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Academic Article A clinical comparison of variable-damping and mechanically passive prosthetic knee devices.
Academic Article Comparing a passive-elastic and a powered prosthesis in transtibial amputees.
Academic Article Assessment of lower extremity motor adaptation via an extension of the force field adaptation paradigm.
Academic Article Upper extremity rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy using accelerometer feedback on a multitouch display.
Concept Artificial Limbs
Concept Lower Extremity
Concept Upper Extremity
Concept Extremities
Academic Article The effect of arm weight support on upper limb muscle synergies during reaching movements.
Academic Article Combining Dopaminergic Facilitation with Robot-Assisted Upper Limb Therapy in Stroke Survivors: A Focused Review.
Academic Article Feasibility of an Exoskeleton-Based Interactive Video Game System for Upper Extremity Burn Contractures.
Grant Field Measures of Functional Tasks for CIT Intervention
Grant Wrist-worn Sensors for Tele-Rehabilitation of the Hemiparetic Upper-Extremity
Academic Article Recent machine learning advancements in sensor-based mobility analysis: Deep learning for Parkinson's disease assessment.
Academic Article Enabling Stroke Rehabilitation in Home and Community Settings: A Wearable Sensor-Based Approach for Upper-Limb Motor Training.
Academic Article Complex Upper-Limb Movements Are Generated by Combining Motor Primitives that Scale with the Movement Size.
Academic Article Finger-Worn Sensors for Accurate Functional Assessment of the Upper Limbs in Real-World Settings.
Grant PostureCheck: A vision-based compensatory-posture-detection tool to enhance performance of the BURT® upper-extremity stroke-therapy device
Academic Article A novel upper-limb function measure derived from finger-worn sensor data collected in a free-living setting.
Academic Article Development of a "transparent operation mode" for a lower-limb exoskeleton designed for children with cerebral palsy.
Academic Article The Use of a Finger-Worn Accelerometer for Monitoring of Hand Use in Ambulatory Settings.
Academic Article Can kinematic parameters of 3D reach-to-target movements be used as a proxy for clinical outcome measures in chronic stroke rehabilitation? An exploratory study.
Academic Article Predicting and Monitoring Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Outcomes Using Clinical and Wearable Sensor Data in Brain Injury Survivors.
Academic Article Effect of using of a lower-extremity exoskeleton on disability of people with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Limb and trunk accelerometer data collected with wearable sensors from subjects with Parkinson's disease.
Academic Article Evaluation of a lower-extremity robotic exoskeleton for people with knee osteoarthritis.
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