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Academic Article What's brewing: how interventional radiologists can learn from the reinvention of Starbucks.
Concept Radiology, Interventional
Concept Radiology Department, Hospital
Concept Radiology
Concept Radiology Information Systems
Academic Article Medical device excise tax: implications for interventional radiologists.
Academic Article Removing the veil: price transparency in interventional radiology.
Academic Article Thirty-day hospital re-admissions: a metric that matters.
Academic Article Bringing transparency to physician-industry relationships: what the Physician Payment Sunshine Act will mean for interventional radiologists.
Academic Article The radiology job market: analysis of the ACR jobs board.
Academic Article Engaging our patients: shared decision making and interventional radiology.
Academic Article Time-driven activity-based costing trumps traditional cost accounting for radiologists.
Academic Article Low back pain in the emergency department-are the ACR Appropriateness Criteria being followed?
Academic Article Radiology and social media: are private practice radiology groups more social than academic radiology departments?
Academic Article Response.
Academic Article How Much Is That Head CT? Price Transparency and Variability in Radiology.
Academic Article Non-Research-Related Physician-Industry Relationships of Radiologists in the United States.
Academic Article Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing in IR.
Academic Article Medicare Utilization of Vascular Ultrasound From 1998 to 2013: Continued Growth in Both Radiologist and Nonradiologist Imaging.
Academic Article Radiology Jobs: Uncovering Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Opportunities From the ACR Jobs Board.
Academic Article What Radiology Can Learn From the Management Consulting Industry.
Academic Article Radiologist Peer Review by Group Consensus.
Academic Article Critical access hospital ED to quaternary medical center: successful implementation of an integrated Picture Archiving and Communications System for patient transfers by air and sea.
Award or Honor Receipt American Society of Emergency Radiology Summa Cum Laude Paper Presentation Award
Academic Article Navigational Guidance and Ablation Planning Tools for Interventional Radiology.
Academic Article Use of an Electromagnetic Navigation System on a Phantom as a Training Simulator for CT-Guided Procedures.
Academic Article Improving the Interventional Radiology Patient Experience: Effect of a Phone Communication System Revision.
Award or Honor Receipt Research Fellow, Neiman Health Policy Institute of the American College of Radiology
Academic Article Needlestick Injuries in Interventional Radiology Are Common and Underreported.
Academic Article Adapting a Computerized Medical Dictation System to Prepare Academic Papers in Radiology.
Academic Article Quantifying the operational impact of boarding inpatients on emergency department radiology services.
Academic Article Turning around cancer: Oncology imaging and implications for emergency department radiology workflow.
Academic Article A Radiology-focused Analysis of Transparency and Usability of Top U.S. Hospitals' Chargemasters.
Academic Article Academic Radiology Departmental Operational Strategy Related to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic.
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