Coverage For Near-Poor Adults: Effects On Out-Of-Pocket Spending And Coverage.
Academic Article Association of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Provision With Prenatal Care Use and Birth Outcomes.
Academic Article Early Changes in Health Insurance Coverage under the Trump Administration.
Academic Article Effects Of The ACA's Health Insurance Marketplaces On The Previously Uninsured: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis.
Academic Article Medicaid Expansion Coverage Effects Grew In 2015 With Continued Improvements In Coverage Quality.
Academic Article Health Insurance for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders Under the Affordable Care Act.
Academic Article Health Insurance and Emergency Department Use - A Complex Relationship.
Academic Article Association of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion With Access to and Quality of Care for Surgical Conditions.
Academic Article New Approaches In Medicaid: Work Requirements, Health Savings Accounts, And Health Care Access.
Academic Article Why Did Employer Coverage Fall In Massachusetts After The ACA? Potential Consequences Of A Changing Employer Mandate.
Academic Article Medicaid's Path to Value-Based Reform.
Academic Article Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Among Adults With Depression.
Academic Article Kansas and Medicaid: New Evidence on Potential Expansion and Work Requirements.
Academic Article Diminishing Insurance Choices In The Affordable Care Act Marketplaces: A County-Based Analysis.
Academic Article The Effect of Health Insurance on Prescription Drug Use Among Low-Income Adults:Evidence from Recent Medicaid Expansions.
Academic Article Association of Medicaid Expansion With 1-Year Mortality Among Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease.
Academic Article Risk Factors for Early Disenrollment From Colorado's Affordable Care Act Marketplace.
Academic Article Medicaid Expansion Gains Momentum: Postelection Prospects and Potential Implications.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act and Access to Care for Reproductive-Aged and Pregnant Women in the United States, 2010-2016.
Academic Article Survey mode effects and insurance coverage estimates in the redesigned Gallup well-being index.
Academic Article Medicaid Work Requirements - Results from the First Year in Arkansas.
Academic Article Blue-Collar Workers Had Greatest Insurance Gains After ACA Implementation.
Academic Article Association of Medicaid Expansion With Coverage and Access to Care for Pregnant Women.
Academic Article Medicaid And Private Insurance Coverage For Low-Income Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, And Pacific Islanders, 2010-16.
Grant Work Requirements and Health Care Disparities in Medicaid: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Academic Article Changes In Health Insurance Coverage, Access To Care, And Income-Based Disparities Among US Adults, 2011-17.
Academic Article Health Insurance Coverage: What Comes After The ACA?
Academic Article Medicaid Work Requirements Shift to New Terrain.
Academic Article Insurance Coverage after Job Loss - The Importance of the ACA during the Covid-Associated Recession.
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