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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Examination of the preictal period in patients with intractable epilepsy using in vivo microphysiological and multimodal studies
Academic Article Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Case 34-2011: A 75-year-old man with memory loss and partial seizures.
Academic Article An algorithm for seizure onset detection using intracranial EEG.
Academic Article Localization of seizure onset area from intracranial non-seizure EEG by exploiting locally enhanced synchrony.
Academic Article Heterogeneous neuronal firing patterns during interictal epileptiform discharges in the human cortex.
Academic Article From ion channels to complex networks: magic bullet versus magic shotgun approaches to anticonvulsant pharmacotherapy.
Academic Article Consideration of Epilepsy Surgery in Adults Should be Independent of Age
Academic Article Consideration of epilepsy surgery in adults should be independent of age.
Academic Article A candidate mechanism underlying the variance of interictal spike propagation.
Academic Article Multimodal imaging of repetition priming: Using fMRI, MEG, and intracranial EEG to reveal spatiotemporal profiles of word processing.
Academic Article Rapid fragmentation of neuronal networks at the onset of propofol-induced unconsciousness.
Academic Article The human K-complex represents an isolated cortical down-state.
Academic Article Coalescence and fragmentation of cortical networks during focal seizures.
Academic Article Laminar analysis of slow wave activity in humans.
Academic Article Emergence of persistent networks in long-term intracranial EEG recordings.
Academic Article Epilepsy as a disorder of cortical network organization.
Academic Article Network inference with confidence from multivariate time series.
Academic Article Sequential processing of lexical, grammatical, and phonological information within Broca's area.
Academic Article Single-neuron dynamics in human focal epilepsy.
Academic Article Individualized localization and cortical surface-based registration of intracranial electrodes.
Concept Epilepsy, Tonic-Clonic
Concept Epilepsy, Temporal Lobe
Concept Epilepsy, Complex Partial
Concept Epilepsies, Partial
Concept Epilepsy, Post-Traumatic
Concept Epilepsy
Concept Epilepsy, Partial, Motor
Concept Epilepsy, Generalized
Academic Article Optogenetic delay of status epilepticus onset in an in vivo rodent epilepsy model.
Academic Article Local cortical dynamics of burst suppression in the anaesthetized brain.
Academic Article Reducing motion artifacts for long-term clinical NIRS monitoring using collodion-fixed prism-based optical fibers.
Academic Article Prognostic value of EEG asymmetries for development of drug-resistance in drug-naïve patients with genetic generalized epilepsies.
Academic Article Neuronal ensemble synchrony during human focal seizures.
Academic Article Synchronization of isolated downstates (K-complexes) may be caused by cortically-induced disruption of thalamic spindling.
Academic Article Weighing the value of memory loss in the surgical evaluation of left temporal lobe epilepsy: a decision analysis.
Academic Article Automated localization of the seizure focus using interictal intracranial EEG.
Academic Article An in silico approach for pre-surgical evaluation of an epileptic cortex.
Academic Article Wireless behind-the-ear EEG recording device with wireless interface to a mobile device (iPhone/iPod touch).
Academic Article SpikeGUI: software for rapid interictal discharge annotation via template matching and online machine learning.
Academic Article A biologically constrained, mathematical model of cortical wave propagation preceding seizure termination.
Academic Article Intra-stimulation discharges: an overlooked cortical electrographic entity triggered by direct electrical stimulation.
Academic Article Long-term treatment with responsive brain stimulation in adults with refractory partial seizures.
Academic Article The emergence of single neurons in clinical neurology.
Academic Article Slow Spatial Recruitment of Neocortex during Secondarily Generalized Seizures and Its Relation to Surgical Outcome.
Academic Article Microscale spatiotemporal dynamics during neocortical propagation of human focal seizures.
Academic Article The number of seizures needed in the EMU.
Academic Article Early Detection of Human Epileptic Seizures Based on Intracortical Local Field Potentials.
Academic Article Medication prescribing and patient-reported outcome measures in people with epilepsy in Bhutan.
Academic Article Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding epilepsy in the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Grant CRCNS: Dynamic network analysis of human seizures for therapeutic intervention
Grant Neurophysiology of Human Cortical Epilepsy
Grant Seizure focus delineation using spontaneous and stimulus evoked EEG features
Academic Article Anterior temporal lobectomy for older adults with mesial temporal sclerosis.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal characteristics of sleep spindles depend on cortical location.
Academic Article Rapid annotation of interictal epileptiform discharges via template matching under Dynamic Time Warping.
Academic Article The interactive electrode localization utility: software for automatic sorting and labeling of intracranial subdural electrodes.
Academic Article Predicting neurosurgical outcomes in focal epilepsy patients using computational modelling.
Academic Article A modular, closed-loop platform for intracranial stimulation in people with neurological disorders.
Academic Article Epileptiform abnormalities predict delayed cerebral ischemia in subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Academic Article Reply: Computer models to inform epilepsy surgery strategies: prediction of postoperative outcome.
Academic Article Human seizures couple across spatial scales through travelling wave dynamics.
Academic Article Validation of a smartphone-based EEG among people with epilepsy: A prospective study.
Academic Article Brain-responsive neurostimulation in patients with medically intractable seizures arising from eloquent and other neocortical areas.
Academic Article Brain-responsive neurostimulation in patients with medically intractable mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article SCOPE-mTL: A non-invasive tool for identifying and lateralizing mesial temporal lobe seizures prior to scalp EEG ictal onset.
Academic Article Delay Differential Analysis of Seizures in Multichannel Electrocorticography Data.
Grant Understanding the Neural Basis of Volitional State through Continuous Recordings in Humans
Grant Neurophysiology of Human Cortical Epilepsy
Academic Article Epileptiform activity in traumatic brain injury predicts post-traumatic epilepsy.
Academic Article Circadian and Brain State Modulation of Network Hyperexcitability in Alzheimer's Disease.
Academic Article Ictal and preictal power changes outside of the seizure focus correlate with seizure generalization.
Academic Article EEG CLassification Via Convolutional Neural Network-Based Interictal Epileptiform Event Detection.
Academic Article Delay differential analysis for dynamical sleep spindle detection.
Academic Article Characterizing Brain Connectivity From Human Electrocorticography Recordings With Unobserved Inputs During Epileptic Seizures.
Academic Article Early Detection of Human Epileptic Seizures Based on Intracortical Microelectrode Array Signals.
Grant Understanding the fast and slow spatiotemporal dynamics of human seizures
Academic Article A fast machine learning approach to facilitate the detection of interictal epileptiform discharges in the scalp electroencephalogram.
Academic Article Decoding task engagement from distributed network electrophysiology in humans.
Academic Article Caudate stimulation enhances learning.
Academic Article Responsive neurostimulation targeting anterior thalamic nucleus in generalized epilepsy.
Academic Article Development of Expert-Level Automated Detection of Epileptiform Discharges During Electroencephalogram Interpretation.
Academic Article Detection of mesial temporal lobe epileptiform discharges on intracranial electrodes using deep learning.
Academic Article Improved identification and differentiation from epileptiform activity of human hippocampal sharp wave ripples during NREM sleep.
Academic Article Cortical chimera states predict epileptic seizures.
Academic Article Ongoing intracortical neural activity predicts upcoming interictal epileptiform discharges in human epilepsy.
Academic Article Electrographic predictors of successful weaning from anaesthetics in refractory status epilepticus.
Academic Article Heterogeneity of Preictal Dynamics in Human Epileptic Seizures.
Academic Article Seizure onset location shapes dynamics of initiation.
Academic Article Implementing standardized provider documentation in a tertiary epilepsy clinic.
Academic Article Accuracy of ICD-10-CM claims-based definitions for epilepsy and seizure type.
Academic Article Nine-year prospective efficacy and safety of brain-responsive neurostimulation for focal epilepsy.
Academic Article Association of epileptiform abnormalities and seizures in Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Accurate detection of spontaneous seizures using a generalized linear model with external validation.
Academic Article Deep Learning for Interictal Epileptiform Spike Detection from scalp EEG frequency sub bands.
Academic Article Night-to-night variability of sleep electroencephalography-based brain age measurements.
Academic Article The laminar profile of sleep spindles in humans.
Academic Article Automated Adult Epilepsy Diagnostic Tool Based on Interictal Scalp Electroencephalogram Characteristics: A Six-Center Study.
Academic Article Active probing to highlight approaching transitions to ictal states in coupled neural mass models.
Academic Article Travelling spindles create necessary conditions for spike-timing-dependent plasticity in humans.
Academic Article Telemedicine Can Support Measurable and High-Quality Epilepsy Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Local and distant responses to single pulse electrical stimulation reflect different forms of connectivity.
Academic Article Time-Frequency Decomposition of Scalp Electroencephalograms Improves Deep Learning-Based Epilepsy Diagnosis.
Academic Article Microscale dynamics of electrophysiological markers of epilepsy.
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