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Academic Article Proteolytic actuation of nanoparticle self-assembly.
Academic Article Nanoparticle self-assembly gated by logical proteolytic triggers.
Academic Article Assessment of hepatocellular function within PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Engineering tissues for in vitro applications.
Concept Polyethylene
Concept Polyethylene Glycols
Academic Article Degradable hydrogels derived from PEG-diacrylamide for hepatic tissue engineering.
Academic Article Targeted quantum dot conjugates for siRNA delivery.
Academic Article Engineering protein and cell adhesivity using PEO-terminated triblock polymers.
Academic Article Polymer replicas of photonic porous silicon for sensing and drug delivery applications.
Academic Article Nanocrystal targeting in vivo.
Academic Article Comparison of Modular PEG Incorporation Strategies for Stabilization of Peptide-siRNA Nanocomplexes.
Academic Article Photo- and electropatterning of hydrogel-encapsulated living cell arrays.
Academic Article Microscale control of cell contact and spacing via three-component surface patterning.
Academic Article Computationally guided photothermal tumor therapy using long-circulating gold nanorod antennas.
Academic Article In situ expansion of engineered human liver tissue in a mouse model of chronic liver disease.
Academic Article DNA-templated assembly of droplet-derived PEG microtissues.
Academic Article Multiplexed, high-throughput analysis of 3D microtissue suspensions.
Academic Article Self-titrating anticoagulant nanocomplexes that restore homeostatic regulation of the coagulation cascade.
Academic Article Micropatterned cell-cell interactions enable functional encapsulation of primary hepatocytes in hydrogel microtissues.
Academic Article iRGD-guided Tumor-penetrating Nanocomplexes for Therapeutic siRNA Delivery to Pancreatic Cancer.
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