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Academic Article Involvement of the ubiquitin-proteasome system in the early stages of wallerian degeneration.
Academic Article Direct observation of microtubule dynamics at kinetochores in Xenopus extract spindles: implications for spindle mechanics.
Academic Article Mitotic spindle assembly by two different pathways in vitro.
Academic Article Self-organization of polymer-motor systems in the cytoskeleton.
Academic Article Role of GTP hydrolysis in microtubule dynamics: information from a slowly hydrolyzable analogue, GMPCPP.
Academic Article Real-time visualization of cell cycle-dependent changes in microtubule dynamics in cytoplasmic extracts.
Academic Article Actin dynamics in vivo.
Academic Article Roles of polymerization dynamics, opposed motors, and a tensile element in governing the length of Xenopus extract meiotic spindles.
Academic Article Direct observation of steady-state microtubule dynamics.
Academic Article Actin-dependent propulsion of endosomes and lysosomes by recruitment of N-WASP.
Academic Article Implications of a poroelastic cytoplasm for the dynamics of animal cell shape.
Academic Article Poleward microtubule flux is a major component of spindle dynamics and anaphase a in mitotic Drosophila embryos.
Academic Article Dynamic instability of microtubule growth.
Academic Article Structural plasticity in actin and tubulin polymer dynamics.
Academic Article Fast microtubule dynamics in meiotic spindles measured by single molecule imaging: evidence that the spindle environment does not stabilize microtubules.
Academic Article Comparison of actin and cell surface dynamics in motile fibroblasts.
Academic Article Microtubule plus-end dynamics in Xenopus egg extract spindles.
Academic Article Actin microfilament dynamics in locomoting cells.
Academic Article Centrosome development in early mouse embryos as defined by an autoantibody against pericentriolar material.
Academic Article The bulk of unpolymerized actin in Xenopus egg extracts is ATP-bound.
Academic Article Microtubule dynamics.
Academic Article Involvement of profilin in the actin-based motility of L. monocytogenes in cells and in cell-free extracts.
Academic Article Xenopus actin depolymerizing factor/cofilin (XAC) is responsible for the turnover of actin filaments in Listeria monocytogenes tails.
Academic Article Microtubule polymerization dynamics.
Academic Article Probing spindle assembly mechanisms with monastrol, a small molecule inhibitor of the mitotic kinesin, Eg5.
Academic Article Dynamics of the mitotic spindle--potential therapeutic targets.
Academic Article A switch in microtubule dynamics at the onset of anaphase B in the mitotic spindle of Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Academic Article Cell type variation in responses to antimitotic drugs that target microtubules and kinesin-5.
Academic Article XKCM1: a Xenopus kinesin-related protein that regulates microtubule dynamics during mitotic spindle assembly.
Academic Article Properties of the kinetochore in vitro. I. Microtubule nucleation and tubulin binding.
Academic Article Microtubule dynamics and kinetochore function in mitosis.
Academic Article A heterodimeric coiled-coil protein required for mitotic chromosome condensation in vitro.
Academic Article Microtubule assembly nucleated by isolated centrosomes.
Academic Article Cytoskeletal dynamics and nerve growth.
Concept Second Messenger Systems
Concept Scleroderma, Systemic
Concept Population Dynamics
Concept Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Concept Drug Delivery Systems
Concept Cell-Free System
Academic Article Self-organization of stabilized microtubules by both spindle and midzone mechanisms in Xenopus egg cytosol.
Academic Article Microtubule assembly in meiotic extract requires glycogen.
Academic Article Micron-scale coherence in interphase chromatin dynamics.
Academic Article The nucleation-release model of actin filament dynamics in cell motility.
Academic Article Visualization of poly(ADP-ribose) bound to PARG reveals inherent balance between exo- and endo-glycohydrolase activities.
Academic Article Xenopus egg cytoplasm with intact actin.
Academic Article The engine of microtubule dynamics comes into focus.
Academic Article Spatial organization of cytokinesis signaling reconstituted in a cell-free system.
Academic Article Hydrolysis of 2'3'-cGAMP by ENPP1 and design of nonhydrolyzable analogs.
Academic Article Microtubule nucleation remote from centrosomes may explain how asters span large cells.
Academic Article Purification and Fluorescent Labeling of Tubulin from Xenopus laevis Egg Extracts.
Grant Bio-Organic Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Resource
Grant Harvard Systems Biology Graduate Program
Grant Actin Dynamics and Cell Locomotion
Grant Mechanistic Signatures of Drug Responses in Cancer
Grant Pharmaco Response Signatures and Disease Mechanism
Grant Microtubule Dynamics and Mitotic Mechanism
Grant Cytoskeleton polymerization dynamics in the cell cycle
Academic Article Computational imaging reveals mitochondrial morphology as a biomarker of cancer phenotype and drug response.
Academic Article Xenopus extract approaches to studying microtubule organization and signaling in cytokinesis.
Academic Article Genetic disease in India and the West compared: provisional analysis of population dynamics.
Grant Microtubule Integrity Response
Academic Article Tubulin mRNA stability is sensitive to change in microtubule dynamics caused by multiple physiological and toxic cues.
Academic Article A human organoid system that self-organizes to recapitulate growth and differentiation of a benign mammary tumor.
Grant Cell and Chemical Biology of Microtubules
Grant Training in Pharmacological Sciences
Academic Article Microtubule Growth Rates Are Sensitive to Global and Local Changes in Microtubule Plus-End Density.
Grant Harvard Systems Biology Graduate Program
Academic Article In vivo microscopy reveals macrophage polarization locally promotes coherent microtubule dynamics in migrating cancer cells.
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