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Academic Article Improved watershed transform for medical image segmentation using prior information.
Academic Article Nonrigid registration of 3D tensor medical data.
Academic Article Application of spherical harmonics derived space rotation invariant indices to the analysis of multiple sclerosis lesions' geometry by MRI.
Academic Article Realistic simulation of the 3-D growth of brain tumors in MR images coupling diffusion with biomechanical deformation.
Academic Article EEG source analysis of epileptiform activity using a 1 mm anisotropic hexahedra finite element head model.
Academic Article Estimating a reference standard segmentation with spatially varying performance parameters: local MAP STAPLE.
Academic Article In vivo assessment of optimal b-value range for perfusion-insensitive apparent diffusion coefficient imaging.
Academic Article Brain shift computation using a fully nonlinear biomechanical model.
Academic Article A continuous STAPLE for scalar, vector, and tensor images: an application to DTI analysis.
Academic Article Automated atlas-based clustering of white matter fiber tracts from DTMRI.
Academic Article An EM algorithm for shape classification based on level sets.
Academic Article Robust nonrigid registration to capture brain shift from intraoperative MRI.
Academic Article Patient-specific model of brain deformation: application to medical image registration.
Academic Article Reliable assessment of perfusivity and diffusivity from diffusion imaging of the body.
Academic Article Real-time prediction of brain shift using nonlinear finite element algorithms.
Academic Article Non-rigid registration of a 3D ultrasound and a MR image data set of the female pelvic floor using a biomechanical model.
Academic Article Hybrid formulation of the model-based non-rigid registration problem to improve accuracy and robustness.
Academic Article 3D XFEM-based modeling of retraction for preoperative image update.
Academic Article Combining classifiers using their receiver operating characteristics and maximum likelihood estimation.
Academic Article Using Frankenstein's creature paradigm to build a patient specific atlas.
Academic Article Registration and analysis of white matter group differences with a multi-fiber model.
Academic Article Estimation of inferential uncertainty in assessing expert segmentation performance from STAPLE.
Academic Article Multi-atlas multi-shape segmentation of fetal brain MRI for volumetric and morphometric analysis of ventriculomegaly.
Academic Article Super-resolution in diffusion-weighted imaging.
Concept Computer Simulation
Academic Article Characterizing the distribution of anisotropic micro-structural environments with diffusion-weighted imaging (DIAMOND).
Academic Article Estimation of a multi-fascicle model from single B-value data with a population-informed prior.
Academic Article Voxel-based dipole orientation constraints for distributed current estimation.
Academic Article T(2)-relaxometry for myelin water fraction extraction using wald distribution and extended phase graph.
Academic Article A fully Bayesian inference framework for population studies of the brain microstructure.
Academic Article Construction of a deformable spatiotemporal MRI atlas of the fetal brain: evaluation of similarity metrics and deformation models.
Academic Article Characterizing brain tissue by assessment of the distribution of anisotropic microstructural environments in diffusion-compartment imaging (DIAMOND).
Academic Article Assessing the validity of the approximation of diffusion-weighted-MRI signals from crossing fascicles by sums of signals from single fascicles.
Academic Article Towards microstructure fingerprinting: Estimation of tissue properties from a dictionary of Monte Carlo diffusion MRI simulations.
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