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Academic Article Myofibrillar proteinase, cathepsin B, and protein breakdown rates in skeletal muscle from septic rats.
Academic Article Proteasome inhibitors induce heat shock response and increase IL-6 expression in human intestinal epithelial cells.
Academic Article Dexamethasone stimulates proteasome- and calcium-dependent proteolysis in cultured L6 myotubes.
Academic Article Regulation of total and myofibrillar protein breakdown in rat extensor digitorum longus and soleus muscle incubated flaccid or at resting length.
Academic Article Sepsis-induced increase in muscle proteolysis is blocked by specific proteasome inhibitors.
Academic Article Proteasome blockers inhibit protein breakdown in skeletal muscle after burn injury in rats.
Academic Article Evidence that cathepsin B contributes to skeletal muscle protein breakdown during sepsis.
Academic Article Effects of indomethacin and leupeptin on muscle cathepsin B activity and protein degradation during sepsis.
Academic Article Proteasome inhibitors activate the transcription factors C/EBP-beta and delta in human intestinal epithelial cells.
Academic Article Interleukin-6 induces thermotolerance in cultured Caco-2 cells independent of the heat shock response.
Academic Article Complement component C3 production in IL-1beta-stimulated human intestinal epithelial cells is blocked by NF-kappaB inhibitors and by transfection with ser 32/36 mutant IkappaBalpha.
Concept Leupeptins
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