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Academic Article Impaired infarct healing in atherosclerotic mice with Ly-6C(hi) monocytosis.
Academic Article The healing myocardium sequentially mobilizes two monocyte subsets with divergent and complementary functions.
Academic Article Identification of splenic reservoir monocytes and their deployment to inflammatory sites.
Academic Article Molecular imaging of innate immune cell function in transplant rejection.
Concept Myocardium
Academic Article Nanoparticle PET-CT detects rejection and immunomodulation in cardiac allografts.
Academic Article Monocyte and macrophage heterogeneity in the heart.
Academic Article In vivo silencing of the transcription factor IRF5 reprograms the macrophage phenotype and improves infarct healing.
Academic Article Ly-6Chigh monocytes depend on Nr4a1 to balance both inflammatory and reparative phases in the infarcted myocardium.
Academic Article Differential contribution of monocytes to heart macrophages in steady-state and after myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Imaging systemic inflammation in patients with acute myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Inflammation and repair in the ischaemic myocardium.
Academic Article Development and Function of Arterial and Cardiac Macrophages.
Academic Article Leukocytes Link Local and Systemic Inflammation in Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease: An Expanded "Cardiovascular Continuum".
Academic Article Proliferation and Recruitment Contribute to Myocardial Macrophage Expansion in Chronic Heart Failure.
Academic Article The infarcted myocardium solicits GM-CSF for the detrimental oversupply of inflammatory leukocytes.
Academic Article Cardiac macrophages promote diastolic dysfunction.
Academic Article Clonal Hematopoiesis Wages War on the Myocardium.
Academic Article Cardioimmunology: the immune system in cardiac homeostasis and disease.
Academic Article The Myocardium: More Than Myocytes.
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