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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Pneumatic Compression Treatment for Upper Extremity Acquired Lymphedema
Academic Article Diffuse lipofibromatosis of the lower extremity masquerading as a vascular anomaly.
Academic Article Primary lymphedema: clinical features and management in 138 pediatric patients.
Academic Article Lower-extremity lymphedema and elevated body-mass index.
Academic Article Expression analysis of macrodactyly identifies pleiotrophin upregulation.
Academic Article Differential diagnosis of lower extremity enlargement in pediatric patients referred with a diagnosis of lymphedema.
Academic Article Blood pressure monitoring and venipuncture in the lymphedematous extremity.
Academic Article Treatment of lower extremity lymphedema with suction-assisted lipectomy.
Academic Article Extremity fasciotomy wound closure: comparison of skin grafting to staged linear closure.
Academic Article Lymphatic malformation: risk of progression during childhood and adolescence.
Concept Lower Extremity
Concept Lower Extremity Deformities, Congenital
Concept Upper Extremity
Concept Extremities
Concept Limb Deformities, Congenital
Academic Article Fibro-adipose vascular anomaly: clinical-radiologic-pathologic features of a newly delineated disorder of the extremity.
Academic Article Obesity-induced Upper Extremity Lymphedema.
Academic Article Obesity-induced lymphedema: clinical and lymphoscintigraphic features.
Academic Article Management of Vascular Anomalies and Related Conditions Using Suction-Assisted Tissue Removal.
Academic Article Combined Lymphedema and Capillary Malformation of the Lower Extremity.
Academic Article Diagnosis and Management of Obesity-Induced Lymphedema.
Academic Article Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome and Primary Lymphedema of the Lower Extremity.
Academic Article A somatic GNA11 mutation is associated with extremity capillary malformation and overgrowth.
Academic Article Association between extremity kaposiform hemangioendothelioma and lymphedema.
Academic Article Primary Lymphedema of the Upper Extremities: Clinical and Lymphoscintigraphic Features in 23 Patients.
Academic Article Adult-Onset Primary Lymphedema: A Clinical-Lymphoscintigraphic Study of 26 Patients.
Academic Article Surgical Management of Fibroadipose Vascular Anomaly of the Lower Extremities.
Academic Article Fibroadipose Vascular Anomaly in the Upper Extremity: A Distinct Entity With Characteristic Clinical, Radiological, and Histopathological Findings.
Academic Article Lower extremity lymphatic function predicted by body mass index: a lymphoscintigraphic study of obesity and lipedema.
Academic Article Lower Extremity Lymphatic Function in Nonambulatory Patients with Neuromuscular Disease.
Academic Article Lower Extremity Reconstruction in the Pediatric Population.
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