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Academic Article Challenges and opportunities for primary care evaluation.
Academic Article Patient characteristics and experiences associated with trust in specialist physicians.
Academic Article The influence of cost containment strategies and physicians' financial arrangements on patients' trust and satisfaction.
Academic Article Ask the doctor. Some doctors strongly advise against the use of generic drugs with the argument that manufacturing processes are better controlled in branded medicines. What is your view?
Academic Article Providing cancer care: individual or team sport?
Academic Article End-of-life care discussions among patients with advanced cancer: a cohort study.
Academic Article Treatment decision making in early-stage breast cancer: should surgeons match patients' desired level of involvement?
Academic Article How are patients' specific ambulatory care experiences related to trust, satisfaction, and considering changing physicians?
Academic Article Physician factors associated with discussions about end-of-life care.
Academic Article Treatment of early stage breast cancer: do surgeons and patients agree regarding whether treatment alternatives were discussed?
Academic Article The role of primary care physicians in cancer care.
Academic Article Discussions with physicians about hospice among patients with metastatic lung cancer.
Academic Article A population-based assessment of specialty physician involvement in cancer clinical trials.
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Physicians' propensity to discuss prognosis is associated with patients' awareness of prognosis for metastatic cancers.
Academic Article Results from using a new dyadic-dependence model to analyze sociocentric physician networks.
Academic Article Evidence-based risk communication: a systematic review.
Academic Article Physician Characteristics Strongly Predict Patient Enrollment In Hospice.
Academic Article Association of Actual and Preferred Decision Roles With Patient-Reported Quality of Care: Shared Decision Making in Cancer Care.
Academic Article Is Self-Referral Associated with Higher Quality Care?
Academic Article Lower Patient Ratings of Physician Communication Are Associated With Unmet Need for Symptom Management in Patients With Lung and Colorectal Cancer.
Academic Article Cancer treatment decision-making among young adults with lung and colorectal cancer: a comparison with adults in middle age.
Academic Article A Promising Tool to Increase Individualized Discussions About Lifestyle Risk Factors for Breast Cancer.
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