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Academic Article MRI contrast using solid-state, B1-distorting, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microresonant devices (MRDs).
Academic Article Pulmonary tissue engineering using dual-compartment polymer scaffolds with integrated vascular tree.
Academic Article Functional endothelialized microvascular networks with circular cross-sections in a tissue culture substrate.
Academic Article Fabrication of a hybrid microfluidic system incorporating both lithographically patterned microchannels and a 3D fiber-formed microfluidic network.
Academic Article Performance and scaling effects in a multilayer microfluidic extracorporeal lung oxygenation device.
Academic Article The NavChair Assistive Wheelchair Navigation System.
Academic Article Local drug delivery with a self-contained, programmable, microfluidic system.
Academic Article Cell docking inside microwells within reversibly sealed microfluidic channels for fabricating multiphenotype cell arrays.
Academic Article Kinetics of reciprocating drug delivery to the inner ear.
Academic Article A microfluidic respiratory assist device with high gas permeance for artificial lung applications.
Academic Article Branched vascular network architecture: a new approach to lung assist device technology.
Concept Equipment Design
Academic Article Microfabricated infuse-withdraw micropump component for an integrated inner-ear drug-delivery platform.
Academic Article Development of a biomimetic microfluidic oxygen transfer device.
Academic Article A multiplexed microfluidic system for evaluation of dynamics of immune-tumor interactions.
Academic Article High-throughput human primary cell-based airway model for evaluating influenza, coronavirus, or other respiratory viruses in vitro.
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  • Equipment Design
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