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Academic Article Artificial neural network as a tool to compensate for scatter and attenuation in radionuclide imaging.
Academic Article Improved activity estimation with MC-JOSEM versus TEW-JOSEM in 111In SPECT.
Academic Article Optimization of Ga-67 imaging for detection and estimation tasks: dependence of imaging performance on spectral acquisition parameters.
Academic Article Comparison of simultaneous and sequential SPECT imaging for discrimination tasks in assessment of cardiac defects.
Academic Article Monte Carlo-based compensation for patient scatter, detector scatter, and crosstalk contamination in In-111 SPECT imaging
Academic Article Absolute activity quantitation in simultaneous 123I/99mTc brain SPECT.
Academic Article Respective roles of scatter, attenuation, depth-dependent collimator response and finite spatial resolution in cardiac single-photon emission tomography quantitation: a Monte Carlo study.
Academic Article Performance of a novel collimator for high-sensitivity brain SPECT.
Academic Article Quantitative SPECT leads to improved performance in discrimination tasks related to prodromal Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Pre-operative estimation of esophageal tumor metabolic length in FDG-PET images with surgical pathology confirmation.
Academic Article Two-dimensional statistical model for regularized backprojection in SPECT.
Academic Article Quantitative Dynamic Cardiac Rb-82 imaging using Penalized Least Squares Factor Analysis of Dynamic Sequences
Academic Article Quantitative simultaneous (99m)Tc-ECD/123I-FP-CIT SPECT in Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy.
Academic Article Reproducibility and accuracy of quantitative myocardial blood flow assessment with (82)Rb PET: comparison with (13)N-ammonia PET.
Academic Article Monte Carlo estimation of patient and detector scatter and crosstalk contamination in SPECT imaging
Academic Article Realistic Monte Carlo simulation of Ga-67 SPECT imaging
Academic Article The effects of compensation for scatter, lead x-rays and high-energy contamination on lesion detectability and activity estimation in Ga-67 imaging
Academic Article Fast Monte Carlo based joint iterative reconstruction for simultaneous 99mTc/ 123I SPECT imaging.
Academic Article Brain perfusion imaging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: relationships with severity of motor impairment
Academic Article Quantitative Dynamic Cardiac 82Rb-PET Imaging
Academic Article Parametric imaging with Bayesian priors: a validation study with (11)C-Altropane PET.
Academic Article Generalized five-dimensional dynamic and spectral factor analysis.
Academic Article Validation of a standardized normalization template for statistical parametric mapping analysis of 123I-FP-CIT images.
Academic Article The effects of compensation for scatter, lead x-rays and high-energy contamination on lesion detectability and activity estimation in Ga-67 imaging
Academic Article Quantitative relationship between coronary vasodilator reserve assessed by 82Rb PET imaging and coronary artery stenosis severity.
Academic Article Impact of acquisition geometry, image processing, and patient size on lesion detection in whole-body 18F-FDG PET.
Academic Article Med Phys
Academic Article Comparative assessment of energy-based methods of compensating for scatter and lead x-rays in Ga-67 SPECT imaging
Academic Article Is absolute quantification of dopaminergic neurotransmission studies with 123I SPECT ready for clinical use?
Academic Article MRI-assisted PET motion correction for neurologic studies in an integrated MR-PET scanner.
Academic Article Impact of time-of-flight PET on whole-body oncologic studies: a human observer lesion detection and localization study.
Academic Article Collimator optimization for detection and quantitation tasks: application to gallium-67 imaging.
Academic Article Single-scan rest/stress imaging (18)F-labeled flow tracers.
Academic Article Effect of patient thickness on noise equivalent count rates for 2D and fully 3D whole body PET imaging
Academic Article A new scatter compensation method for Ga-67 imaging using artificial neural networks
Academic Article Relative impact of scatter, collimator response, attenuation, and finite spatial resolution corrections in cardiac SPECT.
Academic Article Role of coupled brain perfusion and dopamine transporter imaging in the diagnosis of cortico-basal degeneration: a double isotope study
Academic Article Quantitative Ga-67 SPECT imaging
Academic Article Monitoring proton radiation therapy with in-room PET imaging.
Academic Article Cardiac motion compensation and resolution modeling in simultaneous PET-MR: a cardiac lesion detection study.
Academic Article Monte Carlo modeling of cascade gamma rays in (86)Y PET imaging: preliminary results.
Academic Article A general-spectral method for improved quantitative SPECT imaging of In-111
Academic Article A new correction method for cross-talk using artificial neural networks: validation in simultaneous technetium and iodine cerebral imaging
Academic Article Novel scatter compensation of list-mode PET data using spatial and energy dependent corrections.
Academic Article Performance of simultaneous and sequential Tc-99m/I-123 SPECT imaging in estimation of striatal activity
Academic Article Quantitative relationship between coronary calcium content and coronary flow reserve as assessed by integrated PET/CT imaging.
Academic Article Optimization of Ga-67 imaging for detection and estimation tasks: dependence of imaging performance on choice of energy windows
Academic Article MRI-based nonrigid motion correction in simultaneous PET/MRI.
Academic Article A spline-regularized minimal residual algorithm for iterative attenuation correction in SPECT.
Academic Article Comparison of different protocols for attenuation correction in cardiac imaging
Academic Article Brain perfusion imaging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: extent of cortical changes according to the severity and topography of motor impairment.
Academic Article Quantitative simultaneous 99mTc/123I cardiac SPECT using MC-JOSEM.
Academic Article Optimal Parallel-Hole Collimation for Lesion Detection and Activity Estimation in Ga-67 Imaging
Academic Article MRI-guided SPECT perfusion measures and volumetric MRI in prodromal Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Improvement in lesion detection with whole-body oncologic time-of-flight PET.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance-based motion correction for positron emission tomography imaging.
Concept Diagnostic Imaging
Concept Perfusion Imaging
Concept Molecular Imaging
Concept Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Concept Phantoms, Imaging
Concept Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Concept Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Concept Respiratory-Gated Imaging Techniques
Concept Radionuclide Imaging
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Whole Body Imaging
Academic Article Dual-tracer PET using generalized factor analysis of dynamic sequences.
Academic Article PET/MR imaging consensus paper: a joint paper by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technologist Section and the Section for Magnetic Resonance Technologists.
Academic Article Determination of elemental tissue composition following proton treatment using positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Direct reconstruction of cardiac PET kinetic parametric images using a preconditioned conjugate gradient approach.
Academic Article Simultaneous 99mTc-MDP/123I-MIBG tumor imaging using SPECT-CT: phantom and constructed patient studies.
Academic Article Proton therapy verification with PET imaging.
Academic Article Motion compensation for brain PET imaging using wireless MR active markers in simultaneous PET-MR: phantom and non-human primate studies.
Academic Article Myocardial defect detection using PET-CT: phantom studies.
Academic Article Relative role of motion and PSF compensation in whole-body oncologic PET-MR imaging.
Academic Article Matched signal detection on graphs: theory and application to brain network classification.
Academic Article MR-based motion correction for PET imaging using wired active MR microcoils in simultaneous PET-MR: phantom study.
Academic Article Towards coronary plaque imaging using simultaneous PET-MR: a simulation study.
Academic Article Pattern recognition for rapid T2 mapping with stimulated echo compensation.
Academic Article First human use of a radiopharmaceutical prepared by continuous-flow microfluidic radiofluorination: proof of concept with the tau imaging agent [18F]T807.
Academic Article 4D numerical observer for lesion detection in respiratory-gated PET.
Academic Article Evaluating structural symmetry of weighted brain networks via graph matching.
Academic Article Mapping (15)O production rate for proton therapy verification.
Academic Article Imaging PEG-like nanoprobes in tumor, transient ischemia, and inflammatory disease models.
Academic Article Spectral CT using multiple balanced K-edge filters.
Academic Article Sparse-view spectral CT reconstruction using spectral patch-based low-rank penalty.
Academic Article Accelerated acquisition of tagged MRI for cardiac motion correction in simultaneous PET-MR: phantom and patient studies.
Academic Article Pulmonary imaging using respiratory motion compensated simultaneous PET/MR.
Academic Article Quantitative simultaneous positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Continuous MR bone density measurement using water- and fat-suppressed projection imaging (WASPI) for PET attenuation correction in PET-MR.
Academic Article Synergistic role of simultaneous PET/MRI-MRS in soft tissue sarcoma metabolism imaging.
Academic Article National Electrical Manufacturers Association and Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Brain PET/CT Scanner.
Academic Article A Bayesian spatial temporal mixtures approach to kinetic parametric images in dynamic positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Investigation of cone-beam CT image quality trade-off for image-guided radiation therapy.
Grant Quantitative Oncologic PET-MR
Grant Gamma counter and continuous blood sampler for quantitative PET imaging
Grant High Sensitivity Mobile PET for Brain Imaging and Proton Therapy Monitoring
Grant 2014 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
Grant Novel In Room PET Monitoring of Proton Therapy
Grant In-room PET Monitoring of Proton Therapy
Grant Quantitative PET using isotopes with cascade gammas for personalized radionuclide
Grant Global Shared Memory (GSM) Supercomputer for Quantitative PET Imaging
Grant Quantitative Simultaneous Dual Isotope SPECT
Grant PET/MRS guided radiotherapy
Grant Postgraduate Training Program in Medical Imaging (PTPMI)
Grant PET imaging of mitochondrial complex I expression
Grant Quantitative Cardiac PET
Grant Simultaneous Whole Body PET MR scanner.
Grant Motion Compensation in Simultaneous PET-MR
Academic Article Tissue-Specific Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging.
Academic Article Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of the Tau PET Radiotracer 18F-T807 (18F-AV-1451) in Human Subjects.
Academic Article State of the Art in Cardiac Hybrid Technology: PET/MR.
Academic Article Validation of Bayesian analysis of compartmental kinetic models in medical imaging.
Academic Article Impact of motion and partial volume effects correction on PET myocardial perfusion imaging using simultaneous PET-MR.
Academic Article PSMA-targeted contrast agents for intraoperative imaging of prostate cancer.
Academic Article Feasibility study of using fall-off gradients of early and late PET scans for proton range verification.
Academic Article Joint reconstruction of Ictal/inter-ictal SPECT data for improved epileptic foci localization.
Academic Article Single-scan rest/stress imaging: validation in a porcine model with 18F-Flurpiridaz.
Academic Article Direct parametric reconstruction in dynamic PET myocardial perfusion imaging: in vivo studies.
Academic Article Tau and amyloid ß proteins distinctively associate to functional network changes in the aging brain.
Academic Article Fast Monte Carlo based joint iterative reconstruction for simultaneous Tc99m/I123 SPECT imaging.
Academic Article Magnetic Resonance-based Motion Correction for Quantitative PET in Simultaneous PET-MR Imaging.
Academic Article Synthesis and preliminary PET imaging of 11C and 18F isotopologues of the ROS1/ALK inhibitor lorlatinib.
Academic Article Joint estimation of activity image and attenuation sinogram using time-of-flight positron emission tomography data consistency condition filtering.
Grant PET/MR Mapping of Myocardial Membrane Potential
Academic Article Iterative Low-Dose CT Reconstruction With Priors Trained by Artificial Neural Network.
Academic Article A minimum-phase Shinnar-Le Roux spectral-spatial excitation RF pulse for simultaneous water and lipid suppression in 1H-MRSI of body extremities.
Grant Center for Molecular Imaging Technology and Translation (CMITT)
Academic Article Frontostriatal and Dopamine Markers of Individual Differences in Reinforcement Learning: A Multi-modal Investigation.
Academic Article Use of Monte Carlo Techniques in Nuclear Medicine.
Academic Article MR-based motion correction for cardiac PET parametric imaging: a simulation study.
Academic Article Heat-induced radiolabeling and fluorescence labeling of Feraheme nanoparticles for PET/SPECT imaging and flow cytometry.
Academic Article Real-Time Imaging of Brain Tumor for Image-Guided Surgery.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging based anatomical assessment of tongue impairment due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A preliminary study.
Academic Article Attenuation correction for brain PET imaging using deep neural network based on Dixon and ZTE MR images.
Academic Article Penalized PET Reconstruction Using Deep Learning Prior and Local Linear Fitting.
Academic Article Joint reconstruction of rest/stress myocardial perfusion SPECT.
Academic Article A novel depth-of-interaction rebinning strategy for ultrahigh resolution PET.
Academic Article [18F]Fluorocholine and [18F]Fluoroacetate PET as Imaging Biomarkers to Assess Phosphatidylcholine and Mitochondrial Metabolism in Preclinical Models of TSC and LAM.
Academic Article A Sparse Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Framework for Identifying Functional Units of Tongue Behavior From MRI.
Academic Article Iterative PET Image Reconstruction Using Convolutional Neural Network Representation.
Academic Article Sequence Alterations of Cortical Genes Linked to Individual Connectivity of the Human Brain.
Academic Article Advances in coronary molecular imaging: Leveraging the power of image processing.
Grant Ultra High Resolution Brain PET Scanner for in-vivo Autoradiography Imaging
Academic Article Quantification of PET Myocardial Blood Flow.
Academic Article Performance evaluation of the 5-Ring GE Discovery MI PET/CT system using the national electrical manufacturers association NU 2-2012 Standard.
Academic Article Differentiating post-cancer from healthy tongue muscle coordination patterns during speech using deep learning.
Academic Article Visual cognition in non-amnestic Alzheimer's disease: Relations to tau, amyloid, and cortical atrophy.
Academic Article Multi-Modal Signatures of Tau Pathology, Neuronal Fiber Integrity, and Functional Connectivity in Traumatic Brain Injury.
Academic Article Atlas-Based Tongue Muscle Correlation Analysis From Tagged and High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Academic Article Speech Map: A Statistical Multimodal Atlas of 4D Tongue Motion During Speech from Tagged and Cine MR Images.
Academic Article Evaluation of pharmacokinetic modeling strategies for in-vivo quantification of tau with the radiotracer [18F]MK6240 in human subjects.
Academic Article MR-based cardiac and respiratory motion correction of PET: application to static and dynamic cardiac 18F-FDG imaging.
Academic Article Body motion detection and correction in cardiac PET: Phantom and human studies.
Academic Article Attenuation correction using 3D deep convolutional neural network for brain 18F-FDG PET/MR: Comparison with Atlas, ZTE and CT based attenuation correction.
Academic Article PET Image Deblurring and Super-Resolution with an MR-Based Joint Entropy Prior.
Academic Article Fluorometric Imaging for Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Academic Article Free-Breathing Three-Dimensional T1 Mapping of the Heart Using Subspace-Based Data Acquisition and Image Reconstruction.
Academic Article Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorine-18-Labeled N-(4-Chloro-3-((fluoromethyl-d2)thio)phenyl)picolinamide for Imaging of mGluR4 in Brain.
Academic Article A Radio-Nano-Platform for T1/T2 Dual-Mode PET-MR Imaging.
Academic Article MR-based PET attenuation correction using a combined ultrashort echo time/multi-echo Dixon acquisition.
Academic Article In-vivo Imaging of Mitochondrial Depolarization of Myocardium With Positron Emission Tomography and a Proton Gradient Uncoupler.
Academic Article Reply to: Fitting of late dynamic [18F]MK6240 PET scans for in vivo tau quantification.
Academic Article In vivo quantitative mapping of human mitochondrial cardiac membrane potential: a feasibility study.
Academic Article PET imaging of neurotransmission using direct parametric reconstruction.
Academic Article Accelerated J-resolved 1 H-MRSI with limited and sparse sampling of ( k,t1,t2 -space.
Grant System for Synthesis of PET Radiopharmaceuticals
Grant IEEE Medical Imaging Conference
Academic Article High-performance rapid MR parameter mapping using model-based deep adversarial learning.
Academic Article Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Benzimidazole Derivatives as Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Ligands for Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 2.
Academic Article Attenuation correction using deep Learning and integrated UTE/multi-echo Dixon sequence: evaluation in amyloid and tau PET imaging.
Academic Article Motion correction for PET data using subspace-based real-time MR imaging in simultaneous PET/MR.
Academic Article Positron annihilation localization by nanoscale magnetization.
Academic Article Quantitative PET in the 2020s: a roadmap.
Academic Article Total-body dynamic PET/CT of micro-metastatic lymph node in a patient with lung cancer.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance parameter mapping using model-guided self-supervised deep learning.
Academic Article Radiochemical Synthesis and Evaluation in Non-Human Primates of 3-[11C]methoxy-4-aminopyridine: A Novel PET Tracer for Imaging Potassium Channels in the CNS.
Academic Article Synthesis and Characterization of [18F]JNJ-46356479 as the First 18F-Labeled PET Imaging Ligand for Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 2.
Academic Article A deep joint sparse non-negative matrix factorization framework for identifying the common and subject-specific functional units of tongue motion during speech.
Academic Article Neurovascular imaging with QUTE-CE MRI in APOE4 rats reveals early vascular abnormalities.
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