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Academic Article Reach and grasp by people with tetraplegia using a neurally controlled robotic arm.
Concept Motor Cortex
Academic Article Advantages of closed-loop calibration in intracortical brain-computer interfaces for people with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Intra-day signal instabilities affect decoding performance in an intracortical neural interface system.
Academic Article Modulation of EEG functional connectivity networks in subjects undergoing repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Academic Article Adaptive offset correction for intracortical brain-computer interfaces.
Academic Article Reliability of directional information in unsorted spikes and local field potentials recorded in human motor cortex.
Academic Article Virtual typing by people with tetraplegia using a self-calibrating intracortical brain-computer interface.
Grant Understanding the Neural Basis of Volitional State through Continuous Recordings in Humans
Academic Article Rapid calibration of an intracortical brain-computer interface for people with tetraplegia.
Academic Article Volitional control of single-electrode high gamma local field potentials by people with paralysis.
Academic Article Watch, Imagine, Attempt: Motor Cortex Single-Unit Activity Reveals Context-Dependent Movement Encoding in Humans With Tetraplegia.
Academic Article Neural Representation of Observed, Imagined, and Attempted Grasping Force in Motor Cortex of Individuals with Chronic Tetraplegia.
Academic Article Replay of Learned Neural Firing Sequences during Rest in Human Motor Cortex.
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