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Academic Article Growth and nutritional status in infants with short-bowel syndrome after the serial transverse enteroplasty procedure.
Academic Article The second STEP: the feasibility of repeat serial transverse enteroplasty.
Academic Article Cisapride improves enteral tolerance in pediatric short-bowel syndrome with dysmotility.
Academic Article Bowel re-dilation following serial transverse enteroplasty (STEP).
Academic Article Pediatric intestinal failure and vascular access.
Academic Article Serial transverse enteroplasty is associated with successful short-term outcomes in infants with short bowel syndrome.
Academic Article High diagnostic yield of gastrointestinal endoscopy in children with intestinal failure.
Academic Article Report of 111 consecutive patients enrolled in the International Serial Transverse Enteroplasty (STEP) Data Registry: a retrospective observational study.
Academic Article Neonatal short bowel syndrome.
Academic Article Risk factors for parenteral nutrition–associated liver disease following surgical therapy for necrotizing enterocolitis: A Glaser Pediatric Research Network Study [corrected].
Academic Article First report of the international serial transverse enteroplasty data registry: indications, efficacy, and complications.
Concept Intestine, Small
Academic Article First STEPs: serial transverse enteroplasty as a primary procedure in neonates with congenital short bowel.
Academic Article Extraluminal distraction enterogenesis using shape-memory polymer.
Academic Article Radiographic measurement of intestinal length among children with short bowel syndrome: Retrospective determination remains problematic.
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