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Academic Article Explicit expectations and the effects of prevalence.
Academic Article Why do we miss rare targets? Exploring the boundaries of the low prevalence effect.
Academic Article Fixational eye movements are not an index of covert attention.
Academic Article Why is visual search superior in autism spectrum disorder?
Academic Article Visual search in scenes involves selective and nonselective pathways.
Academic Article Neural measures of dynamic changes in attentive tracking load.
Academic Article Reconsidering Yarbus: a failure to predict observers' task from eye movement patterns.
Academic Article Informatics in radiology: what can you see in a single glance and how might this guide visual search in medical images?
Academic Article When and why might a computer-aided detection (CAD) system interfere with visual search? An eye-tracking study.
Academic Article The interplay of episodic and semantic memory in guiding repeated search in scenes.
Academic Article Using fMRI to distinguish components of the multiple object tracking task.
Academic Article What are the shapes of response time distributions in visual search?
Academic Article When does repeated search in scenes involve memory? Looking at versus looking for objects in scenes.
Academic Article Eye torsion and visual tilt are mediated by different binocular processes.
Academic Article A binocular contribution to the production of optokinetic nystagmus in normal and stereoblind subjects.
Academic Article Visual search.
Academic Article Neuroscience. Watching single cells pay attention.
Concept Eye Movement Measurements
Concept Eye Movements
Academic Article Scanners and drillers: characterizing expert visual search through volumetric images.
Academic Article Seek and you shall remember: scene semantics interact with visual search to build better memories.
Academic Article The role of memory for visual search in scenes.
Academic Article Failures of perception in the low-prevalence effect: Evidence from active and passive visual search.
Academic Article Let's Use Cognitive Science to Create Collaborative Workstations.
Grant Improving Perception in Digital Breast Tomography
Academic Article You think you know where you looked? You better look again.
Academic Article One visual search, many memory searches: An eye-tracking investigation of hybrid search.
Academic Article Even if I showed you where you looked, remembering where you just looked is hard.
Academic Article Comparing eye movements during position tracking and identity tracking: No evidence for separate systems.
Academic Article Eye Movements in Medical Image Perception: A Selective Review of Past, Present and Future.
Academic Article Visual Search: How Do We Find What We Are Looking For?
Academic Article Implicitly and explicitly encoded features can guide attention in free viewing.
Academic Article Guided Search 6.0: An updated model of visual search.
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  • Eye Movements
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