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Concept Liver Cirrhosis
Academic Article Shear-wave elastography for the estimation of liver fibrosis in chronic liver disease: determining accuracy and ideal site for measurement.
Academic Article Feasibility study for assessing liver fibrosis in paediatric and adolescent patients using real-time shear wave elastography.
Grant Reducing Variability in Hepatic Shear Wave Elastography
Academic Article Validation of Shear Wave Elastography Cutoff Values on the Supersonic Aixplorer for Practical Clinical Use in Liver Fibrosis Staging.
Academic Article Diagnostic Performance of Shear Wave Elastography in Patients With Autoimmune Liver Disease.
Academic Article Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography: Variations of Liver Fibrosis Assessment as a Function of Depth, Force and Distance from Central Axis of the Transducer with a Comparison of Different Systems.
Academic Article Objective Liver Fibrosis Estimation from Shear Wave Elastography.
Grant Development of a Machine Learning Model to Integrate Clinical, Laboratory, Sonographic, and Elastographic Data for Noninvasive Liver Tissue Characterization in NAFLD
Academic Article Liver fibrosis imaging: A clinical review of ultrasound and magnetic resonance elastography.
Academic Article [18F]-Alfatide PET imaging of integrin avß3 for the non-invasive quantification of liver fibrosis.
Academic Article Differentiation of regenerative nodule, dysplastic nodule, and small hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic patients: a contrast-enhanced ultrasound-based multivariable model analysis.
Academic Article Image Processing Pipeline for Liver Fibrosis Classification Using Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography.
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