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Academic Article Stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture, SILAC, as a simple and accurate approach to expression proteomics.
Academic Article Proteomic approaches to the analysis of multiprotein signaling complexes.
Academic Article Quantitative proteomics analysis reveals molecular networks regulated by epidermal growth factor receptor level in head and neck cancer.
Academic Article Phosphotyrosine mapping in Bcr/Abl oncoprotein using phosphotyrosine-specific immonium ion scanning.
Academic Article Urine proteomics for profiling of human disease using high accuracy mass spectrometry
Academic Article Similarity between condensed phase and gas phase chemistry: fragmentation of peptides containing oxidized cysteine residues and its implications for proteomics.
Academic Article Optimized sample preparation of endoscopic collected pancreatic fluid for SDS-PAGE analysis.
Academic Article mz5: space- and time-efficient storage of mass spectrometry data sets.
Academic Article Temporal variations of the postnatal rat urinary proteome as a reflection of systemic maturation.
Academic Article Optimizing sample handling for urinary proteomics.
Academic Article A quantitative proteomic analysis of growth factor-induced compositional changes in lipid rafts of human smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Rapid preparation of nuclei-depleted detergent-resistant membrane fractions suitable for proteomics analysis.
Academic Article Analysis of endoscopic pancreatic function test (ePFT)-collected pancreatic fluid proteins precipitated via ultracentrifugation.
Academic Article Optimization of cell lysis and protein digestion protocols for the analysis of HeLa S3 cells by LC-MS/MS.
Academic Article One-step sample concentration, purification, and albumin depletion method for urinary proteomics.
Academic Article A simple and effective method for detecting phosphopeptides for phosphoproteomic analysis.
Academic Article Protein profiling with cleavable isotope-coded affinity tag (cICAT) reagents: the yeast salinity stress response.
Academic Article The ABC's (and XYZ's) of peptide sequencing.
Academic Article Proteomic analysis of palmitoylated platelet proteins.
Academic Article Different phosphorylation states of the anaphase promoting complex in response to antimitotic drugs: a quantitative proteomic analysis.
Academic Article Integration analysis of quantitative proteomics and transcriptomics data identifies potential targets of frizzled-8 protein-related antiproliferative factor in vivo.
Academic Article Quantitative proteomics identifies a beta-catenin network as an element of the signaling response to Frizzled-8 protein-related antiproliferative factor.
Academic Article Proteomic analysis of an immortalized mouse pancreatic stellate cell line identifies differentially-expressed proteins in activated vs nonproliferating cell states.
Academic Article Proteomics and opportunities for clinical translation in urological disease.
Academic Article A non-parametric cutout index for robust evaluation of identified proteins.
Academic Article Etiology of limb girdle muscular dystrophy 1D/1E determined by laser capture microdissection proteomics.
Academic Article NITPICK: peak identification for mass spectrometry data.
Academic Article Proteomic analysis of endoscopically (endoscopic pancreatic function test) collected gastroduodenal fluid using in-gel tryptic digestion followed by LC-MS/MS.
Academic Article Mass spectrometry-based proteomics of endoscopically collected pancreatic fluid in chronic pancreatitis research.
Academic Article Phosphorylation analysis by mass spectrometry: myths, facts, and the consequences for qualitative and quantitative measurements.
Academic Article Robust prediction of the MASCOT score for an improved quality assessment in mass spectrometric proteomics.
Academic Article Proteomic analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded pancreatic tissue using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.
Academic Article FLEXIQuant: a novel tool for the absolute quantification of proteins, and the simultaneous identification and quantification of potentially modified peptides.
Academic Article Phosphoproteomics.
Academic Article Proteomic analysis of a rat pancreatic stellate cell line using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).
Academic Article Effect of high-accuracy precursor masses on phosphopeptide identification from MS3 spectra.
Academic Article Urine proteomics for discovery of improved diagnostic markers of Kawasaki disease.
Academic Article SweetSEQer, simple de novo filtering and annotation of glycoconjugate mass spectra.
Academic Article Non-linear classification for on-the-fly fractional mass filtering and targeted precursor fragmentation in mass spectrometry experiments.
Academic Article Estimating the confidence of peptide identifications without decoy databases.
Academic Article Proteome scale characterization of human S-acylated proteins in lipid raft-enriched and non-raft membranes.
Academic Article Brainstem deficiency of the 14-3-3 regulator of serotonin synthesis: a proteomics analysis in the sudden infant death syndrome.
Academic Article When less can yield more - Computational preprocessing of MS/MS spectra for peptide identification.
Academic Article Identification of pancreas-specific proteins in endoscopically (endoscopic pancreatic function test) collected pancreatic fluid with liquid chromatography--tandem mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Proteomic analysis (GeLC-MS/MS) of ePFT-collected pancreatic fluid in chronic pancreatitis.
Academic Article Proteomics goes quantitative: measuring protein abundance.
Academic Article Binding partner switching on microtubules and aurora-B in the mitosis to cytokinesis transition.
Academic Article Life cycle stage-resolved proteomic analysis of the excretome/secretome from Strongyloides ratti--identification of stage-specific proteases.
Academic Article Extensive phosphorylation with overlapping specificity by Mycobacterium tuberculosis serine/threonine protein kinases.
Academic Article Proteome of human perilymph.
Academic Article Mass spectrometry-based proteomics for translational research: a technical overview.
Academic Article Overcoming species boundaries in peptide identification with Bayesian information criterion-driven error-tolerant peptide search (BICEPS).
Concept Proteomics
Academic Article A proteomic comparison of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded pancreatic tissue from autoimmune pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, and pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Cross-species analysis of nicotine-induced proteomic alterations in pancreatic cells.
Academic Article iFASP: combining isobaric mass tagging with filter-aided sample preparation.
Academic Article Mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomic profiling of human pancreatic and hepatic stellate cell lines.
Academic Article Nonparametric Bayesian evaluation of differential protein quantification.
Academic Article Post-translational modifications of pancreatic fluid proteins collected via the endoscopic pancreatic function test (ePFT).
Academic Article Phenothiazines induce PP2A-mediated apoptosis in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Academic Article An in-depth comparison of the male pediatric and adult urinary proteomes.
Academic Article Co-regulation proteomics reveals substrates and mechanisms of APC/C-dependent degradation.
Academic Article Optimization of cell lysis and protein digestion protocols for protein analysis by LC-MS/MS.
Academic Article Abundance-based classifier for the prediction of mass spectrometric peptide detectability upon enrichment (PPA).
Academic Article A High-Efficiency Cellular Extraction System for Biological Proteomics.
Academic Article MStern Blotting-High Throughput Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane-Based Proteomic Sample Preparation for 96-Well Plates.
Academic Article Adjuvant-induced Human Monocyte Secretome Profiles Reveal Adjuvant- and Age-specific Protein Signatures.
Academic Article f-divergence cutoff index to simultaneously identify differential expression in the integrated transcriptome and proteome.
Academic Article Proteomics in India: A Report on a Brainstorming Meeting at Hyderabad, India.
Academic Article Urinary Proteomics Yield Pathological Insights for Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction.
Academic Article Endoscopic Pancreas Fluid Collection: Methods and Relevance for Clinical Care and Translational Science.
Grant TripleTOF 5600 Hybrid Mass Spectrometer
Grant Defining the true nature of the minimal cell cycle with quantitative proteomics
Academic Article Urine proteomics for profiling of human disease using high accuracy mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Short Gel, Long Gradient Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry to Discover Urinary Biomarkers of Chronic Pancreatitis.
Academic Article High-Throughput Parallel Proteomic Sample Preparation Using 96-Well Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membranes and C18 Purification Plates.
Academic Article Placental Proteomics Reveal Insights into Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
Academic Article A Cost-Effective High-Throughput Plasma and Serum Proteomics Workflow Enables Mapping of the Molecular Impact of Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Autotransplantation.
Academic Article Dynamic molecular changes during the first week of human life follow a robust developmental trajectory.
Academic Article Prohibitin is a prognostic marker and therapeutic target to block chemotherapy resistance in Wilms' tumor.
Grant High-throughput proteomics using submicroliter amounts of plasma for comprehensive assessment of the immune status
Academic Article FLEXIQuant-LF to quantify protein modification extent in label-free proteomics data.
Academic Article Sample Preparation for High-Throughput Urine Proteomics Using 96-Well Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membranes.
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