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Academic Article Direct activation of rat spinal dorsal horn neurons by prostaglandin E2.
Academic Article A conditional deletion of the NR1 subunit of the NMDA receptor in adult spinal cord dorsal horn reduces NMDA currents and injury-induced pain.
Academic Article Glutamate-mediated slow synaptic currents in neonatal rat deep dorsal horn neurons in vitro.
Academic Article Peripheral inflammation facilitates Abeta fiber-mediated synaptic input to the substantia gelatinosa of the adult rat spinal cord.
Academic Article Transport and localization of the DEG/ENaC ion channel BNaC1alpha to peripheral mechanosensory terminals of dorsal root ganglia neurons.
Academic Article Partial peripheral nerve injury promotes a selective loss of GABAergic inhibition in the superficial dorsal horn of the spinal cord.
Academic Article Silent NMDA receptor-mediated synapses are developmentally regulated in the dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord.
Academic Article BACE1 regulates voltage-gated sodium channels and neuronal activity.
Academic Article Peripheral nerve injury alters excitatory synaptic transmission in lamina II of the rat dorsal horn.
Academic Article Peripheral axonal injury results in reduced mu opioid receptor pre- and post-synaptic action in the spinal cord.
Academic Article Nociceptors are interleukin-1beta sensors.
Concept Patch-Clamp Techniques
Academic Article Bupivacaine-induced cellular entry of QX-314 and its contribution to differential nerve block.
Academic Article Intrinsic membrane hyperexcitability of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient-derived motor neurons.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiling at whole population and single cell levels reveals somatosensory neuron molecular diversity.
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  • Patch Clamp Techniques
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