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Academic Article Simulation of organ-specific patient effective dose due to secondary neutrons in proton radiation treatment.
Academic Article Adaptation of GEANT4 to Monte Carlo dose calculations based on CT data.
Academic Article Test of GEANT3 and GEANT4 nuclear models for 160 MeV protons stopping in CH2.
Academic Article Monte Carlo simulations with time-dependent geometries to investigate effects of organ motion with high temporal resolution.
Academic Article Changes in tumor cell response due to prolonged dose delivery times in fractionated radiation therapy.
Academic Article The general relation between tissue response to x-radiation (alpha/beta-values) and the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of protons: prediction by the Katz track-structure model.
Academic Article Effects of organ motion on IMRT treatments with segments of few monitor units.
Academic Article Accurate Monte Carlo simulations for nozzle design, commissioning and quality assurance for a proton radiation therapy facility.
Academic Article Interpretation of proton relative biological effectiveness using lesion induction, lesion repair, and cellular dose distribution.
Academic Article Monte Carlo calculations in support of the commissioning of the Northeast Proton Therapy Center.
Academic Article Four-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation of time-dependent geometries.
Academic Article Sensitivity of different dose scoring methods on organ-specific neutron dose calculations in proton therapy.
Academic Article The influence of the beam modulation technique on dose and RBE in proton radiation therapy.
Academic Article Nuclear interactions of 160 MeV protons stopping in copper: a test of Monte Carlo nuclear models.
Academic Article Test of the nuclear interaction model in SHIELD-HIT and comparison to energy distributions from GEANT4.
Academic Article Biophysical modelling of proton radiation effects based on amorphous track models.
Academic Article 4D Monte Carlo simulation of proton beam scanning: modelling of variations in time and space to study the interplay between scanning pattern and time-dependent patient geometry.
Academic Article Assessment of organ-specific neutron equivalent doses in proton therapy using computational whole-body age-dependent voxel phantoms.
Academic Article Systematic analysis of biological and physical limitations of proton beam range verification with offline PET/CT scans.
Academic Article Field size dependence of the output factor in passively scattered proton therapy: influence of range, modulation, air gap, and machine settings.
Academic Article Assessment of out-of-field absorbed dose and equivalent dose in proton fields.
Academic Article The clinical impact of uncertainties in the mean excitation energy of human tissues during proton therapy.
Academic Article Radiobiological significance of beamline dependent proton energy distributions in a spread-out Bragg peak.
Academic Article Adjuvant radiation therapy for early stage seminoma: proton versus photon planning comparison and modeling of second cancer risk.
Academic Article Dose to water versus dose to medium in proton beam therapy.
Academic Article Breathing interplay effects during proton beam scanning: simulation and statistical analysis.
Academic Article Extension and validation of an analytical model for in vivo PET verification of proton therapy--a phantom and clinical study.
Academic Article An integral test of FLUKA nuclear models with 160 MeV proton beams in multi-layer Faraday cups.
Academic Article Assessment of the risk for developing a second malignancy from scattered and secondary radiation in radiation therapy.
Academic Article Range uncertainties in proton therapy and the role of Monte Carlo simulations.
Academic Article Uncertainties and correction methods when modeling passive scattering proton therapy treatment heads with Monte Carlo.
Academic Article Range uncertainty in proton therapy due to variable biological effectiveness.
Academic Article A modular method to handle multiple time-dependent quantities in Monte Carlo simulations.
Academic Article Clinical implementation of full Monte Carlo dose calculation in proton beam therapy.
Academic Article Design and testing of a simulation framework for dosimetric motion studies integrating an anthropomorphic computational phantom into four-dimensional Monte Carlo.
Academic Article The biologic relevance of daily dose variations in adaptive treatment planning.
Concept Models, Chemical
Concept Models, Molecular
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Computer Simulation
Concept Linear Models
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Geometrical splitting technique to improve the computational efficiency in Monte Carlo calculations for proton therapy.
Academic Article Four-dimensional Monte Carlo simulations demonstrating how the extent of intensity-modulation impacts motion effects in proton therapy lung treatments.
Academic Article Tissue decomposition from dual energy CT data for MC based dose calculation in particle therapy.
Academic Article Monte Carlo simulations will change the way we treat patients with proton beams today.
Academic Article The influence of patient positioning uncertainties in proton radiotherapy on proton range and dose distributions.
Academic Article Dosimetric feasibility of real-time MRI-guided proton therapy.
Academic Article Characterizing a proton beam scanning system for Monte Carlo dose calculation in patients.
Academic Article Assessment of uncertainties in radiation-induced cancer risk predictions at clinically relevant doses.
Academic Article Comparing gold nano-particle enhanced radiotherapy with protons, megavoltage photons and kilovoltage photons: a Monte Carlo simulation.
Academic Article Motion mitigation for lung cancer patients treated with active scanning proton therapy.
Academic Article Biological modeling of gold nanoparticle enhanced radiotherapy for proton therapy.
Academic Article A framework for implementation of organ effect models in TOPAS with benchmarks extended to proton therapy.
Academic Article Extension of TOPAS for the simulation of proton radiation effects considering molecular and cellular endpoints.
Academic Article TH-AB-304-10: Modeling Organ Specific Mechanistic Interactions Between Radiation and Chemotherapy.
Academic Article TU-EF-304-05: Anterior Proton Beams for Prostate Treatments Lead to Substantial Elevations in Modeled RBE-Weighted Rectal Dose.
Academic Article SU-E-T-673: Recent Developments and Comprehensive Validations of a GPU-Based Proton Monte Carlo Simulation Package, GPMC.
Academic Article Improved efficiency in Monte Carlo simulation for passive-scattering proton therapy.
Academic Article SU-E-T-466: Implementation of An Extension Module for Dose Response Models in the TOPAS Monte Carlo Toolkit.
Academic Article SU-F-BRD-13: A Phenomenological Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) Model for Proton Therapy Based On All Published in Vitro Cell Survival Data.
Academic Article Gold nanoparticle induced vasculature damage in radiotherapy: Comparing protons, megavoltage photons, and kilovoltage photons.
Academic Article A phenomenological relative biological effectiveness (RBE) model for proton therapy based on all published in vitro cell survival data.
Academic Article Optimising element choice for nanoparticle radiosensitisers.
Academic Article Validation of nuclear models in Geant4 using the dose distribution of a 177 MeV proton pencil beam.
Academic Article Assessing the radiation-induced second cancer risk in proton therapy for pediatric brain tumors: the impact of employing a patient-specific aperture in pencil beam scanning.
Academic Article Disruption of SLX4-MUS81 Function Increases the Relative Biological Effectiveness of Proton Radiation.
Grant TOPAS: Fast and easy to use Monte Carlo system for proton therapy
Academic Article Mechanistic Modelling of DNA Repair and Cellular Survival Following Radiation-Induced DNA Damage.
Academic Article Methodologies in the modeling of combined chemo-radiation treatments.
Academic Article Automated Monte Carlo Simulation of Proton Therapy Treatment Plans.
Academic Article Validation of the radiobiology toolkit TOPAS-nBio in simple DNA geometries.
Academic Article WE-G-BRE-04: Gold Nanoparticle Induced Vasculature Damage for Proton Therapy: Monte Carlo Simulation.
Academic Article SU-F-T-132: Variable RBE Models Predict Possible Underestimation of Vaginal Dose for Anal Cancer Patients Treated Using Single-Field Proton Treatments.
Academic Article TH-A-19A-02: Expanding TOPAS Towards Biological Modeling.
Academic Article WE-H-BRA-04: Biological Geometries for the Monte Carlo Simulation Toolkit TOPASNBio.
Academic Article WE-H-BRA-07: Mechanistic Modelling of the Relative Biological Effectiveness of Heavy Charged Particles.
Academic Article SU-F-T-139: Meeting the Challenges of Quality Control in the TOPAS Monte Carlo Simulation Toolkit for Proton Therapy.
Academic Article WE-G-BRE-02: Biological Modeling of Gold Nanoparticle Radiosensitization for Proton Therapy.
Academic Article WE-H-BRA-03: Development of a Model to Include the Evolution of Resistant Tumor Subpopulations Into the Treatment Optimization Process for Schedules Involving Targeted Agents in Chemoradiation Therapy.
Academic Article WE-D-BRF-01: FEATURED PRESENTATION - Investigating Particle Track Structures Using Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detectors and Monte Carlo Simulations.
Academic Article Biomathematical Optimization of Radiation Therapy in the Era of Targeted Agents.
Academic Article Predicting Patient-specific Dosimetric Benefits of Proton Therapy for Skull-base Tumors Using a Geometric Knowledge-based Method.
Academic Article SU-E-T-473: Performance Assessment of the TOPAS Tool for Particle Simulation for Proton Therapy Applications.
Academic Article WE-C-108-07: Optimal Parameters for Variance Reduction in Monte Carlo Simulations for Proton Therapy.
Academic Article TU-A-108-01: Four-Dimensional Monte Carlo Using the TOPAS TOol for PArticle Simulation.
Academic Article Flagged uniform particle splitting for variance reduction in proton and carbon ion track-structure simulations.
Academic Article A general mechanistic model enables predictions of the biological effectiveness of different qualities of radiation.
Academic Article Relating the proton relative biological effectiveness to tumor control and normal tissue complication probabilities assuming interpatient variability in a/ß.
Academic Article Prediction of Treatment Response for Combined Chemo- and Radiation Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Using a Bio-Mathematical Model.
Academic Article Time-resolved diode dosimetry calibration through Monte Carlo modeling for in vivo passive scattered proton therapy range verification.
Academic Article Monte Carlo simulation of chemistry following radiolysis with TOPAS-nBio.
Academic Article Robust Proton Treatment Planning: Physical and Biological Optimization.
Academic Article Geometrical structures for radiation biology research as implemented in the TOPAS-nBio toolkit.
Academic Article Author Correction: Prediction of Treatment Response for Combined Chemo- and Radiation Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Using a Bio-Mathematical Model.
Academic Article A New Standard DNA Damage (SDD) Data Format.
Academic Article Online adaption approaches for intensity modulated proton therapy for head and neck patients based on cone beam CTs and Monte Carlo simulations.
Academic Article TOPAS-nBio: An Extension to the TOPAS Simulation Toolkit for Cellular and Sub-cellular Radiobiology.
Academic Article Report of a National Cancer Institute special panel: Characterization of the physical parameters of particle beams for biological research.
Academic Article Patient-Specific Tumor Growth Trajectories Determine Persistent and Resistant Cancer Cell Populations during Treatment with Targeted Therapies.
Academic Article The microdosimetric extension in TOPAS: development and comparison with published data.
Academic Article Validation of a model for physical dose variations in irregularly moving targets treated with carbon ion beams.
Academic Article Impact of uncertainties in range and RBE on small field proton therapy.
Academic Article Volumetric and actuarial analysis of brain necrosis in proton therapy using a novel mixture cure model.
Academic Article Modelling variable proton relative biological effectiveness for treatment planning.
Academic Article A parameter sensitivity study for simulating DNA damage after proton irradiation using TOPAS-nBio.
Academic Article 4D blood flow model for dose calculation to circulating blood and lymphocytes.
Academic Article Modeling RBE-weighted dose variations in irregularly moving abdominal targets treated with carbon ion beams.
Academic Article Perspectives on the model-based approach to proton therapy trials: A retrospective study of a lung cancer randomized trial.
Academic Article The TOPAS tool for particle simulation, a Monte Carlo simulation tool for physics, biology and clinical research.
Academic Article DICOM-RT Ion interface to utilize MC simulations in routine clinical workflow for proton pencil beam radiotherapy.
Academic Article Cellular Response to Proton Irradiation: A Simulation Study with TOPAS-nBio.
Grant Developing whole-body computational phantoms for blood dosimetry to model the impact of radiation on the immune system
Academic Article A tumor-immune interaction model for hepatocellular carcinoma based on measured lymphocyte counts in patients undergoing radiotherapy.
Academic Article Modeling Resistance and Recurrence Patterns of Combined Targeted-Chemoradiotherapy Predicts Benefit of Shorter Induction Period.
Academic Article HEDOS-a computational tool to assess radiation dose to circulating blood cells during external beam radiotherapy based on whole-body blood flow simulations.
Academic Article Monte Carlo methods for device simulations in radiation therapy.
Academic Article TOPAS-nBio validation for simulating water radiolysis and DNA damage under low-LET irradiation.
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