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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Induction of CNS Axon Regeneration
Academic Article Activity-dependent sharpening of the regenerating retinotectal projection in goldfish: relationship to the expression of growth-associated proteins.
Academic Article Ciliary neurotrophic factor is an axogenesis factor for retinal ganglion cells.
Academic Article Axon regeneration in goldfish and rat retinal ganglion cells: differential responsiveness to carbohydrates and cAMP.
Academic Article Optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article Oncomodulin is a macrophage-derived signal for axon regeneration in retinal ganglion cells.
Academic Article Neurotoxic damage evokes regenerative responses from adult rat sensory neurones.
Academic Article Axonal regeneration induced by blockade of glial inhibitors coupled with activation of intrinsic neuronal growth pathways.
Academic Article Expression of a 48-kilodalton growth-associated protein in the goldfish retina.
Academic Article The optic tectum regulates the transport of specific proteins in regenerating optic fibers of goldfish.
Academic Article Rewiring the injured CNS: lessons from the optic nerve.
Academic Article Does CNTF mediate the effect of intraocular inflammation on optic nerve regeneration?
Academic Article Long-distance axon regeneration in the mature optic nerve: contributions of oncomodulin, cAMP, and pten gene deletion.
Academic Article GAP-43 as a marker for structural plasticity in the mature CNS.
Academic Article Increased transport of 44,000- to 49,000-dalton acidic proteins during regeneration of the goldfish optic nerve: a two-dimensional gel analysis.
Academic Article Macrophage-derived factors stimulate optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article The growth-associated protein GAP-43 appears in dorsal root ganglion cells and in the dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord following peripheral nerve injury.
Academic Article Transfection of PC12 cells with the human GAP-43 gene: effects on neurite outgrowth and regeneration.
Academic Article Switching mature retinal ganglion cells to a robust growth state in vivo: gene expression and synergy with RhoA inactivation.
Academic Article Nerve growth factor in the goldfish brain: biological assay studies using pheochromocytoma cells.
Academic Article NgR1 and NgR3 are receptors for chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans.
Academic Article Oncomodulin links inflammation to optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article Full-length axon regeneration in the adult mouse optic nerve and partial recovery of simple visual behaviors.
Academic Article Combinatorial treatments for promoting axon regeneration in the CNS: strategies for overcoming inhibitory signals and activating neurons' intrinsic growth state.
Academic Article Changes in chromatin proteins during optic nerve regeneration in the goldfish.
Academic Article Combinatorial therapy stimulates long-distance regeneration, target reinnervation, and partial recovery of vision after optic nerve injury in mice.
Academic Article Post-transcriptional regulation of GAP-43 rnRNA levels during neuronal differentiation and nerve regeneration.
Academic Article The role of macrophages in optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article The pattern of GAP-43 immunostaining changes in the rat hippocampal formation during reactive synaptogenesis.
Academic Article Vibrissectomy induced changes in GAP-43 immunoreactivity in the adult rat barrel cortex.
Academic Article Inflammation and axon regeneration.
Academic Article Counteracting the Nogo receptor enhances optic nerve regeneration if retinal ganglion cells are in an active growth state.
Academic Article Specific changes in rapidly transported proteins during regeneration of the goldfish optic nerve.
Academic Article Two factors secreted by the goldfish optic nerve induce retinal ganglion cells to regenerate axons in culture.
Academic Article Peripheral nerve regeneration induces elevated expression of GAP-43 in the brainstem trigeminal complex of adult hamsters.
Academic Article A developmentally regulated switch directs regenerative growth of Schwann cells through cyclin D1.
Academic Article A purine-sensitive pathway regulates multiple genes involved in axon regeneration in goldfish retinal ganglion cells.
Academic Article Transported proteins in the regenerating optic nerve: regulation by interactions with the optic tectum.
Academic Article Optic nerve glia secrete a low-molecular-weight factor that stimulates retinal ganglion cells to regenerate axons in goldfish.
Academic Article The relationship of GAP-43 to the development and plasticity of synaptic connections.
Academic Article Mst3b, an Ste20-like kinase, regulates axon regeneration in mature CNS and PNS pathways.
Academic Article Injury induced expression of growth-associated protein-43 in adult mouse retinal ganglion cells in vitro.
Academic Article Lens injury stimulates axon regeneration in the mature rat optic nerve.
Concept Nerve Regeneration
Concept Regeneration
Academic Article Neutrophils express oncomodulin and promote optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article [Reinnervation of central visual areas and recovery of visual functions following optic nerve regeneration in adult mice].
Academic Article Robust Axonal Regeneration Occurs in the Injured CAST/Ei Mouse CNS.
Academic Article A Systems-Level Analysis of the Peripheral Nerve Intrinsic Axonal Growth Program.
Academic Article Robust Axonal Regeneration Occurs in the Injured CAST/Ei Mouse CNS.
Academic Article Reassembly of Excitable Domains after CNS Axon Regeneration.
Grant Optic nerve regeneration: translational studies
Grant Zinc is a critical regulator of cell death and axon regeneration after CNS injury
Grant Molecular Bases of Neuronal Connectivity
Academic Article Mobile zinc increases rapidly in the retina after optic nerve injury and regulates ganglion cell survival and optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article The challenge of regenerative therapies for the optic nerve in glaucoma.
Academic Article Reaching the brain: Advances in optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article Zinc chelation and Klf9 knockdown cooperatively promote axon regeneration after optic nerve injury.
Academic Article In Vitro and In Vivo Methods for Studying Retinal Ganglion Cell Survival and Optic Nerve Regeneration.
Grant An interneuronal signaling network governs the fate of retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve injury
Academic Article Mammalian dendritic regrowth: a new perspective on neural repair.
Academic Article Optic nerve regeneration: A long view.
Academic Article Axon Regeneration in the Mammalian Optic Nerve.
Academic Article Chemokine CCL5 promotes robust optic nerve regeneration and mediates many of the effects of CNTF gene therapy.
Academic Article Non-Cell-Autonomous Regulation of Optic Nerve Regeneration by Amacrine Cells.
Academic Article Retinal Ganglion Cell Axon Regeneration Requires Complement and Myeloid Cell Activity within the Optic Nerve.
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