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Academic Article Acyl chain unsaturation modulates distribution of lecithin molecular species between mixed micelles and vesicles in model bile. Implications for particle structure and metastable cholesterol solubilities.
Academic Article Influence of bile salts on molecular interactions between sphingomyelin and cholesterol: relevance to bile formation and stability.
Academic Article Quasielastic light scattering evidence for vesicular secretion of biliary lipids.
Academic Article Thermodynamic and molecular determinants of sterol solubilities in bile salt micelles.
Academic Article Thermodynamic and molecular basis for dissimilar cholesterol-solubilizing capacities by micellar solutions of bile salts: cases of sodium chenodeoxycholate and sodium ursodeoxycholate and their glycine and taurine conjugates.
Academic Article Physical chemistry of biliary lipids during bile formation.
Academic Article Inhibition of human pancreatic lipase-colipase activity by mixed bile salt-phospholipid micelles.
Academic Article Bile salt hydrophobicity controls vesicle secretion rates and transformations in native bile.
Academic Article Separation and quantitation of cholesterol "carriers" in bile.
Academic Article The physical chemistry of cholesterol solubility in bile. Relationship to gallstone formation and dissolution in man.
Academic Article Spread monomolecular films of monohydroxy bile acids and their salts: influence of hydroxyl position, bulk pH, and association with phosphatidylcholine.
Academic Article Physical-chemical behavior of dietary and biliary lipids during intestinal digestion and absorption. 2. Phase analysis and aggregation states of luminal lipids during duodenal fat digestion in healthy adult human beings.
Academic Article Quasielastic light scattering studies of aqueous biliary lipid systems. Size, shape, and thermodynamics of bile salt micelles.
Academic Article Complete mapping of crystallization pathways during cholesterol precipitation from model bile: influence of physical-chemical variables of pathophysiologic relevance and identification of a stable liquid crystalline state in cold, dilute and hydrophilic bile salt-containing systems.
Academic Article Self-association of unconjugated bilirubin-IX alpha in aqueous solution at pH 10.0 and physical-chemical interactions with bile salt monomers and micelles.
Academic Article The hydrophobic-hydrophilic balance of bile salts. Inverse correlation between reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatographic mobilities and micellar cholesterol-solubilizing capacities.
Academic Article Physical-chemical behavior of dietary and biliary lipids during intestinal digestion and absorption. 1. Phase behavior and aggregation states of model lipid systems patterned after aqueous duodenal contents of healthy adult human beings.
Academic Article Update on physical state of bile.
Academic Article Surface and solution properties of steroid antibiotics: 3-acetoxylfusidic acid, cephalosporin P1 and helvolic acid.
Academic Article Laser light scattering evidence for a common wormlike growth structure of mixed micelles in bile salt- and straight-chain detergent-phosphatidylcholine aqueous systems: relevance to the micellar structure of bile.
Academic Article Influence of total lipid concentration, bile salt:lecithin ratio, and cholesterol content on inter-mixed micellar/vesicular (non-lecithin-associated) bile salt concentrations in model bile.
Academic Article Quasi-elastic light scattering studies of native hepatic bile from the dog: comparison with aggregative behavior of model biliary lipid systems.
Academic Article Aqueous bile salt-lecithin-cholesterol systems: equilibrium aspects.
Academic Article Structural alterations in lecithin-cholesterol vesicles following interactions with monomeric and micellar bile salts: physical-chemical basis for subselection of biliary lecithin species and aggregative states of biliary lipids during bile formation.
Academic Article Dietary sphingomyelin suppresses intestinal cholesterol absorption by decreasing thermodynamic activity of cholesterol monomers.
Academic Article Bile acids and bile salts: ionization and solubility properties.
Academic Article Quasielastic light-scattering studies of aqueous biliary lipid systems. Mixed micelle formation in bile salt-lecithin solutions.
Academic Article Rapid (1 hour) high performance gel filtration chromatography resolves coexisting simple micelles, mixed micelles, and vesicles in bile.
Academic Article Formation of mixed micelles and vesicles of human apolipoproteins A-I and A-II with synthetic and natural lecithins and the bile salt sodium taurocholate: quasi-elastic light scattering studies.
Academic Article Bile salt structure and phase equilibria in aqueous bile salt and bile salt-lecithin systems.
Academic Article Calcium affinity for biliary lipid aggregates in model biles: complementary importance of bile salts and lecithin.
Academic Article Quasi-elastic light-scattering studies of aqueous biliary lipid systems. Cholesterol solubilization and precipitation in model bile solutions.
Academic Article Molecular species composition of inter-mixed micellar/vesicular bile salt concentrations in model bile: dependence upon hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance.
Academic Article Cholesterol carriers in human bile: are "lamellae" involved?
Academic Article Cryoelectron microscopy of a nucleating model bile in vitreous ice: formation of primordial vesicles.
Academic Article Biliary lipid secretion in health and in cholesterol gallstone disease.
Concept Micelles
Academic Article Metastable and equilibrium phase diagrams of unconjugated bilirubin IXa as functions of pH in model bile systems: Implications for pigment gallstone formation.
Academic Article Self-assembly of aqueous bilirubin ditaurate, a natural conjugated bile pigment, to contraposing enantiomeric dimers and M(-) and P(+) tetramers and their selective hydrophilic disaggregation by monomers and micelles of bile salts.
Academic Article Influence of Phosphatidylcholine and Calcium on Self-Association and Bile Salt Mixed Micellar Binding of the Natural Bile Pigment, Bilirubin Ditaurate.
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