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Academic Article Reactive oxygen species as signaling molecules in neutrophil chemotaxis.
Academic Article Neutrophil spontaneous death is mediated by down-regulation of autocrine signaling through GPCR, PI3Kgamma, ROS, and actin.
Academic Article Reactive oxygen species-induced actin glutathionylation controls actin dynamics in neutrophils.
Academic Article The voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 enhances brain damage from ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Constitutive neutrophil apoptosis: mechanisms and regulation.
Academic Article Small-molecule screen identifies reactive oxygen species as key regulators of neutrophil chemotaxis.
Academic Article Phosphoinositide lipid phosphatase SHIP1 and PTEN coordinate to regulate cell migration and adhesion.
Concept Reactive Oxygen Species
Academic Article De novo chemoattractants form supramolecular hydrogels for immunomodulating neutrophils in vivo.
Academic Article Myeloid cell-derived reactive oxygen species externally regulate the proliferation of myeloid progenitors in emergency granulopoiesis.
Grant Regulation of neutrophil function by ROS-induced actin glutathionylation
Academic Article Reactive Oxygen Species-Producing Myeloid Cells Act as a Bone Marrow Niche for Sterile Inflammation-Induced Reactive Granulopoiesis.
Academic Article Positive Regulation of Interleukin-1ß Bioactivity by Physiological ROS-Mediated Cysteine S-Glutathionylation.
Grant Regulation of IL-1? bioactivity by Cysteine S-glutathionylation
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