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Academic Article Culture, gaze and the neural processing of fear expressions.
Academic Article Body expressions of emotion do not trigger fear contagion in autism
Academic Article Fear fosters flight: a mechanism for fear contagion when perceiving emotion expressed by a whole body.
Academic Article Non-conscious recognition of emotional body language.
Academic Article Amygdala responses to averted vs direct gaze fear vary as a function of presentation speed.
Academic Article Body expressions of emotion do not trigger fear contagion in autism spectrum disorder.
Concept Expressed Emotion
Concept Emotions
Academic Article If it bleeds, it leads: separating threat from mere negativity.
Academic Article Improving emotional face perception in autism with diuretic bumetanide: a proof-of-concept behavioral and functional brain imaging pilot study.
Academic Article Early Preferential Responses to Fear Stimuli in Human Right Dorsal Visual Stream--A Meg Study.
Academic Article Autism and emotional face-viewing.
Academic Article The Older Adult Positivity Effect in Evaluations of Trustworthiness: Emotion Regulation or Cognitive Capacity?
Academic Article The effect of constraining eye-contact during dynamic emotional face perception-an fMRI study.
Academic Article Hypersensitivity to low intensity fearful faces in autism when fixation is constrained to the eyes.
Academic Article Bumetanide for autism: more eye contact, less amygdala activation.
Academic Article Pupillary Contagion in Autism.
Academic Article Visual scanning during emotion recognition in long-term recovered anorexia nervosa: An eye-tracking study.
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