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Academic Article Reawakening fetal hemoglobin: prospects for new therapies for the ß-globin disorders.
Academic Article Update on fetal hemoglobin gene regulation in hemoglobinopathies.
Concept Fetal Hemoglobin
Concept Hemoglobin A
Academic Article Corepressor-dependent silencing of fetal hemoglobin expression by BCL11A.
Academic Article An erythroid enhancer of BCL11A subject to genetic variation determines fetal hemoglobin level.
Academic Article The mTORC1/4E-BP pathway coordinates hemoglobin production with L-leucine availability.
Academic Article miRNA-embedded shRNAs for Lineage-specific BCL11A Knockdown and Hemoglobin F Induction.
Academic Article BCL11A enhancer dissection by Cas9-mediated in situ saturating mutagenesis.
Academic Article EHMT1 and EHMT2 inhibition induces fetal hemoglobin expression.
Academic Article Hemoglobin switching's surprise: the versatile transcription factor BCL11A is a master repressor of fetal hemoglobin.
Academic Article Transcription factors LRF and BCL11A independently repress expression of fetal hemoglobin.
Academic Article Fetal haemoglobin in sickle-cell disease: from genetic epidemiology to new therapeutic strategies.
Grant Epigenetic regulation of BCL11A in the hemoglobin switch
Grant Identification of sequences and factors required for HbF repression
Academic Article Strict in vivo specificity of the Bcl11a erythroid enhancer.
Academic Article Quantitative assessment of timing, efficiency, specificity and genetic mosaicism of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing of hemoglobin beta gene in rhesus monkey embryos.
Academic Article 14q32 and let-7 microRNAs regulate transcriptional networks in fetal and adult human erythroblasts.
Academic Article Direct Promoter Repression by BCL11A Controls the Fetal to Adult Hemoglobin Switch.
Academic Article Highly efficient therapeutic gene editing of human hematopoietic stem cells.
Academic Article Rational targeting of a NuRD subcomplex guided by comprehensive in situ mutagenesis.
Grant Rectifying splicing mutations in blood disorders by gene editing
Grant Therapeutic BCL11A enhancer gene editing to induce fetal hemoglobin in ?-hemoglobinopathy patients
Academic Article Genome editing of HBG1 and HBG2 to induce fetal hemoglobin.
Academic Article Transcription factor competition at the ?-globin promoters controls hemoglobin switching.
Academic Article Author Correction: Transcription factor competition at the ?-globin promoters controls hemoglobin switching.
Academic Article ZNF410 represses fetal globin by singular control of CHD4.
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