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overview My laboratory research is focused on understanding the neurobiology of the human circadian pacemaker, located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus, and its interaction with the sleep homeostat, and on applying that knowledge to clinical medicine and occupational health. We are examining the role of the pineal hormone melatonin in the organization of sleep and circadian rhythms. We are investigating the physiological mechanism underlying photic resetting of the human circadian pacemaker, having shown that some blind people without sight can retain normal circadian responsiveness to light. We are now investigating how the timing, duration, intensity and wavelength of light affects its circadian resetting capacity, which is mediated through intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells containing the novel photopigment melanopsin. Current research is aimed at functional determination of the photoreceptor(s) responsible for circadian vision in humans, on adaptation of circadian photoreceptors and on the after-effects of entrainment on circadian period in humans. We are investigating how circadian and homeostatic processes interact to regulate sleep and neurobiological function during wakefulness. Other ongoing research in the lab includes examining novel wakefulness- and sleep-promoting countermeasures, the effect of exercise on the circadian pacemaker, fMRI of the sleep deprived brain, the influence of aging on sleep and circadian rhythms, the influence of chronic sleep restriction on human performance, the influence of space flight on sleep and circadian rhythms and the application of our research to night workers-including medical residents and police-through the work of the Sleep Matters Initiative at Brigham Health.
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Academic Article Simulations of light effects on the human circadian pacemaker: implications for assessment of intrinsic period.
Academic Article Reply to technical note: nonlinear interactions between circadian and homeostatic processes: models or metrics?
Academic Article Dynamic resetting of the human circadian pacemaker by intermittent bright light.
Academic Article Decreased sensitivity to phase-delaying effects of moderate intensity light in older subjects.
Academic Article Sleep and wakefulness out of phase with internal biological time impairs learning in humans.
Academic Article Low-dose repeated caffeine administration for circadian-phase-dependent performance degradation during extended wakefulness.
Academic Article Ageing and the circadian and homeostatic regulation of human sleep during forced desynchrony of rest, melatonin and temperature rhythms.
Academic Article Sensitivity of the human circadian pacemaker to nocturnal light: melatonin phase resetting and suppression.
Academic Article Short-term memory, alertness and performance: a reappraisal of their relationship to body temperature.
Academic Article A statistical model of the human core-temperature circadian rhythm.
Academic Article Rotating shift work, sleep, and accidents related to sleepiness in hospital nurses.
Academic Article High sensitivity of the human circadian melatonin rhythm to resetting by short wavelength light.
Academic Article The statistical analysis of circadian phase and amplitude in constant-routine core-temperature data.
Academic Article Commentary: models of the effect of light on the human circadian system: current state of the art.
Academic Article Sleep- and circadian-dependent modulation of REM density.
Academic Article The influence of subjective alertness and motivation on human performance independent of circadian and homeostatic regulation.
Academic Article Extended work duration and the risk of self-reported percutaneous injuries in interns.
Academic Article Plasticity of the intrinsic period of the human circadian timing system.
Academic Article Intrinsic near-24-h pacemaker period determines limits of circadian entrainment to a weak synchronizer in humans.
Academic Article Relationship between alertness, performance, and body temperature in humans.
Academic Article Impaired driving performance in shiftworkers: the role of the circadian system in a multifactorial model.
Academic Article Relationship of endogenous circadian melatonin and temperature rhythms to self-reported preference for morning or evening activity in young and older people.
Academic Article Absence of circadian phase resetting in response to bright light behind the knees.
Academic Article Photic resetting of the human circadian pacemaker in the absence of conscious vision.
Academic Article Scheduling of sleep/darkness affects the circadian phase of night shift workers.
Academic Article Resetting the melatonin rhythm with light in humans.
Academic Article Commentary: evidence for melatonin as a circadian phase-shifting agent.
Academic Article Stability, precision, and near-24-hour period of the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Circadian temperature and melatonin rhythms, sleep, and neurobehavioral function in humans living on a 20-h day.
Academic Article Efficacy of bright light and sleep/darkness scheduling in alleviating circadian maladaptation to night work.
Academic Article A mathematical model of diurnal variations in human plasma melatonin levels.
Academic Article Linear demasking techniques are unreliable for estimating the circadian phase of ambulatory temperature data.
Academic Article Healthy older adults better tolerate sleep deprivation than young adults.
Academic Article A phase response curve to single bright light pulses in human subjects.
Academic Article Melatonin, sleep, and circadian rhythms.
Academic Article Bilateral oculosympathetic paresis associated with loss of nocturnal melatonin secretion in patients with spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Nonentrained circadian rhythms of melatonin in submariners scheduled to an 18-hour day.
Academic Article Searching night and day: a dissociation of effects of circadian phase and time awake on visual selective attention and vigilance.
Academic Article Complex interaction of the sleep-wake cycle and circadian phase modulates mood in healthy subjects.
Academic Article Sleep, performance, circadian rhythms, and light-dark cycles during two space shuttle flights.
Academic Article The prevalence and health impact of shiftwork.
Academic Article Temporal dynamics of late-night photic stimulation of the human circadian timing system.
Academic Article Diurnal variation in CSF orexin-A in healthy male subjects.
Academic Article Sex differences in phase angle of entrainment and melatonin amplitude in humans.
Academic Article Sensitivity of the human circadian pacemaker to moderately bright light.
Academic Article Paradoxical timing of the circadian rhythm of sleep propensity serves to consolidate sleep and wakefulness in humans.
Academic Article Phase-shifting human circadian rhythms: influence of sleep timing, social contact and light exposure.
Academic Article Photopic transduction implicated in human circadian entrainment.
Academic Article A common polymorphism near PER1 and the timing of human behavioral rhythms.
Academic Article Circadian variation in the frequency of onset of acute myocardial infarction.
Academic Article EEG sleep spectra in older adults across all circadian phases during NREM sleep.
Academic Article Resetting of circadian melatonin and cortisol rhythms in humans by ordinary room light.
Academic Article Later endogenous circadian temperature nadir relative to an earlier wake time in older people.
Academic Article Circadian regulation dominates homeostatic control of sleep length and prior wake length in humans.
Academic Article Bright light resets the human circadian pacemaker independent of the timing of the sleep-wake cycle.
Academic Article Use of bright light to treat maladaptation to night shift work and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.
Academic Article Is there an intrinsic period of the circadian clock? Response.
Academic Article Modafinil for excessive sleepiness associated with shift-work sleep disorder.
Academic Article Light-induced suppression of endogenous circadian amplitude in humans.
Academic Article Adaptation of human pineal melatonin suppression by recent photic history.
Academic Article Reduced sleep efficiency in cervical spinal cord injury; association with abolished night time melatonin secretion.
Academic Article Exposure to bright light and darkness to treat physiologic maladaptation to night work.
Academic Article Melatonin deficiency and disrupted circadian rhythms in pediatric survivors of craniopharyngioma.
Academic Article The human circadian system adapts to prior photic history.
Academic Article Human phase response curve to a 1 h pulse of bright white light.
Academic Article Interns' compliance with accreditation council for graduate medical education work-hour limits.
Academic Article Absence of detectable melatonin and preservation of cortisol and thyrotropin rhythms in tetraplegia.
Academic Article Physiological effects of light on the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Addition of a non-photic component to a light-based mathematical model of the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Response: moonlight and circadian rhythms.
Academic Article The timing of the human circadian clock is accurately represented by the core body temperature rhythm following phase shifts to a three-cycle light stimulus near the critical zone.
Academic Article Absence of an increase in the duration of the circadian melatonin secretory episode in totally blind human subjects.
Academic Article Acute sleep deprivation and circadian misalignment associated with transition onto the first night of work impairs visual selective attention.
Academic Article Modeling the action of zeitgebers on the human circadian system: comparisons of simulations and data.
Academic Article Human sleep: its duration and organization depend on its circadian phase.
Academic Article Suppression of melatonin secretion in some blind patients by exposure to bright light.
Academic Article Amplitude reduction and phase shifts of melatonin, cortisol and other circadian rhythms after a gradual advance of sleep and light exposure in humans.
Academic Article Short-wavelength sensitivity for the direct effects of light on alertness, vigilance, and the waking electroencephalogram in humans.
Academic Article Circadian rhythms of sleep and wakefulness in mice: analysis using long-term automated recording of sleep.
Academic Article Circadian rhythm disturbances and sleep disorders in shift workers.
Academic Article Commentary: the human circadian response to light--strong and weak resetting.
Academic Article Bright light induction of strong (type 0) resetting of the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Sleep and circadian rhythms in humans.
Academic Article Circadian timekeeping in health and disease. Part 1. Basic properties of circadian pacemakers.
Academic Article Meal patterns in "free-running" humans.
Academic Article The effect of light on the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Persistence of the circadian thyrotropin rhythm under constant conditions and after light-induced shifts of circadian phase.
Academic Article Human responses to bright light of different durations.
Academic Article Simulating the action of zeitgebers on a coupled two-oscillator model of the human circadian system.
Academic Article The parathyroid hormone circadian rhythm is truly endogenous--a general clinical research center study.
Academic Article Nonphotic entrainment of the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Attenuated amplitude of circadian and sleep-dependent modulation of electroencephalographic sleep spindle characteristics in elderly human subjects.
Academic Article Peak of circadian melatonin rhythm occurs later within the sleep of older subjects.
Academic Article Efficacy of a single sequence of intermittent bright light pulses for delaying circadian phase in humans.
Academic Article Adverse metabolic consequences in humans of prolonged sleep restriction combined with circadian disruption.
Academic Article Circadian pacemaker interferes with sleep onset at specific times each day: role in insomnia.
Academic Article Circadian and sleep/wake dependent aspects of subjective alertness and cognitive performance.
Academic Article Age-related change in the relationship between circadian period, circadian phase, and diurnal preference in humans.
Academic Article Association of sleep-wake habits in older people with changes in output of circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Contribution of circadian physiology and sleep homeostasis to age-related changes in human sleep.
Academic Article Age-related increase in awakenings: impaired consolidation of nonREM sleep at all circadian phases.
Academic Article Biological rhythms in man: relationship of sleep-wake, cortisol, growth hormone, and temperature during temporal isolation.
Academic Article Delayed sleep phase syndrome. A chronobiological disorder with sleep-onset insomnia.
Academic Article Gender differences in the temporal organization of proclactin (PRL) secretion: evidence for a sleep-independent circadian rhythm of circulating PRL levels- a clinical research center study.
Academic Article Human circadian pacemaker is sensitive to light throughout subjective day without evidence of transients.
Academic Article Circadian and sleep-dependent regulation of hormone release in humans.
Academic Article Short-wavelength light sensitivity of circadian, pupillary, and visual awareness in humans lacking an outer retina.
Academic Article Endogenous circadian control of the human autonomic nervous system.
Academic Article Use of transdermal melatonin delivery to improve sleep maintenance during daytime.
Academic Article Acute effects of bright light exposure on cortisol levels.
Academic Article Long-term ambulatory temperature monitoring in a subject with a hypernychthemeral sleep--wake cycle disturbance.
Academic Article Armodafinil for treatment of excessive sleepiness associated with shift work disorder: a randomized controlled study.
Academic Article Separation of circadian and wake duration-dependent modulation of EEG activation during wakefulness.
Academic Article Daily exercise facilitates phase delays of circadian melatonin rhythm in very dim light.
Academic Article Melatonin rhythm observed throughout a three-cycle bright-light stimulus designed to reset the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article EEG and ocular correlates of circadian melatonin phase and human performance decrements during sleep loss.
Academic Article Association of intrinsic circadian period with morningness-eveningness, usual wake time, and circadian phase.
Academic Article Chronobiology of aging: temperature, sleep-wake rhythms and entrainment.
Academic Article Sleep duration, sleep stages and waking time are related to circadian phase in young and older men during nonentrained conditions.
Academic Article Light exposure induces equivalent phase shifts of the endogenous circadian rhythms of circulating plasma melatonin and core body temperature in men.
Academic Article Human circadian rhythms.
Academic Article The impact of sleep timing and bright light exposure on attentional impairment during night work.
Academic Article Uncovering residual effects of chronic sleep loss on human performance.
Academic Article Effect of modafinil on impairments in neurobehavioral performance and learning associated with extended wakefulness and circadian misalignment.
Academic Article Human phase response curve to a single 6.5 h pulse of short-wavelength light.
Academic Article Morning increase in platelet aggregability. Association with assumption of the upright posture.
Academic Article Entrainment of human circadian rhythms by light-dark cycles: a reassessment.
Academic Article Timing of REM and stages 3 + 4 sleep during temporal isolation in man.
Academic Article Comparison of sustained attention assessed by auditory and visual psychomotor vigilance tasks prior to and during sleep deprivation.
Academic Article The effects of circadian phase, time awake, and imposed sleep restriction on performing complex visual tasks: evidence from comparative visual search.
Academic Article Circadian sleep regulation in the absence of light perception: chronic non-24-hour circadian rhythm sleep disorder in a blind man with a regular 24-hour sleep-wake schedule.
Academic Article Revisiting spontaneous internal desynchrony using a quantitative model of sleep physiology.
Academic Article Dose-response relationships for resetting of human circadian clock by light.
Academic Article Plasma melatonin rhythms in young and older humans during sleep, sleep deprivation, and wake.
Academic Article Exercise distributed across day and night does not alter circadian period in humans.
Academic Article Variation of electroencephalographic activity during non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement sleep with phase of circadian melatonin rhythm in humans.
Academic Article REM density is dissociated from REM sleep timing during free-running sleep episodes.
Academic Article Contribution of the circadian pacemaker and the sleep homeostat to sleep propensity, sleep structure, electroencephalographic slow waves, and sleep spindle activity in humans.
Academic Article Rotating shift work schedules that disrupt sleep are improved by applying circadian principles.
Academic Article Timing of REM sleep is coupled to the circadian rhythm of body temperature in man.
Academic Article Biologic rhythm disorders, depression, and phototherapy. A new hypothesis.
Academic Article Do plasma melatonin concentrations decline with age?
Academic Article An endogenous circadian rhythm of respiratory control in humans.
Academic Article Sleep-facilitating effect of exogenous melatonin in healthy young men and women is circadian-phase dependent.
Academic Article Chronotherapy: resetting the circadian clocks of patients with delayed sleep phase insomnia.
Academic Article Phase-amplitude resetting of the human circadian pacemaker via bright light: a further analysis.
Academic Article Studies of the 24 hour rhythm of melatonin in man.
Academic Article Catastrophes, sleep, and public policy: consensus report.
Academic Article Research on sleep, circadian rhythms and aging: applications to manned spaceflight.
Academic Article The Gordon Wilson Lecture: work hours, sleep and patient safety in residency training.
Academic Article Wake-promoting therapeutic medications not an appropriate alternative to implementation of safer work schedules for resident physicians.
Academic Article Suprachiasmatic region of the human hypothalamus: homolog to the primate circadian pacemaker?
Academic Article Episodic 24-hour cortisol secretory patterns in patients awaiting elective cardiac surgery.
Concept Circadian Rhythm
Concept Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm
Academic Article Perspective: casting light on sleep deficiency.
Academic Article Improved neurobehavioral performance during the wake maintenance zone.
Academic Article Assessment of drowsiness based on ocular parameters detected by infrared reflectance oculography.
Academic Article Measuring and using light in the melanopsin age.
Academic Article Diurnal spectral sensitivity of the acute alerting effects of light.
Academic Article Circadian clock genes and risk of fatal prostate cancer.
Academic Article Endogenous circadian regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in the presence of bacterial lipopolysaccharide in humans.
Academic Article Evening use of light-emitting eReaders negatively affects sleep, circadian timing, and next-morning alertness.
Academic Article Reply to Zeitzer: Good science, in or out of the laboratory, should prevail.
Academic Article Teen Crashes Declined After Massachusetts Raised Penalties For Graduated Licensing Law Restricting Night Driving.
Academic Article Common sleep disorders increase risk of motor vehicle crashes and adverse health outcomes in firefighters.
Academic Article Influence of sleep deprivation and circadian misalignment on cortisol, inflammatory markers, and cytokine balance.
Academic Article Access to Electric Light Is Associated with Shorter Sleep Duration in a Traditionally Hunter-Gatherer Community.
Academic Article Sleep inertia, sleep homeostatic and circadian influences on higher-order cognitive functions.
Academic Article Impact of Sleep and Circadian Disruption on Energy Balance and Diabetes: A Summary of Workshop Discussions.
Academic Article High risk of near-crash driving events following night-shift work.
Academic Article Impact of Common Diabetes Risk Variant in MTNR1B on Sleep, Circadian, and Melatonin Physiology.
Academic Article Prediction of Vigilant Attention and Cognitive Performance Using Self-Reported Alertness, Circadian Phase, Hours since Awakening, and Accumulated Sleep Loss.
Academic Article Ancestral sleep.
Academic Article Circadian gene variants influence sleep and the sleep electroencephalogram in humans.
Grant Treatment of Circadian Sleep Disorders with Bright Light
Grant Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Grant Desensitization of Circadian Responses to Light
Grant Disrupted Sleep in the Elderly: Circadian Etiology
Grant Adaptation of Circadian Responses to Light Treatment
Grant Photic and Nonphotic Input to the Human Circadian System
Grant Sensitization of Human Circadian Responses to Light
Grant Efficacy of melatonin treatment in a phase advance model of insomnia
Academic Article Pineal Gland Volume Assessed by MRI and Its Correlation with 6-Sulfatoxymelatonin Levels among Older Men.
Academic Article Circadian Rhythms in Plasma Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Differ in Men and Women.
Academic Article Circadian phase resetting by a single short-duration light exposure.
Academic Article Irregular sleep/wake patterns are associated with poorer academic performance and delayed circadian and sleep/wake timing.
Academic Article 24-hour profile of serum sclerostin and its association with bone biomarkers in men.
Academic Article Later circadian timing of food intake is associated with increased body fat.
Academic Article Bone Turnover Markers After Sleep Restriction and Circadian Disruption: A Mechanism for Sleep-Related Bone Loss in Humans.
Academic Article Short Sleep Duration, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Shiftwork, and the Risk of Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Patients After an Acute Coronary Syndrome.
Academic Article Functional decoupling of melatonin suppression and circadian phase resetting in humans.
Academic Article Suppression of Melatonin Secretion in Totally Visually Blind People by Ocular Exposure to White Light: Clinical Characteristics.
Academic Article Chronic sleep curtailment, even without extended (>16-h) wakefulness, degrades human vigilance performance.
Academic Article Unrestricted evening use of light-emitting tablet computers delays self-selected bedtime and disrupts circadian timing and alertness.
Academic Article Young adults are more vulnerable to chronic sleep deficiency and recurrent circadian disruption than older adults.
Academic Article Human Resting Energy Expenditure Varies with Circadian Phase.
Academic Article Light modulates oscillatory alpha activity in the occipital cortex of totally visually blind individuals with intact non-image-forming photoreception.
Academic Article Chronic sleep restriction greatly magnifies performance decrements immediately after awakening.
Academic Article Relationship between endogenous melatonin concentrations and uterine contractions in late third trimester of human pregnancy.
Academic Article Caloric and Macronutrient Intake Differ with Circadian Phase and between Lean and Overweight Young Adults.
Academic Article Chronotype Genetic Variant in PER2 is Associated with Intrinsic Circadian Period in Humans.
Academic Article An Exploration of the Temporal Dynamics of Circadian Resetting Responses to Short- and Long-Duration Light Exposures: Cross-Species Consistencies and Differences.
Academic Article Endogenous Circadian Regulation of Female Reproductive Hormones.
Academic Article Rapid suppression of bone formation marker in response to sleep restriction and circadian disruption in men.
Academic Article Using a Single Daytime Performance Test to Identify Most Individuals at High-Risk for Performance Impairment during Extended Wake.
Academic Article Associations between shift work characteristics, shift work schedules, sleep and burnout in North American police officers: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Estimating Representative Group Intrinsic Circadian Period from Illuminance-Response Curve Data.
Academic Article Characterizing the temporal Dynamics of Melatonin and Cortisol Changes in Response to Nocturnal Light Exposure.
Academic Article Sleep Restriction With Circadian Disruption Negatively Alter Bone Turnover Markers in Women.
Academic Article Fasting blood triglycerides vary with circadian phase in both young and older people.
Grant Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Grant Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Grant Sleep, Aging and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Academic Article Time-of-day and Meal Size Effects on Clinical Lipid Markers.
Academic Article Psychological Screening for Exceptional Environments: Laboratory Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Research.
Academic Article Stability of the timing of food intake at daily and monthly timescales in young adults.
Grant Proteomic and Transcriptomic Biomarkers of Circadian Timing
Academic Article Robust stability of melatonin circadian phase, sleep metrics, and chronotype across months in young adults living in real-world settings.
Grant Influence of Nocturnal Light Exposure on the Impairment of Glucose Tolerance Induced by Chronic Sleep Restriction
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