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Academic Article Neutrophil mediated remote organ injury after lower torso ischemia and reperfusion is selectin and complement dependent.
Academic Article Soluble P-selectin moderates complement dependent injury.
Academic Article Skeletal muscle reperfusion injury is mediated by neutrophils and the complement membrane attack complex.
Academic Article Role of neutrophil adherence receptors (CD 18) in lung permeability following lower torso ischemia.
Academic Article Mast cell mediation of muscle and pulmonary injury following hindlimb ischemia-reperfusion.
Academic Article Oxygen free radicals are required for ischemia-induced leukotriene B4 synthesis and diapedesis.
Academic Article IgM binding to injured tissue precedes complement activation during skeletal muscle ischemia-reperfusion.
Academic Article Lower torso ischemia-induced lung injury is leukocyte dependent.
Academic Article Soluble P-selectin moderates complement-dependent reperfusion injury of ischemic skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Thromboxane mediates the ischemia-induced neutrophil oxidative burst.
Academic Article Moderation of skeletal muscle reperfusion injury by a sLe(x)-glycosylated complement inhibitory protein.
Academic Article Neutrophil elastase and oxygen radicals: synergism in lung injury after hindlimb ischemia.
Academic Article Murine hindlimb reperfusion injury can be initiated by a self-reactive monoclonal IgM.
Academic Article Mast cells and leukotrienes mediate neutrophil sequestration and lung edema after remote ischemia in rodents.
Academic Article Role for tumor necrosis factor as mediator of lung injury following lower torso ischemia.
Academic Article The role of complement receptors CD21/CD35 in positive selection of B-1 cells.
Academic Article Ischemia-induced neutrophil activation and diapedesis is lipoxygenase dependent.
Academic Article Limb ischemia-induced increase in permeability is mediated by leukocytes and leukotrienes.
Academic Article Oxygen free radicals mediate ischemia-induced lung injury.
Academic Article Ischemia activates neutrophils but inhibits their local and remote diapedesis.
Academic Article Pulmonary leukosequestration induced by hind limb ischemia.
Academic Article Blockade of complement activation prevents local and pulmonary albumin leak after lower torso ischemia-reperfusion.
Academic Article Recombinant soluble P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 moderates local and remote injuries following experimental lower-torso ischaemia.
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