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Academic Article Prevalence and clinical correlates of irritability in major depressive disorder: a preliminary report from the Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression study.
Academic Article Prospective predictors of suicide and suicide attempts in 1,556 patients with bipolar disorders followed for up to 2 years.
Academic Article Bipolar disorder and a history of suicide attempts with a duplication in 5HTR1A.
Academic Article Cigarette smoking is associated with suicidality in bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Hard outcomes: clinical trials to reduce suicide.
Academic Article Depressive illness burden associated with complex polypharmacy in patients with bipolar disorder: findings from the STEP-BD.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study of attempted suicide.
Academic Article Pretreatment frontal EEG and changes in suicidal ideation during SSRI treatment in major depressive disorder.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of suicide attempts in mood disorder patients.
Academic Article Do suicidal thoughts or behaviors recur during a second antidepressant treatment trial?
Academic Article The relationship between smoking and suicidal behavior, comorbidity, and course of illness in bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Treatment-associated suicidal ideation and adverse effects in an open, multicenter trial of fluoxetine for major depressive episodes.
Academic Article Clinical features associated with poor pharmacologic adherence in bipolar disorder: results from the STEP-BD study.
Academic Article Sleep disturbance in euthymic bipolar patients.
Academic Article Copy number variation in subjects with major depressive disorder who attempted suicide.
Concept Suicide, Attempted
Academic Article Predicting Suicidal Behavior From Longitudinal Electronic Health Records.
Academic Article Peripheral and central levels of kynurenic acid in bipolar disorder subjects and healthy controls.
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