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Academic Article Distributed current estimates using cortical orientation constraints.
Academic Article Magnetoencephalography: a tool for functional brain imaging.
Academic Article Increased MEG activation in OCD reflects a compensatory mechanism specific to the phase of a visual working memory task.
Academic Article Auditory attention affects two different areas in the human supratemporal cortex.
Academic Article Three-dimensional integration of brain anatomy and function to facilitate intraoperative navigation around the sensorimotor strip.
Academic Article Detecting and correcting for head movements in neuromagnetic measurements.
Academic Article Assessing and improving the spatial accuracy in MEG source localization by depth-weighted minimum-norm estimates.
Academic Article Where left becomes right: a magnetoencephalographic study of sensorimotor transformation for antisaccades.
Academic Article Automatic fMRI-guided MEG multidipole localization for visual responses.
Academic Article Aberrant frontoparietal function during recognition memory in schizophrenia: a multimodal neuroimaging investigation.
Academic Article Multimodal functional imaging using fMRI-informed regional EEG/MEG source estimation.
Academic Article The advantage of combining MEG and EEG: comparison to fMRI in focally stimulated visual cortex.
Academic Article Dipole modelling of MEG rhythms in time and frequency domains.
Academic Article Dissociation between MEG alpha modulation and performance accuracy on visual working memory task in obsessive compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal mapping the neural correlates of acupuncture with MEG.
Academic Article Propagation of epileptic spikes reconstructed from spatiotemporal magnetoencephalographic and electroencephalographic source analysis.
Academic Article Early onset of neural synchronization in the contextual associations network.
Academic Article Cancellation of EEG and MEG signals generated by extended and distributed sources.
Academic Article Multimodal imaging of spike propagation: a technical case report.
Academic Article MRI-constrained spectral imaging of benzodiazepine modulation of spontaneous neuromagnetic activity in human cortex.
Academic Article Sensitivity of MEG and EEG to source orientation.
Academic Article Automatic relevance determination based hierarchical Bayesian MEG inversion in practice.
Academic Article Spectral spatiotemporal imaging of cortical oscillations and interactions in the human brain.
Academic Article Hierarchical Bayesian estimates of distributed MEG sources: theoretical aspects and comparison of variational and MCMC methods.
Academic Article Bayesian inverse analysis of neuromagnetic data using cortically constrained multiple dipoles.
Academic Article Head movements of children in MEG: quantification, effects on source estimation, and compensation.
Academic Article A non-invasive method to relate the timing of neural activity to white matter microstructural integrity.
Academic Article Interpreting magnetic fields of the brain: minimum norm estimates.
Academic Article Differences in cortical response to acupressure and electroacupuncture stimuli.
Academic Article A spatiotemporal dynamic distributed solution to the MEG inverse problem.
Academic Article Sources of variability in MEG.
Academic Article Dynamic statistical parametric mapping for analyzing ictal magnetoencephalographic spikes in patients with intractable frontal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Multimodal functional imaging using fMRI-informed regional EEG/MEG source estimation.
Academic Article Top-down control of MEG alpha-band activity in children performing Categorical N-Back Task.
Academic Article Estimates of visually evoked cortical currents.
Academic Article Global optimization in the localization of neuromagnetic sources.
Academic Article Visualization of magnetoencephalographic data using minimum current estimates.
Academic Article Dynamic imaging of coherent sources: Studying neural interactions in the human brain.
Academic Article Dynamic Granger-Geweke causality modeling with application to interictal spike propagation.
Academic Article BOLD responses in human auditory cortex are more closely related to transient MEG responses than to sustained ones.
Academic Article Multimodal neuroimaging dissociates hemodynamic and electrophysiological correlates of error processing.
Academic Article Seeing faces activates three separate areas outside the occipital visual cortex in man.
Academic Article Basic principles of magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Effects of mindfulness meditation training on anticipatory alpha modulation in primary somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Large scale Kalman filtering solutions to the electrophysiological source localization problem--a MEG case study.
Academic Article A distributed spatio-temporal EEG/MEG inverse solver.
Academic Article Functional brain imaging with M/EEG using structured sparsity in time-frequency dictionaries.
Academic Article Saccadic preparation in the frontal eye field is modulated by distinct trial history effects as revealed by magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Quantification of the benefit from integrating MEG and EEG data in minimum l2-norm estimation.
Academic Article Dynamic magnetic resonance inverse imaging of human brain function.
Academic Article Use of a computerized brain atlas in magnetoencephalographic activation studies.
Academic Article Parallel input makes the brain run faster.
Academic Article Early category-specific cortical activation revealed by visual stimulus inversion.
Academic Article Functional localization based on measurements with a whole-head magnetometer system.
Academic Article Sampling theory for neuromagnetic detector arrays.
Academic Article The value of multichannel MEG and EEG in the presurgical evaluation of 70 epilepsy patients.
Academic Article Study of neurovascular coupling in humans via simultaneous magnetoencephalography and diffuse optical imaging acquisition.
Academic Article Role of medial cortical networks for anticipatory processing in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Comparison of three methods for localizing interictal epileptiform discharges with magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Information processing in the human brain: magnetoencephalographic approach.
Academic Article Mapping the signal-to-noise-ratios of cortical sources in magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography.
Concept Magnetoencephalography
Grant Elekta Neuromag Electronics Upgrade
Grant Tools for Large-Scale Platform-Independent MEG Data Analysis
Grant Device-Independent Acquisition and Real Time Spatiotemporal Analysis of Clinical Electrophysiology Data
Academic Article Benchmarking for On-Scalp MEG Sensors.
Grant Scalable Software for Distributed Processing and Visualization of Multi-Site MEG/EEG Datasets
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