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Academic Article Metabolic pathway alterations that support cell proliferation.
Academic Article Reductive glutamine metabolism by IDH1 mediates lipogenesis under hypoxia.
Academic Article Targeting cancer metabolism: a therapeutic window opens.
Concept Glutamine
Academic Article Macropinocytosis of protein is an amino acid supply route in Ras-transformed cells.
Academic Article Reductive glutamine metabolism is a function of the a-ketoglutarate to citrate ratio in cells.
Academic Article Metformin decreases glucose oxidation and increases the dependency of prostate cancer cells on reductive glutamine metabolism.
Academic Article IDH1 mutations alter citric acid cycle metabolism and increase dependence on oxidative mitochondrial metabolism.
Academic Article Famine versus feast: understanding the metabolism of tumors in vivo.
Academic Article Human pancreatic cancer tumors are nutrient poor and tumor cells actively scavenge extracellular protein.
Academic Article Amino Acids Rather than Glucose Account for the Majority of Cell Mass in Proliferating Mammalian Cells.
Academic Article Circadian Rhythm Disruption Promotes Lung Tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Environmental cystine drives glutamine anaplerosis and sensitizes cancer cells to glutaminase inhibition.
Academic Article Targeting Metabolism for Cancer Therapy.
Academic Article Keap1 loss promotes Kras-driven lung cancer and results in dependence on glutaminolysis.
Academic Article Cytosolic Aspartate Availability Determines Cell Survival When Glutamine Is Limiting.
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