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Academic Article A magic bullet for cancer--how near and how far?
Academic Article Drug-resistant herpes simplex virus in vitro and after acyclovir treatment in an immunocompromised patient.
Academic Article Familial gastrointestinal stromal tumor syndrome: phenotypic and molecular features in a kindred.
Academic Article Attitudes and practices among pediatric oncologists regarding end-of-life care: results of the 1998 American Society of Clinical Oncology survey.
Academic Article Attitudes and practices of U.S. oncologists regarding euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.
Academic Article Ribavirin treatment of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and the acquired-immunodeficiency-syndrome-related complex (ARC). A phase 1 study shows transient clinical improvement associated with suppression of the human immunodeficiency virus and enhanced lymphocyte proliferation.
Academic Article High-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell support for breast cancer: a review of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Beth Israel Hospital experience.
Concept Immunohistochemistry
Concept Immunotoxins
Concept Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Concept Immunologic Factors
Concept Immunotherapy
Academic Article New Frameworks to Assess Value of Cancer Care: Strengths and Limitations.
Academic Article Are Value Frameworks Missing the Mark When Considering Long-term Benefits From Immuno-oncology Drugs?
Academic Article POETIC (Program for Enhanced Training in Cancer): An Initial Experience of Supporting Capacity Building for Oncology Training in Sub-Saharan Africa.
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