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Academic Article How long does it take to get a "do not resuscitate" order?
Academic Article The role of chemotherapy at the end of life: "when is enough, enough?".
Academic Article 'Futile care': what to do when your patient insists on chemotherapy that likely won't help.
Academic Article Improving palliative and supportive care in cancer patients.
Academic Article Truth or consequences: what to do when the patient doesn't want to know.
Academic Article Paradoxes in advance care planning: the complex relationship of oncology patients, their physicians, and advance medical directives.
Academic Article The art of oncology: when the tumor is not the target. Tell it like it is.
Academic Article Tell it like it is.
Academic Article American Society of Clinical Oncology guidance statement: the cost of cancer care.
Academic Article SPIKE$: a six-step protocol for delivering bad news about the cost of medical care.
Academic Article Giving honest information to patients with advanced cancer maintains hope.
Academic Article Ethical considerations in oncology: balancing the interests of patients, oncologists, and society.
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Reasons why physicians do not have discussions about poor prognosis, why it matters, and what can be improved.
Academic Article Explaining marginal benefits to patients, when "marginal" means additional but not necessarily small.
Academic Article Palliative care for oncology patients.
Academic Article Doing palliative care in the oncology office.
Academic Article Using a question prompt list as a communication aid in advanced cancer care.
Academic Article Patients and Physicians Can Discuss Costs of Cancer Treatment in the Clinic.
Academic Article Influence of institutional culture and policies on do-not-resuscitate decision making at the end of life.
Academic Article A Singular Hope: How the Discussion Around Cancer Surgery Sometimes Fails.
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  • Physician Patient Relations
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