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Academic Article Cyclin E associates with components of the pre-mRNA splicing machinery in mammalian cells.
Academic Article WW domain-mediated interactions reveal a spliceosome-associated protein that binds a third class of proline-rich motif: the proline glycine and methionine-rich motif.
Academic Article The RNA splicing factor hSlu7 is required for correct 3' splice-site choice.
Academic Article An ATP-independent complex commits pre-mRNA to the mammalian spliceosome assembly pathway.
Academic Article Purification of functional RNA-protein complexes using MS2-MBP.
Academic Article Direct interactions between pre-mRNA and six U2 small nuclear ribonucleoproteins during spliceosome assembly.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of spliceosomal protein SAP 155 coupled with splicing catalysis.
Academic Article Mechanisms of fidelity in pre-mRNA splicing.
Academic Article SR proteins function in coupling RNAP II transcription to pre-mRNA splicing.
Academic Article FUS-SMN protein interactions link the motor neuron diseases ALS and SMA.
Academic Article Members of a family of proteins (the RD family) detected by a U1 70K monoclonal antibody are present in spliceosomal complexes.
Academic Article Human step II splicing factor hSlu7 functions in restructuring the spliceosome between the catalytic steps of splicing.
Academic Article Evidence that U5 snRNP recognizes the 3' splice site for catalytic step II in mammals.
Academic Article Functional association of U2 snRNP with the ATP-independent spliceosomal complex E.
Academic Article Evidence that sequence-independent binding of highly conserved U2 snRNP proteins upstream of the branch site is required for assembly of spliceosomal complex A.
Academic Article Specific protein-protein interactions between the essential mammalian spliceosome-associated proteins SAP 61 and SAP 114.
Academic Article A Ran-independent pathway for export of spliced mRNA.
Academic Article Accumulation of a novel spliceosomal complex on pre-mRNAs containing branch site mutations.
Academic Article The prespliceosome components SAP 49 and SAP 145 interact in a complex implicated in tethering U2 snRNP to the branch site.
Academic Article Association of U2 snRNP with the spliceosomal complex E.
Academic Article SR proteins promote the first specific recognition of Pre-mRNA and are present together with the U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle in a general splicing enhancer complex.
Concept RNA, Small Nuclear
Academic Article U1 snRNP is mislocalized in ALS patient fibroblasts bearing NLS mutations in FUS and is required for motor neuron outgrowth in zebrafish.
Academic Article FUS functions in coupling transcription to splicing by mediating an interaction between RNAP II and U1 snRNP.
Academic Article Evidence that C9ORF72 Dipeptide Repeat Proteins Associate with U2 snRNP to Cause Mis-splicing in ALS/FTD Patients.
Academic Article Interactome analyses revealed that the U1 snRNP machinery overlaps extensively with the RNAP II machinery and contains multiple ALS/SMA-causative proteins.
Academic Article The neurodegenerative diseases ALS and SMA are linked at the molecular level via the ASC-1 complex.
Academic Article A U2-snRNP-independent role of SF3b in promoting mRNA export.
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