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Academic Article Ectasias and varices of the vocal fold: clearing the striking zone.
Academic Article Pulsed angiolytic laser treatment of ectasias and varices in singers.
Academic Article [Physical and technical elements of short-interval, color-filtered double strobe flash-stroboscopy].
Academic Article Phonomicrosurgery in singers and performing artists: treatment outcomes, management theories, and future directions.
Academic Article Stroboscopic assessment of vocal fold keratosis and glottic cancer.
Academic Article Endoscopic measurement of vocal fold movement during adduction and abduction.
Academic Article Assessment of vocal function using simultaneous aerodynamic and calibrated videostroboscopic measures.
Academic Article Adduction arytenopexy: a new procedure for paralytic dysphonia with implications for implant medialization.
Academic Article Phonomicrosurgical treatment of intracordal vocal-fold cysts in singers.
Academic Article Assessment of canine vocal fold function after injection of a new biomaterial designed to treat phonatory mucosal scarring.
Academic Article Neck surface electromyography as a measure of vocal hyperfunction before and after injection laryngoplasty.
Academic Article Characteristics of phonatory function in singers and nonsingers with vocal fold nodules.
Academic Article Use of neck strap muscle intermuscular coherence as an indicator of vocal hyperfunction.
Academic Article Local injection of bevacizumab (Avastin) and angiolytic KTP laser treatment of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis of the vocal folds: a prospective study.
Academic Article The impact of vocal hyperfunction on relative fundamental frequency during voicing offset and onset.
Academic Article Objective assessment of vocal hyperfunction: an experimental framework and initial results.
Academic Article Measurement of vocal fold collision forces during phonation: methods and preliminary data.
Academic Article Vocal fold submucosal infusion technique in phonomicrosurgery.
Academic Article Voice production mechanisms following phonosurgical treatment of early glottic cancer.
Academic Article A virtual trajectory model predicts differences in vocal fold kinematics in individuals with vocal hyperfunction.
Academic Article Observation and analysis of in vivo vocal fold tissue instabilities produced by nonlinear source-filter coupling: a case study.
Academic Article High-speed videoendoscopic analysis of relationships between cepstral-based acoustic measures and voice production mechanisms in patients undergoing phonomicrosurgery.
Academic Article A new instrument for intraoperative assessment of individual vocal folds.
Academic Article Investigating acoustic correlates of human vocal fold vibratory phase asymmetry through modeling and laryngeal high-speed videoendoscopy.
Academic Article Current role of stroboscopy in laryngeal imaging.
Academic Article Aerodynamic and acoustic voice measurements of patients with vocal nodules: variation in baseline and changes across voice therapy.
Academic Article Photoangiolytic laser treatment of early glottic cancer: a new management strategy.
Academic Article Automated measurement of vocal fold vibratory asymmetry from high-speed videoendoscopy recordings.
Academic Article Modulation of neck intermuscular Beta coherence during voice and speech production.
Academic Article Vocal fold submucosal infusion technique in phonomicrosurgery.
Academic Article Teflon granuloma of the larynx: etiology, pathophysiology, and management.
Academic Article Montgomery Thyroplasty Implant for vocal fold immobility: phonatory outcomes.
Academic Article Development and testing of a portable vocal accumulator.
Concept Vocal Cord Paralysis
Concept Vocal Cords
Academic Article Learning to detect vocal hyperfunction from ambulatory neck-surface acceleration features: initial results for vocal fold nodules.
Academic Article Modeling the effects of a posterior glottal opening on vocal fold dynamics with implications for vocal hyperfunction.
Academic Article Corrections to "Learning to Detect Vocal Hyperfunction From Ambulatory Neck-Surface Acceleration Features: Initial Results For Vocal Fold Nodules".
Academic Article Revision Transcervical Medialization Laryngoplasty for Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis.
Academic Article Average Ambulatory Measures of Sound Pressure Level, Fundamental Frequency, and Vocal Dose Do Not Differ Between Adult Females With Phonotraumatic Lesions and Matched Control Subjects.
Academic Article Laryngeal High-Speed Videoendoscopy: Rationale and Recommendation for Accurate and Consistent Terminology.
Academic Article Comparison of Videostroboscopy to Stroboscopy Derived From High-Speed Videoendoscopy for Evaluating Patients With Vocal Fold Mass Lesions.
Academic Article Integration of Motor Learning Principles Into Real-Time Ambulatory Voice Biofeedback and Example Implementation Via a Clinical Case Study With Vocal Fold Nodules.
Academic Article Modeling the Pathophysiology of Phonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction With a Triangular Glottal Model of the Vocal Folds.
Academic Article Ambulatory assessment of phonotraumatic vocal hyperfunction using glottal airflow measures estimated from neck-surface acceleration.
Academic Article Development of a Closed-Loop Stimulator for Laryngeal Reanimation: Part 2. Device Testing in the Canine Model of Laryngeal Paralysis.
Academic Article Vocal Fold Injection of Absorbable Materials: A Histologic Analysis With Clinical Ramifications.
Academic Article Efficacy of Videostroboscopy and High-Speed Videoendoscopy to Obtain Functional Outcomes From Perioperative Ratings in Patients With Vocal Fold Mass Lesions.
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