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Academic Article Degenerate mode band-pass birdcage coil for accelerated parallel excitation.
Academic Article A 128-channel receive-only cardiac coil for highly accelerated cardiac MRI at 3 Tesla.
Academic Article A universal biosensing platform based on optical micro-ring resonators.
Academic Article Lung motion and volume measurement by dynamic 3D MRI using a 128-channel receiver coil.
Academic Article Parallel RF transmission with eight channels at 3 Tesla.
Academic Article A 20-channel receive-only mouse array coil for a 3 T clinical MRI system.
Academic Article 3.0 T plaque imaging.
Academic Article Sodium imaging of human brain at 7 T with 15-channel array coil.
Academic Article Size-optimized 32-channel brain arrays for 3 T pediatric imaging.
Academic Article High-flip-angle slice-selective parallel RF transmission with 8 channels at 7 T.
Academic Article Accelerated radiation damping for increased spin equilibrium (ARISE): a new method for controlling the recovery of longitudinal magnetization.
Academic Article Local SAR in parallel transmission pulse design.
Academic Article 32-channel RF coil optimized for brain and cervical spinal cord at 3 T.
Academic Article Eight-channel phased array coil and detunable TEM volume coil for 7 T brain imaging.
Academic Article 96-Channel receive-only head coil for 3 Tesla: design optimization and evaluation.
Academic Article A 64-channel 3T array coil for accelerated brain MRI.
Academic Article Design and evaluation of a 32-channel phased-array coil for lung imaging with hyperpolarized 3-helium.
Academic Article Massively parallel MRI detector arrays.
Concept Equipment Design
Academic Article 32-channel phased-array receive with asymmetric birdcage transmit coil for hyperpolarized xenon-129 lung imaging.
Academic Article SAR reduction in 7T C-spine imaging using a "dark modes" transmit array strategy.
Academic Article Comparison of simulated parallel transmit body arrays at 3 T using excitation uniformity, global SAR, local SAR, and power efficiency metrics.
Academic Article A 32-channel combined RF and B0 shim array for 3T brain imaging.
Academic Article An anatomically realistic temperature phantom for radiofrequency heating measurements.
Academic Article Two-dimensional imaging in a lightweight portable MRI scanner without gradient coils.
Academic Article A 31-channel MR brain array coil compatible with positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Dense, shape-optimized posterior 32-channel coil for submillimeter functional imaging of visual cortex at 3T.
Academic Article Feasibility of using linearly polarized rotating birdcage transmitters and close-fitting receive arrays in MRI to reduce SAR in the vicinity of deep brain simulation implants.
Academic Article Transmit Array Spatial Encoding (TRASE) using broadband WURST pulses for RF spatial encoding in inhomogeneous B0 fields.
Academic Article General design approach and practical realization of decoupling matrices for parallel transmission coils.
Academic Article Prediction of peripheral nerve stimulation thresholds of MRI gradient coils using coupled electromagnetic and neurodynamic simulations.
Academic Article Comparison between 8- and 32-channel phased-array receive coils for in vivo hyperpolarized 13 C imaging of the human brain.
Academic Article The MR Cap: A single-sided MRI system designed for potential point-of-care limited field-of-view brain imaging.
Academic Article Design and implementation of a low-cost, tabletop MRI scanner for education and research prototyping.
Academic Article Optimization of MRI Gradient Coils With Explicit Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Constraints.
Academic Article A portable scanner for magnetic resonance imaging of the brain.
Academic Article Optimized 64-channel array configurations for accelerated simultaneous multislice acquisitions in 3T cardiac MRI.
Academic Article A 48-channel receive array coil for mesoscopic diffusion-weighted MRI of ex vivo human brain on the 3 T connectome scanner.
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