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Academic Article Frontal connections and cognitive changes in normal aging rhesus monkeys: a DTI study.
Academic Article High spatial resolution 1H-MRSI and segmented MRI of cortical gray matter and subcortical white matter in three regions of the human brain.
Academic Article Alignment of volume MR images and high resolution [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose PET images for the evaluation of patients with brain tumors.
Academic Article Visual word processing and experiential origins of functional selectivity in human extrastriate cortex.
Academic Article Degenerate mode band-pass birdcage coil for accelerated parallel excitation.
Academic Article Accelerated proton echo planar spectroscopic imaging (PEPSI) using GRAPPA with a 32-channel phased-array coil.
Academic Article A 128-channel receive-only cardiac coil for highly accelerated cardiac MRI at 3 Tesla.
Academic Article Aids to telemetry in the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy patients: MRI, MEG and other non-invasive imaging techniques.
Academic Article Nonstationary noise estimation in functional MRI.
Academic Article Volume MRI and MRSI techniques for the quantitation of treatment response in brain tumors: presentation of a detailed case study.
Academic Article Comparison of cardiac MRI on 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla clinical whole body systems.
Academic Article Functional MRI using regularized parallel imaging acquisition.
Academic Article Parallel imaging reconstruction using automatic regularization
Academic Article Highly parallel MR acquisition strategies
Academic Article Aspects of clinical imaging at 7T
Academic Article In vivo detection of GABA in human brain using a localized double-quantum filter technique.
Academic Article A wavelet-based approximation of surface coil sensitivity profiles for correction of image intensity inhomogeneity and parallel imaging reconstruction.
Academic Article Serial proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging of glioblastoma multiforme after brachytherapy.
Academic Article Lung motion and volume measurement by dynamic 3D MRI using a 128-channel receiver coil.
Academic Article Targeted imaging of human endothelial-specific marker in a model of adoptive cell transfer.
Academic Article Detection of entorhinal layer II using 7Tesla [corrected] magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Accelerated volumetric MRI with a SENSE/GRAPPA combination.
Academic Article Direct parallel image reconstructions for spiral trajectories using GRAPPA.
Academic Article T1 effects in sequential dynamic susceptibility contrast experiments.
Academic Article Accurate prediction of V1 location from cortical folds in a surface coordinate system.
Academic Article Targeted imaging of human endothelial-specific marker in a model ofadoptive cell transfer
Academic Article Proton spectroscopic imaging of the human brain using phased array detectors.
Academic Article Parallel RF transmission with eight channels at 3 Tesla.
Academic Article A 20-channel receive-only mouse array coil for a 3 T clinical MRI system.
Academic Article Echo-time and field strength dependence of BOLD reactivity in veins and parenchyma using flow-normalized hypercapnic manipulation.
Academic Article Selective MR imaging of segmented anatomy
Academic Article High Resolution and Microscopic Imaging at High Field
Academic Article NAA-weighted imaging of the human brain using a conventional readout gradient.
Academic Article Sensitivity-encoded (SENSE) proton echo-planar spectroscopic imaging (PEPSI) in the human brain.
Academic Article Physiological noise in MR images: an indicator of the tissue response to ischemia?
Academic Article A technique for detecting GABA in the human brain with PRESS localization and optimized refocusing spectral editing radiofrequency pulses.
Academic Article Accelerated diffusion spectrum imaging with compressed sensing using adaptive dictionaries.
Academic Article 7-T MRI of the spinal cord can detect lateral corticospinal tract abnormality in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Academic Article Signa-to-noise ration and spectral linewidth improvements between 1.5 and 7 Tesla in proton echo-planar spectroscopic imaging
Academic Article In vivo tracing of major rat brain pathways using manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and three-dimensional digital atlasing.
Academic Article Parallel imaging reconstruction using automatic regularization.
Academic Article Fast slice-selective radio-frequency excitation pulses for mitigating B+1 inhomogeneity in the human brain at 7 Tesla.
Academic Article Specific absorption rate studies of the parallel transmission of inner-volume excitations at 7T.
Academic Article CENTS: cortical enhanced neonatal tissue segmentation.
Academic Article Denoising sparse images from GRAPPA using the nullspace method.
Academic Article 7T MRI of spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Sensitivity-encoded (SENSE) proton echo-planar spectroscopic imaging (PEPSI) in the human brain
Academic Article High resolution T2-weighted imaging of the human brain using surface coils and an analytical reception profile correction.
Academic Article 3.0 T plaque imaging.
Academic Article The intrinsic shape of human and macaque primary visual cortex.
Academic Article Phase maps reveal cortical architecture.
Academic Article Sodium imaging of human brain at 7 T with 15-channel array coil.
Academic Article A detunable elliptic transmission line resonator for body imaging at 3 Tesla
Academic Article Broadband slab selection with B1+ mitigation at 7T via parallel spectral-spatial excitation.
Academic Article Four-dimensional spectral-spatial RF pulses for simultaneous correction of B1+ inhomogeneity and susceptibility artifacts in T2*-weighted MRI.
Academic Article Quality assessment of high angular resolution diffusion imaging data using bootstrap on Q-ball reconstruction.
Academic Article Size-optimized 32-channel brain arrays for 3 T pediatric imaging.
Academic Article Phased array detectors and an automated intensity-correction algorithm for high-resolution MR imaging of the human brain.
Academic Article Measuring SPIO and Gd contrast agent magnetization using 3 T MRI.
Academic Article Performance evaluation of a 32-element head array with respect to the ultimate intrinsic SNR.
Academic Article Magnitude least squares optimization for parallel radio frequency excitation design demonstrated at 7 Tesla with eight channels.
Academic Article Event-related single-shot volumetric functional magnetic resonance inverse imaging of visual processing.
Academic Article High-flip-angle slice-selective parallel RF transmission with 8 channels at 7 T.
Academic Article An implanted 8-channel array coil for high-resolution macaque MRI at 3T.
Academic Article Improving diffusion MRI using simultaneous multi-slice echo planar imaging.
Academic Article Accelerated diffusion spectrum imaging with compressed sensing using adaptive dictionaries.
Academic Article High resolution surface coil imaging of cortical lesions in medically refractory epilepsy: a prospective study
Academic Article High-resolution surface-coil MR of cortical lesions in medically refractory epilepsy: a prospective study.
Academic Article Parallel excitation techniques for ultra high-field MRI applications
Academic Article Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the distribution of a marker compound without obtaining spectral information
Academic Article A phased array echoplanar imaging system for fMRI.
Academic Article Detection of entorhinal layer II using 7 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging
Academic Article Multislice perfusion and perfusion territory imaging in humans with separate label and image coils.
Academic Article Visual field map clusters in macaque extrastriate visual cortex.
Academic Article Physiological noise and signal-to-noise ratio in fMRI with multi-channel array coils.
Academic Article Accelerated radiation damping for increased spin equilibrium (ARISE): a new method for controlling the recovery of longitudinal magnetization.
Academic Article Three dimensional echo-planar imaging at 7 Tesla.
Academic Article Local SAR in parallel transmission pulse design.
Academic Article Entorhinal verrucae geometry is coincident and correlates with Alzheimer's lesions: a combined neuropathology and high-resolution ex vivo MRI analysis.
Academic Article Surface based analysis of diffusion orientation for identifying architectonic domains in the in vivo human cortex.
Academic Article An 8 channel phased array coil and detunable TEM volume coil for 7T brain imaging
Academic Article Signal-to-noise ratio and spectral linewidth improvements between 1.5 and 7 Tesla in proton echo-planar spectroscopic imaging.
Academic Article Dissociation of neural regions associated with anticipatory versus consummatory phases of incentive processing.
Academic Article Bright and black blood imaging of the carotid bifurcation at 3.0T.
Academic Article Predicting the location of entorhinal cortex from MRI.
Academic Article Automated segmentation of hippocampal subfields from ultra-high resolution in vivo MRI.
Academic Article 32-channel RF coil optimized for brain and cervical spinal cord at 3 T.
Academic Article Blipped-controlled aliasing in parallel imaging for simultaneous multislice echo planar imaging with reduced g-factor penalty.
Academic Article T2* mapping and B0 orientation-dependence at 7 T reveal cyto- and myeloarchitecture organization of the human cortex.
Academic Article The future of acquisition speed, coverage, sensitivity, and resolution.
Academic Article Neural correlates of the formation and retention of cocaine-induced stimulus-reward associations.
Academic Article Degenerate mode birdcage volume coil for sensitivity-encoded imaging.
Academic Article Accelerated diffusion spectrum imaging with compressed sensing using adaptive dictionaries.
Academic Article Serial proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging of glioblastoma multiforme following brachytherapy
Academic Article Accelerated volumetric MRI with a SENSE/GRAPPA-combination
Academic Article Design Considerations and Coil Comparisons for 7 T Brain Imaging
Academic Article Eight-channel phased array coil and detunable TEM volume coil for 7 T brain imaging.
Academic Article 3T phased array MRI improves the presurgical evaluation in focal epilepsies: a prospective study.
Academic Article Stimulus-induced Rotary Saturation (SIRS): a potential method for the detection of neuronal currents with MRI.
Academic Article Effect of spatial smoothing on physiological noise in high-resolution fMRI.
Academic Article Accelerated proton echo planar spectroscopic imaging (PEPSI) using GRAPPA with a 32-channel phased-array coil
Academic Article 96-Channel receive-only head coil for 3 Tesla: design optimization and evaluation.
Academic Article T2-weighted 3D fMRI using S2-SSFP at 7 tesla.
Academic Article Optogenetically induced behavioral and functional network changes in primates.
Academic Article Laminar analysis of 7T BOLD using an imposed spatial activation pattern in human V1.
Academic Article Slice-selective RF pulses for in vivo B1+ inhomogeneity mitigation at 7 tesla using parallel RF excitation with a 16-element coil.
Academic Article A 64-channel 3T array coil for accelerated brain MRI.
Academic Article Phased array echoplanar imaging system for fMRI
Academic Article NAA weighted imaging of the human brain using a conventional readout gradient
Academic Article Dynamic magnetic resonance inverse imaging of human brain function.
Academic Article Model-based segmentation of hippocampal subfields in ultra-high resolution in vivo MRI.
Academic Article Simultaneous z-shim method for reducing susceptibility artifacts with multiple transmitters.
Academic Article Design and evaluation of a 32-channel phased-array coil for lung imaging with hyperpolarized 3-helium.
Academic Article Functional MRI using regularized parallel imaging acquisition
Academic Article A degenerate mode birdcage volume coil for sensitivity encoded imaging
Academic Article Multislice perfusion and perfusion territory imaging in humans with separate label and image coils
Academic Article Phased array detectors and an automated intensity correction algorithm for high resolution imaging of the human brain
Academic Article Sparsity-enforced slice-selective MRI RF excitation pulse design.
Academic Article Dynamic magnetic resonance inverse imaging for fMRI
Academic Article Proton spectroscopic imaging of human brain using phased array detectors
Academic Article Lactate detection at 3T: compensating J coupling effects with BASING.
Academic Article Three-dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging of histologically confirmed brain tumors.
Academic Article Brain, skull, and cerebrospinal fluid volumes in adult posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Predicting the location of human perirhinal cortex, Brodmann's area 35, from MRI.
Concept Diagnostic Imaging
Concept Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Molecular Imaging
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Cine
Concept Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Concept Phantoms, Imaging
Concept Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Concept Echo-Planar Imaging
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Whole Body Imaging
Academic Article The Human Connectome Project and beyond: initial applications of 300 mT/m gradients.
Academic Article 32-channel phased-array receive with asymmetric birdcage transmit coil for hyperpolarized xenon-129 lung imaging.
Academic Article Sparsity-promoting calibration for GRAPPA accelerated parallel MRI reconstruction.
Academic Article Pushing the limits of in vivo diffusion MRI for the Human Connectome Project.
Academic Article A 22-channel receive array with Helmholtz transmit coil for anesthetized macaque MRI at 3 T.
Academic Article Identification of discrete functional subregions of the human periaqueductal gray.
Academic Article Targeting of white matter tracts with transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Academic Article Fast dictionary-based reconstruction for diffusion spectrum imaging.
Academic Article Effects of image reconstruction on fiber orientation mapping from multichannel diffusion MRI: reducing the noise floor using SENSE.
Academic Article Quantitative comparison of cortical surface reconstructions from MP2RAGE and multi-echo MPRAGE data at 3 and 7 T.
Academic Article SAR reduction in 7T C-spine imaging using a "dark modes" transmit array strategy.
Academic Article Comparison of simulated parallel transmit body arrays at 3 T using excitation uniformity, global SAR, local SAR, and power efficiency metrics.
Academic Article Nineteen-channel receive array and four-channel transmit array coil for cervical spinal cord imaging at 7T.
Academic Article Simultaneous multislice excitation by parallel transmission.
Academic Article Local specific absorption rate (SAR), global SAR, transmitter power, and excitation accuracy trade-offs in low flip-angle parallel transmit pulse design.
Academic Article Slice accelerated diffusion-weighted imaging at ultra-high field strength.
Academic Article Fast image reconstruction with L2-regularization.
Academic Article Interslice leakage artifact reduction technique for simultaneous multislice acquisitions.
Academic Article Nineteen-channel receive array and four-channel transmit array coil for cervical spinal cord imaging at 7T.
Academic Article Slice accelerated gradient-echo spin-echo dynamic susceptibility contrast imaging with blipped CAIPI for increased slice coverage.
Academic Article A study-specific fMRI normalization approach that operates directly on high resolution functional EPI data at 7 Tesla.
Academic Article A low power radiofrequency pulse for simultaneous multislice excitation and refocusing.
Academic Article Fast quantitative susceptibility mapping with L1-regularization and automatic parameter selection.
Academic Article Investigating the capability to resolve complex white matter structures with high b-value diffusion magnetic resonance imaging on the MGH-USC Connectom scanner.
Academic Article The impact of gradient strength on in vivo diffusion MRI estimates of axon diameter.
Academic Article Selective magnetic resonance imaging of magnetic nanoparticles by acoustically induced rotary saturation.
Academic Article A 32-channel combined RF and B0 shim array for 3T brain imaging.
Academic Article Wave-CAIPI for highly accelerated 3D imaging.
Academic Article An anatomically realistic temperature phantom for radiofrequency heating measurements.
Academic Article Reducing sensitivity losses due to respiration and motion in accelerated echo planar imaging by reordering the autocalibration data acquisition.
Academic Article Design of parallel transmission pulses for simultaneous multislice with explicit control for peak power and local specific absorption rate.
Academic Article A computational atlas of the hippocampal formation using ex vivo, ultra-high resolution MRI: Application to adaptive segmentation of in vivo MRI.
Academic Article RARE/turbo spin echo imaging with Simultaneous Multislice Wave-CAIPI.
Academic Article Two-dimensional imaging in a lightweight portable MRI scanner without gradient coils.
Academic Article A 31-channel MR brain array coil compatible with positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Parallel transmit pulse design for patients with deep brain stimulation implants.
Academic Article Fast reconstruction for multichannel compressed sensing using a hierarchically semiseparable solver.
Academic Article Brain Genomics Superstruct Project initial data release with structural, functional, and behavioral measures.
Academic Article Fast group matching for MR fingerprinting reconstruction.
Academic Article In vivo mapping of human spinal cord microstructure at 300mT/m.
Academic Article White matter compartment models for in vivo diffusion MRI at 300mT/m.
Academic Article Rapid multi-orientation quantitative susceptibility mapping.
Academic Article MGH-USC Human Connectome Project datasets with ultra-high b-value diffusion MRI.
Academic Article Real diffusion-weighted MRI enabling true signal averaging and increased diffusion contrast.
Academic Article Dense, shape-optimized posterior 32-channel coil for submillimeter functional imaging of visual cortex at 3T.
Academic Article Globally conditioned causality in estimating directed brain-heart interactions through joint MRI and RR series analysis.
Academic Article Coil-to-coil physiological noise correlations and their impact on functional MRI time-series signal-to-noise ratio.
Academic Article Characterization of Axonal Disease in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Using High-Gradient-Diffusion MR Imaging.
Academic Article Multi-atlas and label fusion approach for patient-specific MRI based skull estimation.
Academic Article Neuroimaging brainstem circuitry supporting cardiovagal response to pain: a combined heart rate variability/ultrahigh-field (7 T) functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article Feasibility of using linearly polarized rotating birdcage transmitters and close-fitting receive arrays in MRI to reduce SAR in the vicinity of deep brain simulation implants.
Academic Article The pulsatility volume index: an indicator of cerebrovascular compliance based on fast magnetic resonance imaging of cardiac and respiratory pulsatility.
Academic Article Globally conditioned Granger causality in brain-brain and brain-heart interactions: a combined heart rate variability/ultra-high-field (7 T) functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article Accelerating magnetic resonance fingerprinting (MRF) using t-blipped simultaneous multislice (SMS) acquisition.
Academic Article Automatic cortical surface reconstruction of high-resolution T1 echo planar imaging data.
Academic Article In vivo functional connectome of human brainstem nuclei of the ascending arousal, autonomic, and motor systems by high spatial resolution 7-Tesla fMRI.
Academic Article Transmit Array Spatial Encoding (TRASE) using broadband WURST pulses for RF spatial encoding in inhomogeneous B0 fields.
Academic Article Toward 20 T magnetic resonance for human brain studies: opportunities for discovery and neuroscience rationale.
Academic Article General design approach and practical realization of decoupling matrices for parallel transmission coils.
Academic Article Robust time-shifted spoke pulse design in the presence of large B0 variations with simultaneous reduction of through-plane dephasing, B1+ effects, and the specific absorption rate using parallel transmission.
Academic Article Single-step quantitative susceptibility mapping with variational penalties.
Academic Article Simultaneous multislice magnetic resonance fingerprinting (SMS-MRF) with direct-spiral slice-GRAPPA (ds-SG) reconstruction.
Academic Article Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting.
Grant Combined shim-RF for improved high field MRI
Grant Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) for Functional Brain Imaging in Humans
Grant Technology for Portable MRI
Grant Noninvasive Realtime Assessment of Placental Structure and Function with Novel MR Imaging Methods
Grant Center for Functional Imaging Technologies
Grant Advanced Fetal Imaging
Grant Parallel Excitation Methods for High Field MRI
Academic Article Fast three-dimensional inner volume excitations using parallel transmission and optimized k-space trajectories.
Academic Article Fast Electromagnetic Analysis of MRI Transmit RF Coils Based on Accelerated Integral Equation Methods.
Academic Article Autocalibrated wave-CAIPI reconstruction; Joint optimization of k-space trajectory and parallel imaging reconstruction.
Academic Article Variability and anatomical specificity of the orbitofrontothalamic fibers of passage in the ventral capsule/ventral striatum (VC/VS): precision care for patient-specific tractography-guided targeting of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
Academic Article Local SAR near deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrodes at 64 and 127 MHz: A simulation study of the effect of extracranial loops.
Academic Article g-Ratio weighted imaging of the human spinal cord in vivo.
Academic Article Construction and modeling of a reconfigurable MRI coil for lowering SAR in patients with deep brain stimulation implants.
Academic Article Use of pattern recognition for unaliasing simultaneously acquired slices in simultaneous multislice MR fingerprinting.
Academic Article Impacting the effect of fMRI noise through hardware and acquisition choices - Implications for controlling false positive rates.
Academic Article Organization of high-level visual cortex in human infants.
Academic Article HIgh b-value and high Resolution Integrated Diffusion (HIBRID) imaging.
Academic Article Wave-CAIPI for highly accelerated MP-RAGE imaging.
Academic Article High-resolution in vivo diffusion imaging of the human brain with generalized slice dithered enhanced resolution: Simultaneous multislice (gSlider-SMS).
Academic Article The ultimate signal-to-noise ratio in realistic body models.
Academic Article Reduction of across-run variability of temporal SNR in accelerated EPI time-series data through FLEET-based robust autocalibration.
Academic Article Improved 7 Tesla resting-state fMRI connectivity measurements by cluster-based modeling of respiratory volume and heart rate effects.
Academic Article Improved magnetic resonance fingerprinting reconstruction with low-rank and subspace modeling.
Academic Article Simultaneous Time Interleaved MultiSlice (STIMS) for Rapid Susceptibility Weighted acquisition.
Academic Article A probabilistic template of human mesopontine tegmental nuclei from in vivo 7T MRI.
Academic Article In vivo B0 field shimming methods for MRI at 7T.
Academic Article Diffusion MRI microstructure models with in vivo human brain Connectome data: results from a multi-group comparison.
Academic Article 3D MR fingerprinting with accelerated stack-of-spirals and hybrid sliding-window and GRAPPA reconstruction.
Academic Article Design analysis of an MPI human functional brain scanner.
Grant System Upgrade for Siemens 7T Human MRI System
Grant A magnetic particle imager (MPI) for functional brain imaging in humans
Academic Article Pushing the spatio-temporal limits of MRI and fMRI.
Academic Article Improving parallel imaging by jointly reconstructing multi-contrast data.
Academic Article Validation of diffusion MRI estimates of compartment size and volume fraction in a biomimetic brain phantom using a human MRI scanner with 300?mT/m maximum gradient strength.
Academic Article Oxytocin attenuates trust as a subset of more general reinforcement learning, with altered reward circuit functional connectivity in males.
Academic Article Motion-robust sub-millimeter isotropic diffusion imaging through motion corrected generalized slice dithered enhanced resolution (MC-gSlider) acquisition.
Academic Article Realistic modeling of deep brain stimulation implants for electromagnetic MRI safety studies.
Academic Article TArgeted Motion Estimation and Reduction (TAMER): Data Consistency Based Motion Mitigation for MRI Using a Reduced Model Joint Optimization.
Academic Article Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology-bridging the gap between noninvasive human imaging and optical microscopy.
Academic Article Rodent Cerebral Blood Volume (CBV) changes during hypercapnia observed using Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) detection.
Academic Article Changes in the specific absorption rate (SAR) of radiofrequency energy in patients with retained cardiac leads during MRI at 1.5T and 3T.
Academic Article Computer-Vision Techniques for Water-Fat Separation in Ultra High-Field MRI Local Specific Absorption Rate Estimation.
Academic Article Prediction of peripheral nerve stimulation thresholds of MRI gradient coils using coupled electromagnetic and neurodynamic simulations.
Academic Article Tilted-CAIPI for highly accelerated distortion-free EPI with point spread function (PSF) encoding.
Academic Article RF-induced heating in tissue near bilateral DBS implants during MRI at 1.5?T and 3T: The role of surgical lead management.
Academic Article Optimal Experiment Design for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: Cramér-Rao Bound Meets Spin Dynamics.
Academic Article Simulations of a birdcage coil B1+ field on a human body model for designing a 3T multichannel TMS/MRI head coil array.
Academic Article Hyperpolarized 13C MRI: Path to Clinical Translation in Oncology.
Academic Article Sensitivity analysis of neurodynamic and electromagnetic simulation parameters for robust prediction of peripheral nerve stimulation.
Grant Connectome 2.0: Developing the next generation human MRI scanner for bridging studies of the micro-, meso- and macro-connectome
Academic Article The 'virtual DBS population': five realistic computational models of deep brain stimulation patients for electromagnetic MR safety studies.
Academic Article Intracortical smoothing of small-voxel fMRI data can provide increased detection power without spatial resolution losses compared to conventional large-voxel fMRI data.
Academic Article Highly-accelerated volumetric brain examination using optimized wave-CAIPI encoding.
Academic Article Echo planar time-resolved imaging (EPTI).
Academic Article Age-related alterations in axonal microstructure in the corpus callosum measured by high-gradient diffusion MRI.
Academic Article Phase-matched virtual coil reconstruction for highly accelerated diffusion echo-planar imaging.
Academic Article Dependence of resting-state fMRI fluctuation amplitudes on cerebral cortical orientation relative to the direction of B0 and anatomical axes.
Academic Article Comparison between 8- and 32-channel phased-array receive coils for in vivo hyperpolarized 13 C imaging of the human brain.
Academic Article Network Accelerated Motion Estimation and Reduction (NAMER): Convolutional neural network guided retrospective motion correction using a separable motion model.
Academic Article Reconfigurable MRI technology for low-SAR imaging of deep brain stimulation at 3T: Application in bilateral leads, fully-implanted systems, and surgically modified lead trajectories.
Academic Article Representational similarity precedes category selectivity in the developing ventral visual pathway.
Academic Article Highly accelerated multishot echo planar imaging through synergistic machine learning and joint reconstruction.
Academic Article Corpus callosum axon diameter relates to cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Functional Involvement of Human Periaqueductal Gray and Other Midbrain Nuclei in Cognitive Control.
Academic Article The MR Cap: A single-sided MRI system designed for potential point-of-care limited field-of-view brain imaging.
Academic Article High-fidelity, high-isotropic-resolution diffusion imaging through gSlider acquisition with B1+ and T1 corrections and integrated ?B0 /Rx shim array.
Academic Article Parallel transmission to reduce absorbed power around deep brain stimulation devices in MRI: Impact of number and arrangement of transmit channels.
Academic Article Reconfigurable MRI coil technology can substantially reduce RF heating of deep brain stimulation implants: First in-vitro study of RF heating reduction in bilateral DBS leads at 1.5 T.
Academic Article High-gradient diffusion MRI reveals distinct estimates of axon diameter index within different white matter tracts in the in vivo human brain.
Academic Article Placental MRI: Developing Accurate Quantitative Measures of Oxygenation.
Academic Article Low-cost and portable MRI.
Academic Article Individual variation in simulated fetal SAR assessed in multiple body models.
Academic Article An orthogonal shim coil for 3T brain imaging.
Academic Article 7 Tesla MRI of the ex vivo human brain at 100 micron resolution.
Academic Article Imaging G-Ratio in Multiple Sclerosis Using High-Gradient Diffusion MRI and Macromolecular Tissue Volume.
Academic Article Design and implementation of a low-cost, tabletop MRI scanner for education and research prototyping.
Academic Article A 16-channel AC/DC array coil for anesthetized monkey whole-brain imaging at 7T.
Academic Article Evaluation of RF interactions between a 3T birdcage transmit coil and transcranial magnetic stimulation coils using a realistically shaped head phantom.
Award or Honor Receipt Disting. Invest. Award, Academy of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Research
Academic Article Placental MRI: Effect of maternal position and uterine contractions on placental BOLD MRI measurements.
Academic Article Individualized SAR calculations using computer vision-based MR segmentation and a fast electromagnetic solver.
Academic Article Axon diameter index estimation independent of fiber orientation distribution using high-gradient diffusion MRI.
Academic Article Investigating cardiac stimulation limits of MRI gradient coils using electromagnetic and electrophysiological simulations in human and canine body models.
Academic Article Optimization of MRI Gradient Coils With Explicit Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Constraints.
Academic Article An integrated RF-receive/B0-shim array coil boosts performance of whole-brain MR spectroscopic imaging at 7 T.
Academic Article Further Development of Subspace Imaging to Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: A Low-rank Tensor Approach.
Academic Article A portable scanner for magnetic resonance imaging of the brain.
Academic Article Distortion-free, high-isotropic-resolution diffusion MRI with gSlider BUDA-EPI and multicoil dynamic B0 shimming.
Academic Article A size-adaptive 32-channel array coil for awake infant neuroimaging at 3 Tesla MRI.
Academic Article Low-field portable brain MRI in CNS demyelinating disease.
Academic Article In vivo human whole-brain Connectom diffusion MRI dataset at 760?µm isotropic resolution.
Academic Article Optimized 64-channel array configurations for accelerated simultaneous multislice acquisitions in 3T cardiac MRI.
Academic Article Location of Subcortical Microbleeds and Recovery of Consciousness After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.
Academic Article A 48-channel receive array coil for mesoscopic diffusion-weighted MRI of ex vivo human brain on the 3 T connectome scanner.
Academic Article Safety and imaging performance of two-channel RF shimming for fetal MRI at 3T.
Academic Article Concept for using magnetic particle imaging for intraoperative margin analysis in breast-conserving surgery.
Academic Article Rapid head-pose detection for automated slice prescription of fetal-brain MRI.
Academic Article Simultaneous pure T2 and varying T2'-weighted BOLD fMRI using Echo Planar Time-resolved Imaging for mapping cortical-depth dependent responses.
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