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Academic Article Cerebellar lesions impair context-dependent adaptation of reaching movements in primates.
Academic Article Slow target-directed eye movements in ataxia-telangiectasia.
Academic Article Frequency dependence of vestibuloocular reflex thresholds.
Academic Article Atypical voluntary nystagmus.
Academic Article Images in clinical medicine. Abnormal eye movements associated with unilateral loss of vestibular function.
Academic Article Spatial and temporal properties of eye movements produced by electrical stimulation of semicircular canal afferents.
Academic Article Context-dependent adaptation of visually-guided arm movements and vestibular eye movements: role of the cerebellum.
Concept Eye Movement Measurements
Concept Eye Movements
Academic Article Adaptation of vestibular tone studied with electrical stimulation of semicircular canal afferents.
Academic Article Electrical stimulation of semicircular canal afferents affects the perception of head orientation.
Academic Article Abnormal spatial localization with trigeminal-oculomotor synkinesis. Evidence for a proprioceptive effect.
Academic Article Ocular motor disorders associated with cerebellar lesions: pathophysiology and topical localization.
Academic Article Efference copy provides the eye position information required for visually guided reaching.
Academic Article Ocular motor abnormalities in ataxia telangiectasia.
Academic Article Extraocular muscle proprioception functions in the control of ocular alignment and eye movement conjugacy.
Academic Article Abnormal Tilt Perception During Centrifugation in Patients with Vestibular Migraine.
Grant Vestibular Contributions to Estimated Head Motion and Orientation
Grant Vestibular Prosthesis Tested in a Vestibulopathic Model
Grant Vestibular influences on spatial orientation
Grant Vestibular Migraine Investigated with Psychophysical and Oculomotor Tests
Academic Article Contribution of intravestibular sensory conflict to motion sickness and dizziness in migraine disorders.
Grant Vestibular Implants Tested in Human Subjects
Grant Vestibular Precision: Physiology and Pathophysiology
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