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Academic Article The Arg353Gln polymorphism reduces the level of coagulation factor VII. In vivo and in vitro studies.
Academic Article Mechanism underlying factor VII deficiency in Jewish populations with the Ala244Val mutation.
Academic Article Characterization of two naturally occurring mutations in the second epidermal growth factor-like domain of factor VII.
Academic Article Abnormal secretion and function of recombinant human factor VII as the result of modification to a calcium binding site caused by a 15-base pair insertion in the F7 gene.
Academic Article A new mutation in the HNF4 binding region of the factor VII promoter in a patient with severe factor VII deficiency.
Academic Article Factor IXa-factor VIIIa-cell surface complex does not contribute to the basal activation of the coagulation mechanism in vivo.
Academic Article Inherited thrombophilia: Part 1.
Academic Article Severe factor VII deficiency due to a mutation disrupting an Sp1 binding site in the factor VII promoter.
Academic Article The use of recombinant activated factor VII in three patients with central nervous system hemorrhages associated with factor VII deficiency.
Academic Article Two naturally occurring mutations on FVII gene (S363I-W364C) altering intrinsic catalytic activity.
Academic Article Factor IX is activated in vivo by the tissue factor mechanism.
Academic Article Severe factor VII deficiency due to a mutation disrupting a hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 binding site in the factor VII promoter.
Academic Article Recombinant factor VIIa for the treatment of congenital factor VII deficiency.
Academic Article Management of patients with hereditary defects predisposing to thrombosis including pregnant women.
Academic Article Detection of factor X activation in humans.
Academic Article Treatment of factor VII deficiency with recombinant factor VIIa.
Academic Article Asymptomatic factor VII deficiency in African Americans.
Academic Article New insights into hypercoagulable states.
Academic Article Prophylaxis and therapy with factor VII concentrate (human) immuno, vapor heated in patients with congenital factor VII deficiency: a summary of case reports.
Academic Article Activation of the coagulation cascade after infusion of a factor XI concentrate in congenitally deficient patients.
Academic Article Molecular analysis of Polish patients with factor VII deficiency.
Academic Article A Thr359Met mutation in factor VII of a patient with a hereditary deficiency causes defective secretion of the molecule.
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Concept Factor X Deficiency
Concept Factor XI Deficiency
Concept Factor VII Deficiency
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