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Academic Article The serotonin transporter genotype and social support and moderation of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression in hurricane-exposed adults.
Academic Article Modification of the association between serotonin transporter genotype and risk of posttraumatic stress disorder in adults by county-level social environment.
Academic Article Epigenetic and inflammatory marker profiles associated with depression in a community-based epidemiologic sample.
Academic Article Variant in RGS2 moderates posttraumatic stress symptoms following potentially traumatic event exposure.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on the relationship among combat exposure, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and alcohol use.
Academic Article Gene expression and methylation signatures of MAN2C1 are associated with PTSD.
Academic Article Environmental mediation and the twin design.
Academic Article Spiritual well-being and health.
Academic Article Women's status and child well-being: a state-level analysis.
Academic Article Prospective study of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and coronary heart disease in the Normative Aging Study.
Academic Article Incorporating home demands into models of job strain: findings from the work, family, and health network.
Academic Article Pretrauma cognitive ability and risk for posttraumatic stress disorder: a twin study.
Academic Article Gender differences in the genetic and environmental determinants of adolescent depression.
Academic Article Home foreclosure and risk of psychiatric morbidity during the recent financial crisis.
Academic Article Early childhood factors associated with the development of post-traumatic stress disorder: results from a longitudinal birth cohort.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress symptoms and trajectories in child sexual abuse victims: an analysis of sex differences using the national survey of child and adolescent well-being.
Academic Article Corticotrophin-releasing hormone type 1 receptor gene (CRHR1) variants predict posttraumatic stress disorder onset and course in pediatric injury patients.
Academic Article Risk factors for course of posttraumatic stress disorder among Vietnam veterans: a 14-year follow-up of American Legionnaires.
Academic Article Neighborhood influences on perceived social support among parents: findings from the project on human development in Chicago neighborhoods.
Academic Article Occupational, social, and relationship hazards and psychological distress among low-income workers: implications of the 'inverse hazard law'.
Academic Article A multivariate twin study of autistic traits in 12-year-olds: testing the fractionable autism triad hypothesis.
Academic Article Epigenetic and immune function profiles associated with posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article A twin registry study of the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and nicotine dependence in men.
Concept Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Concept Regression Analysis
Concept Blood Chemical Analysis
Concept Survival Analysis
Concept Cluster Analysis
Concept Analysis of Variance
Concept Meta-Analysis as Topic
Concept Multilevel Analysis
Concept Least-Squares Analysis
Concept Sequence Analysis, DNA
Concept Mendelian Randomization Analysis
Concept Principal Component Analysis
Concept Factor Analysis, Statistical
Concept Multivariate Analysis
Concept Social Support
Concept Microarray Analysis
Academic Article Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder in South Africa: analysis from the South African Stress and Health Study.
Academic Article Potentially traumatic events and the risk of six physical health conditions in a population-based sample.
Academic Article Socioeconomic and other social stressors and biomarkers of cardiometabolic risk in youth: a systematic review of less studied risk factors.
Academic Article PTSD and obesity in the Detroit neighborhood health study.
Academic Article Interaction between genetic variants and exposure to Hurricane Katrina on post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth: a prospective analysis of low income adults.
Academic Article Interaction between polygenic risk for cigarette use and environmental exposures in the Detroit Neighborhood Health Study.
Academic Article Trajectories of posttraumatic stress among urban residents.
Academic Article Genetic association analysis of 300 genes identifies a risk haplotype in SLC18A2 for post-traumatic stress disorder in two independent samples.
Academic Article Size of the social network versus quality of social support: which is more protective against PTSD?
Academic Article Hepatitis C virus infection as a traumatic experience.
Academic Article Frequency of trauma exposure and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Italy: analysis from the World Mental Health Survey Initiative.
Academic Article Do genetic risk scores for body mass index predict risk of phobic anxiety? Evidence for a shared genetic risk factor.
Academic Article Unit support protects against sexual harassment and assault among national guard soldiers.
Academic Article Gender differences in the long-term associations between posttraumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms: findings from the Detroit Neighborhood Health Study.
Academic Article Oral contraceptive use and psychiatric disorders in a nationally representative sample of women.
Academic Article An analysis of gene expression in PTSD implicates genes involved in the glucocorticoid receptor pathway and neural responses to stress.
Academic Article Revisiting Mendelian randomization studies of the effect of body mass index on depression.
Academic Article Measuring psychosocial environments using individual responses: an application of multilevel factor analysis to examining students in schools.
Academic Article Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Risk for Incident Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Academic Article Association between witnessing traumatic events and psychopathology in the South African Stress and Health Study.
Academic Article Gene-by-social-environment interaction (GxSE) between ADCYAP1R1 genotype and neighborhood crime predicts major depression symptoms in trauma-exposed women.
Academic Article The epidemiology of traumatic event exposure worldwide: results from the World Mental Health Survey Consortium.
Academic Article Childhood trauma and neighborhood-level crime interact in predicting adult posttraumatic stress and major depression symptoms.
Academic Article Somatic, positive and negative domains of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CES-D) scale: a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article A Longitudinal Study of the Bidirectional Relationship Between Social Support and Posttraumatic Stress Following a Natural Disaster.
Grant Identifying Risk Factors for PTSD by Pooled Analysis of Current Prospective Studi
Grant Epigenetic Links Between the Social Environment and Emotional Brain Function
Academic Article An Analysis of Two Genome-wide Association Meta-analyses Identifies a New Locus for Broad Depression Phenotype.
Academic Article Longitudinal course of disaster-related PTSD among a prospective sample of adult Chilean natural disaster survivors.
Academic Article Epigenome-wide association of PTSD from heterogeneous cohorts with a common multi-site analysis pipeline.
Academic Article Maternal blood contamination of collected cord blood can be identified using DNA methylation at three CpGs.
Academic Article Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Associations of Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder With Inflammatory and Endothelial Function Markers in Women.
Academic Article Street Audits to Measure Neighborhood Disorder: Virtual or In-Person?
Academic Article Traumatic stress and accelerated DNA methylation age: A meta-analysis.
Academic Article Epigenetic meta-analysis across three civilian cohorts identifies NRG1 and HGS as blood-based biomarkers for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress disorder and incidence of thyroid dysfunction in women.
Academic Article Assessment of Bidirectional Relationships Between Physical Activity and Depression Among Adults: A 2-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and television viewing patterns in the Nurses' Health Study II: A longitudinal analysis.
Academic Article Association of Economic Status and Educational Attainment With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Mendelian Randomization Study.
Academic Article Integrated analysis of environmental and genetic influences on cord blood DNA methylation in new-borns.
Grant Psychosis Genetics Research in Africa: Building Capacity by Investing in People
Academic Article International meta-analysis of PTSD genome-wide association studies identifies sex- and ancestry-specific genetic risk loci.
Academic Article Dissecting the genetic association of C-reactive protein with PTSD, traumatic events, and social support.
Academic Article Do levels of posttraumatic growth vary by type of traumatic event experienced? An analysis of the Nurses' Health Study II.
Academic Article How Early Life Adversities Influence Later Life Family Interactions for Individuals with Schizophrenia in Outpatient Treatment: A Qualitative Analysis.
Academic Article National and regional prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Analysis of Genetically Regulated Gene Expression Identifies a Prefrontal PTSD Gene, SNRNP35, Specific to Military Cohorts.
Academic Article Correction: National and regional prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
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