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Academic Article An examination of impaired acoustic-phonetic processing in aphasia.
Academic Article Feature parsing: feature cue mapping in spoken word recognition.
Academic Article Articulatory mediation of speech perception: a causal analysis of multi-modal imaging data.
Academic Article Lexical and prelexical influences on word segmentation: evidence from priming.
Academic Article The cortical organization of lexical knowledge: a dual lexicon model of spoken language processing.
Academic Article Coming to terms with stress: effects of stress location in sentence processing.
Academic Article Parallel versus serial processing dependencies in the perisylvian speech network: a Granger analysis of intracranial EEG data.
Academic Article Lexical influences on speech perception: a Granger causality analysis of MEG and EEG source estimates.
Academic Article Effects of tasks on BOLD signal responses to sentence contrasts: Review and commentary.
Academic Article Lexical and prelexical factors in the perception of connected speech
Academic Article One phonemic representation should suffice: Commentary on Norris, McQueen and Cutler (2000). Merging information in speech recognition: Feedback is never necessary
Academic Article The role of feature parsing in speech processing and phonology
Concept Speech Perception
Concept Speech Acoustics
Concept Speech
Concept Speech Discrimination Tests
Academic Article Rules from words: a dynamic neural basis for a lawful linguistic process.
Academic Article The Missing-Phoneme Effect in Aural Prose Comprehension.
Grant Neural Dynamics of Spoken Word Recognition
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