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Academic Article Integrative genomic analyses identify MITF as a lineage survival oncogene amplified in malignant melanoma.
Academic Article Microphthalamia-associated transcription factor: a critical regulator of pigment cell development and survival.
Academic Article Critical role of CDK2 for melanoma growth linked to its melanocyte-specific transcriptional regulation by MITF.
Academic Article Hypoxia-induced transcriptional repression of the melanoma-associated oncogene MITF.
Academic Article Bcl2 regulation by the melanocyte master regulator Mitf modulates lineage survival and melanoma cell viability.
Academic Article Beta-catenin-induced melanoma growth requires the downstream target Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor.
Academic Article MLANA/MART1 and SILV/PMEL17/GP100 are transcriptionally regulated by MITF in melanocytes and melanoma.
Academic Article A tissue-restricted cAMP transcriptional response: SOX10 modulates alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone-triggered expression of microphthalmia-associated transcription factor in melanocytes.
Academic Article Oncogenic MITF dysregulation in clear cell sarcoma: defining the MiT family of human cancers.
Academic Article Pharmacologic suppression of MITF expression via HDAC inhibitors in the melanocyte lineage.
Academic Article An oncogenic role for ETV1 in melanoma.
Academic Article PGC1a expression defines a subset of human melanoma tumors with increased mitochondrial capacity and resistance to oxidative stress.
Academic Article Oncogenic BRAF regulates oxidative metabolism via PGC1a and MITF.
Academic Article "Lineage addiction" in human cancer: lessons from integrated genomics.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of the melanoma prognostic marker melastatin (TRPM1) by MITF in melanocytes and melanoma.
Concept Microphthalmia-Associated Transcription Factor
Academic Article A novel role for microphthalmia-associated transcription factor-regulated pigment epithelium-derived factor during melanoma progression.
Academic Article Tuberous sclerosis complex inactivation disrupts melanogenesis via mTORC1 activation.
Academic Article MITF is a driver oncogene and potential therapeutic target in kidney angiomyolipoma tumors through transcriptional regulation of CYR61.
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