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Academic Article The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Epidemiology Simulation Model.
Academic Article Trade-offs in cervical cancer prevention: balancing benefits and risks.
Academic Article Multiparameter calibration of a natural history model of cervical cancer.
Academic Article Modeling human papillomavirus and cervical cancer in the United States for analyses of screening and vaccination.
Academic Article The effects of indoor environmental exposures on pediatric asthma: a discrete event simulation model.
Academic Article Variation in tumor natural history contributes to racial disparities in breast cancer stage at diagnosis.
Academic Article Effects of mammography screening under different screening schedules: model estimates of potential benefits and harms.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of cervical cancer screening with human papillomavirus DNA testing and HPV-16,18 vaccination.
Academic Article Tipping the balance of benefits and harms to favor screening mammography starting at age 40 years: a comparative modeling study of risk.
Academic Article Modeling the impact of population screening on breast cancer mortality in the United States.
Academic Article Empirically evaluating decision-analytic models.
Academic Article Keeping the noise down: common random numbers for disease simulation modeling.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of digital mammography breast cancer screening.
Academic Article Calibration methods used in cancer simulation models and suggested reporting guidelines.
Concept Models, Econometric
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Computer Simulation
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Models, Biological
Concept Proportional Hazards Models
Academic Article Contribution of H. pylori and smoking trends to US incidence of intestinal-type noncardia gastric adenocarcinoma: a microsimulation model.
Academic Article Modeling the effectiveness of initial management strategies for ductal carcinoma in situ.
Academic Article A simulation model of building intervention impacts on indoor environmental quality, pediatric asthma, and costs.
Academic Article Effects of screening and systemic adjuvant therapy on ER-specific US breast cancer mortality.
Academic Article The contribution of mammography screening to breast cancer incidence trends in the United States: an updated age-period-cohort model.
Academic Article Benefits, harms, and cost-effectiveness of supplemental ultrasonography screening for women with dense breasts.
Academic Article Benefits and harms of mammography screening after age 74 years: model estimates of overdiagnosis.
Academic Article Cancer Models and Real-world Data: Better Together.
Academic Article Modelling mammography screening for breast cancer in the Canadian context: Modification and testing of a microsimulation model.
Academic Article Total cost-effectiveness of mammography screening strategies.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes of modelling mammography screening strategies.
Academic Article Collaborative Modeling of the Benefits and Harms Associated With Different U.S. Breast Cancer Screening Strategies.
Academic Article Using Active Learning for Speeding up Calibration in Simulation Models.
Grant Modeling Breast Carcinoma In Situ: Implications for Prevention and Control
Academic Article Tailoring Breast Cancer Screening Intervals by Breast Density and Risk for Women Aged 50 Years or Older: Collaborative Modeling of Screening Outcomes.
Academic Article Effect of Time to Diagnostic Testing for Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer Screening Abnormalities on Screening Efficacy: A Modeling Study.
Academic Article Comparative effectiveness of incorporating a hypothetical DCIS prognostic marker into breast cancer screening.
Academic Article Distinguishing between CISNET model results versus CISNET models.
Academic Article Association of Screening and Treatment With Breast Cancer Mortality by Molecular Subtype in US Women, 2000-2012.
Academic Article Using Collaborative Simulation Modeling to Develop a Web-Based Tool to Support Policy-Level Decision Making About Breast Cancer Screening Initiation Age.
Academic Article Introduction to the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET) Breast Cancer Models.
Academic Article Comparing CISNET Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality Predictions to Observed Clinical Trial Results of Mammography Screening from Ages 40 to 49.
Academic Article Comparing CISNET Breast Cancer Models Using the Maximum Clinical Incidence Reduction Methodology.
Academic Article Contribution of Breast Cancer to Overall Mortality for US Women.
Academic Article The University of Wisconsin Breast Cancer Epidemiology Simulation Model: An Update.
Academic Article Simulation Modeling of Cancer Clinical Trials: Application to Omitting Radiotherapy in Low-risk Breast Cancer.
Academic Article The effect of mammography screening regimen on incidence-based breast cancer mortality.
Academic Article Evidence-based sizing of non-inferiority trials using decision models.
Grant A Conversation Aid on Mammography Screening to Support Shared Decision Making between Clinicians and Women Aged 75 and Older
Grant Identifying effective risk-based supplemental ultrasound screening strategies for women with dense breasts
Academic Article Clinical Benefits, Harms, and Cost-Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening for Survivors of Childhood Cancer Treated With Chest Radiation : A Comparative Modeling Study.
Grant Comparative Modeling of Precision Breast Cancer Control Across the Translational Continuum
Academic Article Universal newborn genetic screening for pediatric cancer predisposition syndromes: model-based insights.
Academic Article Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Breast Cancer Mortality in the US: Estimates From Collaborative Simulation Modeling.
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