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Academic Article Degradation of C/EBPbeta in cultured myotubes is calpain-dependent.
Academic Article Multiple transcription factors regulating the IL-6 gene are activated by cAMP in cultured Caco-2 cells.
Academic Article C/EBP DNA-binding activity is upregulated by a glucocorticoid-dependent mechanism in septic muscle.
Academic Article Interleukin-10 activates the transcription factor C/EBP and the interleukin-6 gene promoter in human intestinal epithelial cells.
Academic Article IL-1beta activates C/EBP-beta and delta in human enterocytes through a mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.
Academic Article Transcription factors C/EBP-beta and -delta regulate IL-6 production in IL-1beta-stimulated human enterocytes.
Academic Article Sodium arsenite downregulates transcriptional activity of AP-1 and CRE binding proteins in IL-1beta-treated Caco-2 cells by increasing the expression of the transcriptional repressor CREMalpha.
Academic Article Expression and activity of C/EBPbeta and delta are upregulated by dexamethasone in skeletal muscle.
Academic Article C/EBPß regulates dexamethasone-induced muscle cell atrophy and expression of atrogin-1 and MuRF1.
Academic Article Treatment of cultured myotubes with the proteasome inhibitor beta-lactone increases the expression of the transcription factor C/EBPbeta.
Academic Article Mucosal and enterocyte IL-6 production during sepsis and endotoxemia--role of transcription factors and regulation by the stress response.
Academic Article Proteasome inhibitors activate the transcription factors C/EBP-beta and delta in human intestinal epithelial cells.
Academic Article Role of glucocorticoids in the molecular regulation of muscle wasting.
Academic Article Dexamethasone upregulates the expression of the nuclear cofactor p300 and its interaction with C/EBPbeta in cultured myotubes.
Academic Article Corticosteroids and muscle wasting: role of transcription factors, nuclear cofactors, and hyperacetylation.
Academic Article Hyperthermia-induced heat shock activates the transcription factor c/EBP-beta and augments IL-6 production in human intestinal epithelial cells.
Concept CCAAT-Enhancer-Binding Proteins
Concept CCAAT-Enhancer-Binding Protein-beta
Concept CCAAT-Enhancer-Binding Protein-delta
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