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Academic Article Imaging calcium concentration dynamics in small neuronal compartments.
Academic Article Synapse-specific plasticity and compartmentalized signaling in cerebellar stellate cells.
Academic Article Transsynaptic signaling by activity-dependent cleavage of neuroligin-1.
Academic Article Control of neurotransmitter release by presynaptic waveform at the granule cell to Purkinje cell synapse.
Academic Article Fasting activation of AgRP neurons requires NMDA receptors and involves spinogenesis and increased excitatory tone.
Academic Article Destabilization of the postsynaptic density by PSD-95 serine 73 phosphorylation inhibits spine growth and synaptic plasticity.
Academic Article Timing and location of synaptic inputs determine modes of subthreshold integration in striatal medium spiny neurons.
Academic Article Transient sodium current at subthreshold voltages: activation by EPSP waveforms.
Academic Article Molecular dissociation of the role of PSD-95 in regulating synaptic strength and LTD.
Academic Article State-dependent calcium signaling in dendritic spines of striatal medium spiny neurons.
Academic Article Neuronal activity regulates diffusion across the neck of dendritic spines.
Academic Article Semaphorin 3E-Plexin-D1 signaling controls pathway-specific synapse formation in the striatum.
Academic Article Competitive regulation of synaptic Ca2+ influx by D2 dopamine and A2A adenosine receptors.
Concept Patch-Clamp Techniques
Academic Article Optically selective two-photon uncaging of glutamate at 900 nm.
Academic Article Corelease of acetylcholine and GABA from cholinergic forebrain neurons.
Academic Article An E3-ligase-based method for ablating inhibitory synapses.
Academic Article Distinct Cortical-Thalamic-Striatal Circuits through the Parafascicular Nucleus.
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  • Patch Clamp Techniques
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