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Academic Article Faces and emotions: brain electric field sources during covert emotional processing.
Academic Article Toward an objective characterization of an anhedonic phenotype: a signal-detection approach.
Academic Article Neural responses to negative feedback are related to negative emotionality in healthy adults.
Academic Article Decreased cognitive control in response to negative information in patients with remitted depression: an event-related potential study.
Academic Article Reduced hedonic capacity in major depressive disorder: evidence from a probabilistic reward task.
Academic Article Asymmetry in resting intracortical activity as a buffer to social threat.
Academic Article Rapid emotional face processing in the human right and left brain hemispheres: an ERP study.
Academic Article The cognitive consequences of emotion regulation: an ERP investigation.
Academic Article Electrophysiological correlates of spatial orienting towards angry faces: a source localization study.
Academic Article Resting anterior cingulate activity and abnormal responses to errors in subjects with elevated depressive symptoms: a 128-channel EEG study.
Academic Article The worried mind: autonomic and prefrontal activation during worrying.
Academic Article Anxiety selectively disrupts visuospatial working memory.
Academic Article Dissociable recruitment of rostral anterior cingulate and inferior frontal cortex in emotional response inhibition.
Academic Article Brain reactivity to smoking cues prior to smoking cessation predicts ability to maintain tobacco abstinence.
Academic Article Effects of early life stress on cognitive and affective function: an integrated review of human literature.
Academic Article Neural substrates of attentional bias for smoking-related cues: an FMRI study.
Academic Article Electrophysiological evidence of attentional biases in social anxiety disorder.
Academic Article Task feedback effects on conflict monitoring and executive control: relationship to subclinical measures of depression.
Concept Expressed Emotion
Concept Emotions
Academic Article Evidence of successful modulation of brain activation and subjective experience during reappraisal of negative emotion in unmedicated depression.
Academic Article Potentiated processing of negative feedback in depression is attenuated by anhedonia.
Academic Article Dysfunctional Connectivity in the Depressed Adolescent Brain.
Academic Article Inhibition of Action, Thought, and Emotion: A Selective Neurobiological Review.
Academic Article From Basic Processes to Real-World Problems: How Research on Emotion and Emotion Regulation Can Inform Understanding of Psychopathology, and Vice Versa.
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