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Academic Article Recall and recognition memory in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Context modulation of memory for fear extinction in humans.
Academic Article The role of hippocampus and frontal cortex in age-related memory changes: a PET study.
Academic Article Test-retest reliability of a functional MRI working memory paradigm in normal and schizophrenic subjects.
Academic Article Spontaneous and directed application of verbal learning strategies in bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Characteristics of memory dysfunction in body dysmorphic disorder.
Academic Article Neuroimaging and neuropsychology of the striatum. Bridging basic science and clinical practice.
Academic Article Organizational strategies mediate nonverbal memory impairment in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Strategic processing and episodic memory impairment in obsessive compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging-guided stereotactic limbic leukotomy for treatment of intractable psychiatric disease.
Academic Article Novelty responses and differential effects of order in the amygdala, substantia innominata, and inferior temporal cortex.
Academic Article Cognitive retraining for organizational impairment in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Differential prefrontal cortex and amygdala habituation to repeatedly presented emotional stimuli.
Academic Article Enhanced amygdala responses to emotional versus neutral schematic facial expressions.
Academic Article An fMRI investigation of working memory and sadness in females with bipolar disorder: a brief report.
Academic Article Gray matter correlates of Trait and Ability models of emotional intelligence.
Academic Article Increased medial temporal lobe activation during the passive viewing of emotional and neutral facial expressions in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Extinction memory is impaired in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Psychiatric and emotional sequelae of surgical amputation.
Academic Article Functional imaging of memory retrieval in deficit vs nondeficit schizophrenia.
Academic Article Is age at symptom onset associated with severity of memory impairment in adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Academic Article Episodic memory impairment in bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder: the role of memory strategies.
Academic Article The emotional counting Stroop: a task for assessing emotional interference during brain imaging.
Academic Article Presence and acquired origin of reduced recall for fear extinction in PTSD: results of a twin study.
Academic Article Amygdala and insular responses to emotionally valenced human faces in small animal specific phobia.
Academic Article A controlled treatment study of internal memory strategies (I-MEMS) following traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article A symptom provocation study of posttraumatic stress disorder using positron emission tomography and script-driven imagery.
Academic Article Impaired recruitment of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and hippocampus during encoding in bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Prefrontal regions supporting spontaneous and directed application of verbal learning strategies: evidence from PET.
Academic Article Schizophrenic subjects show aberrant fMRI activation of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia during working memory performance.
Academic Article Identifying objects seen from different viewpoints. A PET investigation.
Academic Article Dysfunction of a cortical midline network during emotional appraisals in schizophrenia.
Academic Article A study of parallel implicit and explicit information processing in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for bipolar disorder: effects on cognitive functioning.
Academic Article Thickness of ventromedial prefrontal cortex in humans is correlated with extinction memory.
Academic Article Impaired hippocampal recruitment during normal modulation of memory performance in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Strategic memory in adults with anorexia nervosa: are there similarities to obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders?
Academic Article Functional MRI study of specific animal phobia using an event-related emotional counting stroop paradigm.
Academic Article Cholinergic mediation of spatial memory in the preweanling rat: application of the radial arm maze paradigm.
Academic Article Masked presentations of emotional facial expressions modulate amygdala activity without explicit knowledge.
Academic Article The emotional counting Stroop paradigm: a functional magnetic resonance imaging probe of the anterior cingulate affective division.
Academic Article Characteristics of non-verbal memory impairment in bipolar disorder: the role of encoding strategies.
Academic Article Prediction of memory rehabilitation outcomes in traumatic brain injury by using functional magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Neurobiological basis of failure to recall extinction memory in posttraumatic stress disorder.
Concept Memory
Concept Memory Disorders
Concept Emotional Intelligence
Concept Memory, Short-Term
Academic Article Emotional intelligence correlates with functional responses to dynamic changes in facial trustworthiness.
Academic Article Trait emotional suppression is associated with increased activation of the rostral anterior cingulate cortex in response to masked angry faces.
Academic Article Microstructure of frontoparietal connections predicts individual resistance to sleep deprivation.
Grant Prefrontal Mechanisms in Retention of Fear Extinction
Academic Article Emotional intelligence is associated with connectivity within and between resting state networks.
Academic Article Memory performance predicts response to psychotherapy for depression in bipolar disorder: A pilot randomized controlled trial with exploratory functional magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Emotional Intelligence Partially Mediates the Association between Anxiety Sensitivity and Anxiety Symptoms1,2.
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