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Academic Article Facilitation at single synapses probed with optical quantal analysis.
Academic Article SK channels and NMDA receptors form a Ca2+-mediated feedback loop in dendritic spines.
Academic Article Fasting activation of AgRP neurons requires NMDA receptors and involves spinogenesis and increased excitatory tone.
Academic Article Structure and function of dendritic spines.
Academic Article The life cycle of Ca(2+) ions in dendritic spines.
Academic Article Regulation of synaptic signalling by postsynaptic, non-glutamate receptor ion channels.
Academic Article Nonlinear regulation of unitary synaptic signals by CaV(2.3) voltage-sensitive calcium channels located in dendritic spines.
Academic Article Biphasic synaptic Ca influx arising from compartmentalized electrical signals in dendritic spines.
Academic Article Distinct structural and ionotropic roles of NMDA receptors in controlling spine and synapse stability.
Academic Article Neuronal activity regulates diffusion across the neck of dendritic spines.
Academic Article Ca(2+) signaling in dendritic spines.
Academic Article Natural oligomers of the Alzheimer amyloid-beta protein induce reversible synapse loss by modulating an NMDA-type glutamate receptor-dependent signaling pathway.
Academic Article Cholinergic interneurons mediate fast VGluT3-dependent glutamatergic transmission in the striatum.
Academic Article Cholinergic modulation of multivesicular release regulates striatal synaptic potency and integration.
Academic Article Competitive regulation of synaptic Ca2+ influx by D2 dopamine and A2A adenosine receptors.
Concept Receptors, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate
Academic Article Phosphorylation of Ser1166 on GluN2B by PKA is critical to synaptic NMDA receptor function and Ca2+ signaling in spines.
Academic Article CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene knock-down in post-mitotic neurons.
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