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Academic Article Targeting of CD25 and glucocorticoid-induced TNF receptor family-related gene-expressing T cells differentially modulates asthma risk in offspring of asthmatic and normal mother mice.
Academic Article Allergen-independent maternal transmission of asthma susceptibility.
Academic Article The macrophage scavenger receptor SR-AI/II and lung defense against pneumococci and particles.
Academic Article Exposure of pregnant mice to an air pollutant aerosol increases asthma susceptibility in offspring.
Academic Article Risk for asthma in offspring of asthmatic mothers versus fathers: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Immunostimulatory CpG oligonucleotides abrogate allergic susceptibility in a murine model of maternal asthma transmission.
Academic Article Maternal allergic contact dermatitis causes increased asthma risk in offspring.
Academic Article Maternal transmission of asthma risk.
Concept Disease Susceptibility
Academic Article Maternal stress during pregnancy increases neonatal allergy susceptibility: role of glucocorticoids.
Academic Article Plasma gelsolin improves lung host defense against pneumonia by enhancing macrophage NOS3 function.
Academic Article A Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Susceptibility Gene, FAM13A, Regulates Protein Stability of ß-Catenin.
Academic Article Determinants of host susceptibility to murine respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease identify a role for the innate immunity scavenger receptor MARCO gene in human infants.
Academic Article Future Research Directions in Pneumonia. NHLBI Working Group Report.
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