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Concept Environmental Pollutants
Academic Article Urinary phthalate metabolites and biomarkers of oxidative stress in pregnant women: a repeated measures analysis.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic variations in phthalate metabolite concentration changes across full-term pregnancies.
Academic Article Urinary phthalate metabolite and bisphenol A associations with ultrasound and delivery indices of fetal growth.
Academic Article Repeated measures analysis of associations between urinary bisphenol-A concentrations and biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in pregnancy.
Academic Article Mediation of the Relationship between Maternal Phthalate Exposure and Preterm Birth by Oxidative Stress with Repeated Measurements across Pregnancy.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone parameters during pregnancy in relation to urinary bisphenol A concentrations: A repeated measures study.
Academic Article Urinary BPA and Phthalate Metabolite Concentrations and Plasma Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women: A Repeated Measures Analysis.
Academic Article Urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations and maternal weight during early pregnancy.
Academic Article Distribution and predictors of urinary polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites in two pregnancy cohort studies.
Academic Article Associations between mixtures of urinary phthalate metabolites with gestational age at delivery: a time to event analysis using summative phthalate risk scores.
Academic Article Associations between maternal plasma measurements of inflammatory markers and urinary levels of phenols and parabens during pregnancy: A repeated measures study.
Academic Article Preterm birth in relation to the bisphenol A replacement, bisphenol S, and other phenols and parabens.
Academic Article Environmental contaminants and preeclampsia: a systematic literature review.
Academic Article Pregnancy phthalate metabolite concentrations and infant birth weight by gradations of maternal glucose tolerance.
Academic Article Fetal growth in environmental epidemiology: mechanisms, limitations, and a review of associations with biomarkers of non-persistent chemical exposures during pregnancy.
Academic Article Urinary trace metals, maternal circulating angiogenic biomarkers, and preeclampsia: a single-contaminant and mixture-based approach.
Academic Article Environmental phthalate exposure and preterm birth in the PROTECT birth cohort.
Academic Article Latent classes for chemical mixtures analyses in epidemiology: an example using phthalate and phenol exposure biomarkers in pregnant women.
Academic Article Exposure to 17 trace metals in pregnancy and associations with urinary oxidative stress biomarkers.
Academic Article Manganese is associated with increased plasma interleukin-1ß during pregnancy, within a mixtures analysis framework of urinary trace metals.
Academic Article Application of an analytical framework for multivariate mediation analysis of environmental data.
Academic Article Prenatal exposure to consumer product chemical mixtures and size for gestational age at delivery.
Academic Article First- and Third-Trimester Urinary Phthalate Metabolites in the Development of Hypertensive Diseases of Pregnancy.
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